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buying property in Istanbul

buying property in Istanbul

Istanbul occupies a distinguished position as one of the oldest and most important cities in Turkey and the whole world, so many people want to buy real estate in Istanbul and reside there, but there are many details and procedures that must be highlighted when looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul Below we will mention them all.



First: Istanbul city sections:


When someone wants buying a property in Istanbul, it is necessary to get to know more about the city, which is considered one of the most famous and most important cities in Turkey. The city of Istanbul consists of two main parts, asian Istanbul and European Istanbul, as it extends over the continents of Asia and Europe, and separates these two sections by a strait. Bosphorus.

The city of Istanbul consists of 39 districts, 27 of which are located mainly within the city and are distributed in the form of 25 districts in European Istanbul and 14 districts in Asian Istanbul.

Second: What are the reasons for the boom in buying properties in Istanbul:


This is due to a number of reasons, the most important of which is the strategic location that Istanbul enjoys, which extends over the two most important continents in the world, and this is what makes it unique from other cities and attracts everyone's attention to it, wishing to settle in it and buy a house in Istanbul.

We add to this the many investment projects that are being worked on in the city of Istanbul, perhaps the most important of which is the Istanbul Water Canal, and we do not forget the encouragement and facilities provided by the Turkish government to investors in the field of real estate in Turkey, as many taxes have been reduced and procedures for buying a house in Turkey have been facilitated. Istanbul Work has also been done to prevent real estate fraud by all means and methods.

Perhaps the most important feature that contributed to attracting investors to buy a property in Istanbul and thus the real estate sector boom is giving them the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment when buying a property in istanbul or a group of properties for at least 250 thousand dollars, and of course who does not want to enjoy all the advantages Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport?



Third: The most important areas for buying a property in Istanbul:


Istanbul is characterized by its many neighborhoods and uniqueness in its features, although they all carry the same beautiful spirit of the city, but when looking for apartments in Istanbul for sale, you may be confused by the many options, so we will mention to you the best areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul:


- Basaksehir area:


 Basaksehir comes at the forefront of the excellent areas for Istanbul property investment, due to its many advantages, as it constitutes an attractive element for Arab and foreign investors, and many Arab communities prefer to buy real estate in Istanbul within Basaksehir, because there are a large number of Arabs in it, and This region is characterized by its medium strategic location in Istanbul, which makes it close to all service and entertainment centers in the city, and is equipped with a modern transportation network to connect it with the rest of the regions, and Basaksehir is close to important projects in Istanbul such as the new Istanbul Airport and this Which increases the investment value.

The area includes a large number of restaurants, entertainment centers and malls such as the Mall of Istanbul, so it will be an excellent choice for those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, the European side.



- Beylikduzu area:


 Beylikdüzü is considered one of the best areas to buy a property in Istanbul, as it overlooks the Marmara Sea and is located near the important investment area Esenyurt. It is also characterized by the presence of the E5 highway, which is the backbone of transportation in Istanbul.

And this area has developed greatly, and large numbers of people wishing to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea went to it as a result of the prosperity it has achieved. Many distinctive real estate projects have been established and residential complexes, villas, and others have spread in it, in addition to its richness in service centers. From schools, hospitals and health centers, and all of this had a key role in attracting investors' attention to it and making it an important center for Istanbul property investment .



- Bakirkoy area:


If you are one of those who are looking for Istanbul luxury real estate, you will definitely find it in the Bakirkoy area, which is considered one of the most upscale areas in Istanbul, as it has a beautiful view of the Marmara Sea as well as the charming and clean beaches in it, and thus it is an ideal area for housing and stability.

Bakirkoy includes many recreational facilities, and this is what attracts tourists to it greatly, as there are famous restaurants that serve the most delicious food, without forgetting the malls and distinctive markets.

Certainly, the region contains a number of important schools and universities such as the International Mediterranean University and the Ummah University for Science and Technology.

There are different forms of apartments in Bakirkoy to suit all tastes and needs within the Turkish real estate market.



- Bahcesehir area:


Bahcesehir is located near the Basaksehir area, and it is called the city of gardens, due to the large number of green spaces in it, which makes it like a green paradise, and the area has witnessed a great development and the spread of advanced residential complexes equipped with the latest technologies, and this is what made it an option Excellent for those who wants buying a property in Istanbul, and its proximity to the Istanbul Water Canal project contributed greatly to attracting the attention of investors, as well as those looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul.



Fourth: Istanbul property prices and the factors affecting them:


Istanbul property prices vary due to many factors that must be taken into account when looking for apartments in Istanbul for sale, and below we will mention them all:


1 - The location of the property in Istanbul:


As it is known, there are high-end areas in Istanbul and popular areas. Of course, real estate prices in Istanbul vary according to the location. For example, the prices of real estate located in the city center near the vital centers of the city are high. If you want to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, you must You are looking at the outskirts of the city, as the price of the property there will be lower, despite all the other specifications that it has.

Also, Istanbul property prices within the developing regions will be lower than the well-known tourist areas such as Taksim and Sisli.



2 - The view of the property:


The view plays a major role in determining real estate prices in Istanbul, as apartments in Istanbul that are located on the sea, for example, will have a higher price than apartments located on a quiet street, which in turn will be more expensive than apartments overlooking a busy street full of sounds and noise. It is necessary to pay attention to this point when looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul.


3- Proximity to transportation:


The price of the property in Istanbul is greatly affected by its proximity to the main transportation lines, due to the importance of transportation in a large city, such as the proximity to transportation:

The price of the property in Istanbul is greatly affected by its proximity to the main transportation lines, due to the importance of transportation in a large city such as Istanbul, and therefore the price of the property rises automatically when it is located near a metro or tram station, as this contributes to shortening a lot of time and this is what matters Many people who do not have cars get to work on time.


4- Proximity to malls and markets:


When looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you must pay attention to the neighboring facilities and make sure that there are markets in the area, especially when you want to invest this property, because Istanbul property prices rise when the property is located near the shopping centers, and this is certainly due to the ease of obtaining All that one might need of clothes and tools in addition to attracting tourists and visitors to the region and thus the high investment value of it.



5- Infrastructure and service centers:


The prices of apartments in Istanbul are greatly affected by the infrastructure and services located within the region. Of course, prices will rise whenever the roads are taken care of and improved, and parks and green spaces are established, in addition to the presence of an important number of schools, universities, health centers and citizen service centers in all their forms.


6- Internal property specifications:


After looking at all the external factors that affect the price of the property in Istanbul, it is necessary to consider the internal factors, which are the area of ​​the property, which affects greatly, as the price increases as the area increases in addition to the number of rooms, the number of balconies, kitchens and floors, without forgetting the importance of materials Used in construction, its quality, types of paint, quality of finishes, decorative style used and other important details.



Fifth: The documents and steps necessary to buy a property in Istanbul:


There are a set of procedures that you must complete before buying a property in Istanbul, and below we will mention them in detail:


A - Extracting the tax number:


When you start searching for apartments for sale in Istanbul, you must extract the tax number, which is the first step for any process of owning a property in Turkey in general, and this number is given to every person on Turkish territory, and those who do not own it cannot carry out any operations Buying or selling real estate in Turkey, not even applying for Turkish citizenship, and the process of extracting this number is simple and easy and does not require any costs. As for the documents necessary for this, you must have a bank account and a valid passport, as it is It is necessary to specify the address of residence in Turkey.



b- Notarizing official documents with a notary:


Before buying Istanbul homes, it is necessary that you translate all your official documents with a sworn translator and then authenticate them with a notary, which is a person who certifies all certificates and papers such as passport, birth certificates, family statement, etc. After signing the purchase contracts for Istanbul houses, they are also notarized at the notary public.



C- Having a bank account:


It is necessary to have a bank account before buying a property in Istanbul, as the purchase and payment of money can only be done through banks and cash cannot be paid.



d- Issuance of title deed:


It is the most important document that proves your ownership of the property. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the title deed document, the specifications in it and the name of the primary owner, and then copies are extracted and submitted to transfer the ownership of the property to the new owner



C- Signing the contract between the two parties:


The process of buying a property in Istanbul only after the purchase contract is signed by the owner and the customer personally, unless there is a real estate agency, when the agent can represent and sign instead of his client. Of course, it is necessary that the purchase contract be translated into English and To verify its validity and legality before signing and specify the agreed price clearly within the contract.



H- Paying real estate taxes:


There is a basic tax that must be paid when buying an apartment in Istanbul, which is the property ownership tax. This is paid only once when buying the property directly. It amounts to 4% of the property price and is paid equally between the seller and the buyer, within the tax department in Turkey. 

There are also municipal fees that must be paid annually, which constitute 0.0003% of the property value.

Attention must be paid to paying all water, electricity and gas bills before transferring ownership, as the ownership of these meters must be transferred to the new owner, and the new owner must pay insurance for the property from earthquakes and natural disasters.



G - The documents required to obtain the title deed of the property:


- A copy of a valid passport, after it has been translated and certified by a notary public.

- Two recent personal photos.

- A copy of the original title deed of the property.

- A copy of the building permit for the project.


Thus, we find that the process of buying a property in Istanbul is not complicated, but it is necessary to be attentive to all the details so as not to enter into complications or errors that you are indispensable for. You can also take advantage of real estate offices in Istanbul, which will help you search for your purpose of cheap apartments for sale In Istanbul, luxury Istanbul real estate, or any type of Istanbul house, do not hesitate to do so, perhaps you will find the dream home you desire!



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