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How to buy property in Turkey in 3 steps

Today, Turkey is considered one of the most important countries for real estate investment in the world, and investors go to it from all sides in order to buy property in Turkey and enjoy the many advantages that Turkey offers them. 
There is no doubt that the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment had a major role in encouraging investors to invest in real estate in Turkey and buy real estate after fulfilling some basic conditions. 
And if you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, you must know the three basic steps for buying real estate in Turkey.. Follow us.. 

The first step: Request assistance from a real estate company:

The real estate market in Turkey includes many options, which may make you confused, especially if you are new in the market and do not have enough knowledge to distinguish between real estate and choose the best, and for this, the use of real estate companies saves you this trouble, and there are a large number of them in all cities And real estate companies in Istanbul in particular are characterized by their large number and diversity, so you must choose the best, after using the purchase of those close to you, or even by browsing the websites of each company and knowing the opinions of customers. 
As for the services provided by these real estate companies, they work to help the client find the right apartment by preparing lists of real estate in Turkey that match the specifications you desire and the price you set. They also provide real estate consultancy services, real estate property management and other services. It also includes a trained staff and is able to deal with customers and speak with them in many languages ​​to ensure that information is communicated and understood well. 

Buying property in Turkey

The second step: Obtaining the necessary papers and documents to buy a property in Turkey:

After you choose the property you want to buy, we come to the most important step, which is to extract all the necessary papers, especially the tax number, because you cannot buy any property in Turkey from others, and everyone must extract it, but that does not take long, as it is enough to go to one of the Tax departments in Turkey to extract it directly. 
And if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by property, you must also extract the real estate appraisal document, which is a prerequisite for this goal, through which the property is evaluated and the most appropriate price is determined for it, through institutions specified by the Turkish government to organize the process and guarantee Do not manipulate prices. 
And you must make sure that the property does not have any violations or debts, and that you make sure of its owner, and this is done through a lawyer specializing in real estate affairs. 
And you need a copy of your passport in addition to personal photos and a copy of the building permit for the project. 
It is also necessary that you open a bank account in Turkey in order to transfer the necessary funds to buy property in Turkey from it. 

The third step: Signing the contract between the two parties:

After preparing all the documents, the final step comes, which is the signing of the sale and purchase contract between the owner and the customer. It is necessary to verify all the texts of the contract. It is preferable that this be done through a lawyer. The two parties must attend personally to sign, unless there is a real estate agency for one of the people. Then he can take his place. 
The contract must be signed in one of the government departments, and then the process of transferring the ownership of the property to the name of the new owner begins. 
The two parties also have to pay a real estate tax amounting to 4% of the property price and it is paid equally between the seller and the buyer. 
After completing these steps, the property in Turkey becomes your entire property, and you can dispose of it in the way that suits you.


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