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Istanbul luxury real estate

Istanbul luxury real estate

Factors that determine Istanbul luxury real estate:


Real estate in Turkey in general has many advantages and elements that attract investors and make the demand for them high and contribute to the great popularity enjoyed by the real estate market in Turkey, as is the case when determining real estate prices in turkey , which is done through a group of factors Which is taken into consideration and based on which determines the price of real estate in Turkey , there are a number of factors that make luxury real estate in Istanbul distinct from other real estate in istanbul .



*Large space:


The space is considered one of the most important factors that are relied upon when trying to classify real estate in Turkey or when buying a house in Istanbul. It is known that the Istanbul property prices is directly proportional to its area. Any increase in space means an increase in the price of the property. The forms of real estate in Istanbul vary from In terms of space, it is possible to buy an appartment in Istanbul with a suitable area for one person, or to buy a house in Istanbul that is sufficient for an entire family, but the constant characteristic that accompanies Istanbul luxury homes is that they all enjoy large space, as this is a condition and an inherent characteristic of Istanbul luxury real estate All types of space have an area, whether in terms of the size of the section allocated for housing or its annexes such as a garden, a swimming pool, a garage, and others. You cannot find a luxury property that does not extend over an impressive area for the eye. Therefore, we find that the prices of luxury real estate in Istanbul are usually high and exorbitant. The first reason for this is its huge size and the large area that it extends within.



* The distinctive view that real estate enjoys in Turkey:


The view that the property offers in Turkey is a vital factor in determining its value and luxury, as the way many people take to buy cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul is to abandon the distinctive view and buy an apartment in Istanbul without a view or with a normal view, but the matter is not Possible when it comes to buying Istanbul luxury real estate , as having a luxurious and distinctive view is self-evident. Luxury real estate in Istanbul in all its forms is with important views, and often the view is freely on one of the many beaches scattered in Istanbul or on the Bosphorus, which With its banks, it constitutes an important headquarters and gathering for luxury Istanbul homes, or it may have a view in the form of a green nature or a public garden with a stunning view, or perhaps the Istanbul luxury homes may overlook one of the historical or tourist attractions scattered in the city.


Istanbul luxury real estate



* The strategic location of the property in Turkey:


The most important advice that experts give to new investors in the real estate sector in Turkey , especially those who want to buy an apartment in Istanbul for stability and housing , is to prefer the location over any other feature .

And luxury real estate in Istanbul is no different from that, as there are a group of areas in Istanbul, which is the first destination for those wishing to buy a house in Istanbul that enjoys luxury . The location plays an important role in determining the quality of the property in Turkey, and therefore we find that there are areas Specific classified as a gathering of capital owners and businessmen, and all properties in it are considered luxury properties in Istanbul.



* Unique interior and exterior design and cladding:


These two things are considered one of the main things that are taken into consideration when creating Istanbul luxury homes , as the high interest and cost that have been put into these two matters means that real estate in Turkey is classified as one of Turkey 's luxury real estate .

We cannot find one of the luxury properties in Istanbul that does not have a modern or dazzling design that keeps pace with the latest international designs and is attractive to the eye with its details and the general view that it gives.

The cladding also plays a very big role in the classification of real estate in Istanbul . All luxury properties in Istanbul cannot be less than the degree of interior cladding than deluxe or super deluxe, and the higher the cost and degree of cladding, the more it means that the property in Turkey is more luxurious, so the Investors, when buying an apartment in Istanbul or when buying property in Istanbul, ask directly about the type of cladding that these properties enjoy in Turkey.


Types of Istanbul luxury real estate :


What distinguishes the real estate market in Turkey is the great diversity that it offers in the options available to investors, as the types that Turkey real estate offers are large and work to cover the needs of all investors, whether in terms of demand or in terms of income, as we find residential real estate under which the purchase process falls A house in Istanbul or buying an apartment in Istanbul Even buying cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul is a form of investment in residential real estate in Istanbul, as well as commercial real estate in Turkey from shops, offices and many others.

And luxury Istanbul home is not different from other real estate in Turkey, as it is also diverse and exists in many forms in order to achieve the desires of the target group, which usually prefers to buy luxury real estate in Istanbul alone.

Among the forms of luxury real estate in Istanbul, we must mention the following:



* Villas in Istanbul:

 which is one of the most popular forms of luxury real estate and the most requested and preferred by investors, because it is multi-use. First, it is considered a suitable home for capital owners and businessmen thanks to its luxury and large size. Therefore, we find that the most Among the owners of villas in Istanbul are of the high-end and wealthy class, in addition to that many who wish to enter the real estate sector in Turkey in order to invest and achieve financial returns also buy villas in Istanbul, because it is possible to re-convert these villas to other purposes such as converting them To a luxury restaurant, a luxury hotel, a kindergarten, a private hospital, or even a small company.



* Luxurious palaces in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul is an important headquarters for the gathering of luxurious and huge palaces in Turkey, which is rare in our time and is one of the most expensive and luxurious real estate in Istanbul and is usually owned by rich families, senior merchants and businessmen, some of which are It has been converted to other uses such as transforming it into a huge and luxurious hotel or a charming archaeological museum.



* Penthouses and duplexes:

These two options are considered one of the most preferred options by investors who want to buy a luxury apartment in Istanbul, thanks to the large size and modern design that they provide.


Istanbul luxury real estate



* Smart apartments in Istanbul:

These apartments are considered a modern revolution in the real estate world in Turkey, due to their impressive features and components, and they are considered one of the most expensive luxury properties in Istanbul, as their number is very limited and the demand for them is high, and therefore it is difficult to buy them now It is very expensive, but it is really worth every lira spent on it.


Luxury real estate tax in Istanbul:


Istanbul luxury real estate is very distinctive and unique in all aspects related to it. It has a special class of people who prefer to buy property in Istanbul or buy a luxury-style house in Istanbul. These are usually businessmen and capital owners who do not want to Looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, on the contrary, they are specifically looking for luxury real estate in Turkey. With the purchase of a luxury apartment in Istanbul, new aspects come that are not found in cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, which is the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul, which is imposed under Laws related to taxes in Turkey on each property that is used for housing, but provided that the value of this property exceeds a specific amount, which for luxury real estate in Istanbul is five million Turkish liras


And the implementation of the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul has been started based on Law No. seven thousand one hundred and ninety-four, which imposes the computation of the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul or the official value housing from the various forms of real estate in Turkey that are located within the boundaries of the land Turkish real estate should bear the status of a residence and that the popular value of it exceeds the amount of five million Turkish liras or more.

The amendments to the Valuable Housing Tax Law made the process of collecting this tax on all Turkish properties that meet the conditions stipulated in it a mandatory process starting in the year two thousand and twenty, but the subsequent amendments that were made to the law have delayed the start of the tax collection process Istanbul luxury real estate until the beginning of the year two thousand and twenty one AD.


Valuable housing tax or luxury real estate in Istanbul is collected from every property that has the status of a real estate as a residence, that is, every residential building crosses out an independent real estate part. This description also applies to every independent real estate part of the buildings that include one or more independent real estate parts, which means The independent residential real estate parts are calculated individually, i.e. each part separately, and in order to determine whether or not the status of a dwelling is proven, when buying an apartment in Istanbul or buying a house in Istanbul, reference must be made to the title deed or title deed of the property In his own Turkey, in order to ascertain the capacity in which the property has been registered in the Land Registry.


And in order to determine the value of the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul that you will have to pay in order to know before buying a luxury-style house in Istanbul, it can be said that this is done based on Article 29 of the Real Estate Tax Law, through which the tax value is calculated For construction or real estate in Turkey and by looking at the text of this law, we specify that the value of the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul is calculated based on the cost of each square meter of construction, and this cost is determined jointly by the Ministry of Finance, the Turkish Treasury and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey The value of the land share for this specific property is also added to the above, in accordance with the legal principles related to tax and by committees specialized in this assessment process.


Therefore , the tax for valuable housing or luxury property in Istanbul is paid by residential real estate that meets the conditions stipulated in the law and in which more than one shareholder is also available , depending on the total value of the residential property in Turkey .

And the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul is paid by the owner of the residential property who meets the conditions for the tax or by the owner of the right of use in this property, and if neither of these two people is present, the responsibility for paying the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul is transferred to the property owner and when there is more From one owner of the luxury property, the luxury real estate tax in Istanbul is paid by all of them, that is, part of the value of this tax is paid by each owner, and the amount that each of them must pay is determined based on the size of the share he owns from the Istanbul luxury real estate.



At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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Istanbul Luxury Real Estate