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Objectives of buying real estate in Turkey

Objectives of buying real estate in Turkey

First :Buying a property in Turkey for investment: 

One of the most important features of the real estate market in Turkey and the most important reasons for attracting investors, especially foreign ones, is that it is an ideal arena for achieving investment profits, as the real estate investment in Turkey is considered one of the most successful investment sectors in the country, and in many Turkish cities it is considered The dominant and the most powerful, as the advantages that Turkey real estate offers to these investors strongly encourage them to take the step of buying real estate in Turkey, thanks to the availability of many investment opportunities and the ability to benefit and operate the property in Turkey, and each of these methods is a means Guaranteed to achieve returns and financial profits, as it can be said that buying a property in Turkey is a guaranteed step towards achieving investment profits, and your property can be operated in many areas that benefit and profit, whether by renting or renovating properties and selling them at higher prices By improving the specifications that Turkey real estate enjoys, this is not only possible in residential real estate, but the same investment activities can be carried out when buying commercial real estate in Turkey. In addition to the above, the possibility of benefiting from it in opening your own projects, whether opening a company, restaurant, hotel and other investment projects. 

Second :Buying a property in Turkey for housing and stability: 

The search for a place to live and stability is the most important goal for most people, and many people looking for homes at this time find in Turkey’s residential real estate the ideal option, as the advantages and elements that Turkey enjoys and housing in it make living in it a translation of the meaning of a well-off life and Well-being, as it provides various well-being requirements in terms of advanced services and infrastructure, and it has one of the best health systems of hospitals, clinics, health centers and excellent health insurance programs, in addition to the great attention that the Turkish government pays to the educational sector, as it spreads all over Turkey. Forms of educational institutions from public and private schools and prestigious universities that have the highest and most important international classifications, whether governmental or private. 

Third : Buying a property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship: 

It can be said that this goal is the most important and most demanded by foreign investors of various nationalities, as providing the opportunity to obtain citizenship by buying property is an important advantage that the Turkish government has worked to strengthen and work with in order to attract more foreign investors and the accompanying This is from the influx of capital and the great contribution it makes to the Turkish economy. Indeed, the Turkish government has canceled the principle of reciprocity, which has allowed foreigners to own real estate in Turkey and then apply for Turkish citizenship in exchange for fulfilling some conditions and Which is very easy compared to the conditions that many governments impose on foreigners wishing to obtain their own citizenship. Those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying  property in Turkey are required to buy a property of any type, residential or commercial, but this property must fulfill a condition It is important that the price of the property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira, and the foreign investor who applies for Turkish citizenship by owning Real estate in Turkey must not  sell this property for a period of no less than three years from the date of purchasing this property. 

After completing these conditions, this foreign investor is allowed to apply for Turkish citizenship, and the process of obtaining it does not take long, and after obtaining it, he will officially become a Turkish citizen and enjoy all the rights that accompany this citizenship from owning a passport Turkish entitles him to move freely around the world, as well as to obtain the treatment of Turkish citizens and all the rights they enjoy within the Turkish territory as well as outside it, as well as to benefit from the economic treaties signed between Turkey and other foreign countries.



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