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best International schools in Istanbul

best International schools in Istanbul


Certainly, the school has a great role in educating and raising the child, and it is one of his rights in life 
That is why parents are always searching for the best schools that they can go to in order to secure a high level of education for their children. 
Here it can be said that best international schools in Istanbul are the best decision to get what they want 
The importance of international schools also lies in being the link between the early childhood that the child spends in his home 
And between the stages of completion of growth in which he is prepared to play his role within society 
That is why there must be close contact between the three rings ... (home, school and community) 

This is what Ramzy Real Estate will present to you in this article, as we will inform you about the best international schools in Istanbul in its various regions 
In addition to the curriculum options provided by these schools 
Such as the Arab curriculum and other Western curricula 
In addition to the best neighboring residential projects, which guarantees ideal housing and education for you and your children:)


Why do people prefer Istanbul to live and study? 

There are many reasons that push you to choose Istanbul as well as others for stability, study, tourism ... etc. The most prominent of these reasons are: 

1- The comfortable and charming lifestyle in Istanbul 

The country of Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular have become a target for investment and stability at the same time 
It is a city that enjoys a safe, comfortable, and entertaining environment that meets the appropriate standards for comfortable living 
In addition to the splendor of this city, what an eye saw was and was enchanted by the beauty of its picturesque nature 
Which is reflected in many pictures, such as its mild climate throughout the seasons of the year and the distinctive mixture between ancient history and modern architectural development. 
Along with its coastal beaches spread throughout it 
More importantly, it is embraced by many Arab communities, such as the Saudi and Iraqi communities, as well as the Libyan, Egyptian and others 
Which made it provide different social styles suitable for newcomers.


2 - The large spread of best international schools in istanbul

When parents of students in schools with basic education and secondary education, or even university-goers, search for international schools in the state of Turkey 
They will be amazed at the wide options that are placed in their hands, especially if they are planning to settle in a huge city such as Istanbul. 
Most importantly, new arriving students in international schools will not face any difficulties in adapting to a new curriculum 
As the curricula in international schools are common and in line with other international curricula in various parts of the world.



International schools in Istanbul are your best choice :

There are many advantages when choosing International schools in Istanbul , first of all they have a great group of teachers that are high qualified , they also contain many facilities and features , they are built within strategic places and give their students the care they need



International schools in Basaksehir:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Al Hoda International SchoolsLebanesebasaksehir

136 Project (6 minutes)

Project 042 (10 minutes)

Sudanese brave schools in BasaksehirSudanesebasaksehir

042 Project (7 minutes)

Project 136 (11 minutes)

 059 Project (5 minutes)

Al-Aqsa International Schools Yemeni - American basaksehir

Project 042 (15 minutes)

 059 Project (13 minutes)

 Project 136 (20 minutes) 

International schools in Bahcesehir:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Libyan Knowledge Space (Ma'arif International Schools)LibyanBahcesehir

Project 155 (12 minutes)

 048 Project (6 minutes)

Project 146 (9 minutes)

 069 Project (12 minutes)

Istanbul Libyan Schools (previously in Buyukcekmece)LibyanBahcesehir

Project 069 (7 minutes) 

146 Project (4 minutes)

 Project 155 (16 minutes)

 048 Project (3 minutes)

Manara International SchoolLibyanBahcesehir

Project 155 (7 minutes)

 048 Project (13 minutes)

 Project 146 (13 minutes)

 069 Project (15 minutes) 

International schools in Avcilar:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Al-Manar International Schoolsamericanافجلار

Project 104 (completely adjacent)

119 The Project (Completely Adjacent)

 Project 154 (11 minutes)

Muhammad Al-Fateh Iraqi National Schoolsiraqiافجلار

154 Project (17 minutes)

Project 104 (5 minutes)

 119 Project (6 minutes) 

The International Model School in Istanbullybianافجلار

Project 119 (8 minutes)

 154 Project (18 minutes)

 Project 104 (8 minutes) 

International schools in Buyukcekmece:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
istanbul international Community schoolbritishBuyukcekmece

Project 099 (30 minutes)

 153 Project (25 minutes)

 Project 152 (22 minutes)

Al-Fayez International Schools (Nature Branch)british- jordanianshatalja

099 Project (24 minutes)

 Project 153 (22 minutes)

 Project 152 (20 minutes) 

International schools in Beylikduzu

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Al-Fanar Palestinian International SchoolPalestinianBeylikduzu

Project 056 (4 minutes)

 137 Project (10 minutes)

Project 147 (7 minutes)

 Project 109 (13 minutes)

International Tulip SchoolarabicBeylikduzu

Project 056 (10 minutes)

 137 Project (4 minutes)

 Project 147 (10 minutes)

 109 Project (7 minutes)

Tulip Teaching CenterAmerican + ArabicBeylikduzu

Project 056 (10 minutes)

 137 Project (4 minutes)

 Project 147 (9 minutes)

 109 Project (7 minutes) 

International schools in Esenyurt:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Wisdom International School (Al-Mahwal International Schools)IraqiEsenyurt

Project 78 (9 minutes)

 76 Project (11 minutes)

 Project 115 (7 minutes)

 107 Project (1 minute)

King Idris Al-Senussi SchoollybianEsenyurt

Project 78 (9 minutes)

 Project 76 (10 minutes)

Project 115 (10 minutes)

 107 Project (4 minutes) 

Yemeni International SchoolyemeniEsenyurt

Project 78 (7 minutes)

 Project 76 (12 minutes)

 Project 115 (10 minutes)

 107 Project (12 minutes)

International schools in Bagcilar:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Jasmine International SchoolsPalestinian + BritishBagcilar

Project 85 (10 minutes)

 118 Project (6 minutes)

 Project 97 (9 minutes)

Ambassador International SchoolsAmericanBagcilar

Project 85 (9 minutes)

 118 Project (15 minutes)

 97 Project (8 minutes)

Al-Fayez International SchoolsJordanian + BritishBagcilar

Project 085 (8 minutes)

 118 Project (8 minutes)

 97 Project (8 minutes) 

Syrian Canadian SchoolcanadianBagcilar

Project 085 (7 minutes)

 118 Project (5 minutes)

 Project 97 (9 minutes)

Arab International SchoollybianBagcilar

Project 085 (11 minutes)

 118 Project (5 minutes)

 97 Project (8 minutes)

Libyan Model SchoollybianBagcilar

Project 85 (20 minutes)

 118 Project (17 minutes)

 97 Project (20 minutes) 

International schools in Bakirkoy:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Libyan International SchoollybianBakirkoy

Project 145 (12 minutes)

 Project 130 (10 minutes)

International schools in Zeytinburnu:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Libyan school Omar Al-Mukhtarlybianzeytunburnu

Project 145 (7 minutes)

 098 Project (18 minutes)

 Project 088 (5 minutes) 

International schools in Yenibosna:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
Iraqi National Academy of Knowledge (Formerly in Basaksehir)Iraqi and Americanyenibosna

Project 129/17 minutes

138 Project / 10 minutes

 Project 066/19 minutes

Al-Aqsa International SchoolsAmerican + Yemeniyenibosna

130 Project / 3 minutes

Project 138/5 minutes

 066 Project / 15 minutes 

Tulip International SchoolsArabic + Americanyenibosna

Project 130 (10 minutes)

Project 127 (5 minutes)

 Project 126 (20 minutes) 

Al-Manar International SchoolsAmericanyenibosna

Project 130 (10 minutes)

 Project 127 (8 minutes)

 126 Project (18 minutes) 

International schools in Kagit Haneh:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
The Saudi School in IstanbulSaudikagit haneh

Project 131 (9 minutes)

 158 Project (9 minutes)

Sudanese Turkish Friendship SchoolSudanesekagit haneh

Project 131 (9 minutes)

158 Project (18 minutes)

 Project 159 (12 minutes)

King Idris Al-Senussi Schoollybiankagit haneh

131 Project (8 minutes)

 Project 158 (18 minutes)

 159 Project (10 minutes) 

Sarayer International Schools:

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
The British international schoolbritishsarayer

Project 151/20 minutes 

159 Project / 10 minutes 

International schools in Besiktas: 

School nameCurriculumRegionNearby housing projects 
MEF international schoolamericanbesiktasProject 131/20 minutes


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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