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The conditions to obtain permanent residence in Turkey

The conditions to obtain permanent residence in Turkey

Turkey has recently become one of the most important foreign destinations that people want to move to in order to settle and live there, whether in order to invest in real estate in Turkey or in order to pursue education in universities and schools in Turkey and in search of work or even just for tourism and recreation. Indeed, many succeed in obtaining an entry visa to Turkey, but after visiting some people become addicted to the atmosphere and the joy of life there, and therefore they want to live there always and obtain permanent residence in Turkey, so what are the conditions for obtaining permanent residency? in Turkey . 

Permanent residence in Turkey: 

When you obtain any type of various types of residency in Turkey, whether it is a work permit, an academic or family residence, or even a tourist residence, and you are directed to Turkey to use this residence, in the event that eight years have elapsed since your first arrival in Turkey and continuously without interruption between them, you Then you will have the right to apply for permanent residence in Turkey. 
It can be said that the first step in order to be able to obtain a permanent residence in Turkey is to obtain one of the types of temporary residency that entitles you to enter Turkey in order to spend the required time, which is eight years. You do not need many conditions, but it is also the shortest period between them, and there is also the real estate residence that can be obtained by purchasing a property in Turkey. As for the work residency, it can be obtained by presenting the certificates and experiences that you possess and proving your desire to collect work in Turkey and Family residency, which may sometimes be accompanied by other types, as when obtaining real estate residence in Turkey, you will be able to grant your family a family residence in Turkey, and we do not forget of course the humanitarian residence, which has special conditions and specific people who can obtain it. 

The necessary conditions in order to obtain permanent residence in Turkey: 

In order to be able to obtain permanent residence in Turkey, the completion of an eight-year period by the foreign resident without any interruption during this period is required, and the eight years are counted without interruption with the calculation of half of the student's residence permit and the duration of other residence permits in full, and it should not be The foreign resident has received any community assistance during the last three years of his stay in Turkey, and that the feared person to obtain permanent residence in Turkey provides sufficient evidence to confirm his ability to fully secure his and his family's livelihood, as well as continuous and regular, and that the foreign resident has obtained Health insurance, and this insurance must be valid, and of course the foreign resident must not be a threat to the public order, safety, and law in the country. 

The necessary papers in order to obtain permanent residence in Turkey: 

A set of official papers must be submitted to ensure approval of your application for permanent residence in Turkey, including the submission of a residence permit application form, and you must also provide your original passport and a certified copy of it, and your previous residence permit must be presented with two personal photos each size. Both of them are equal to the size of the photos that are used for the passport, along with the presentation of documents proving that you have not received any social assistance from institutions and non-governmental organizations during the last three years of your stay in Turkey, and also a statement must be submitted indicating the sufficiency of your financial resources and Confirming that it is permanent and regular during the period of residence in Turkey and a document that is not sentenced with a health insurance document and a permanent residence application form with mentioning your current residence address, and then you must submit all these documents and documents after collecting them in one file to the Ministry of Interior Turkish, specifically to the Department of the General Directorate of Immigration Management in Turkey. 

Reasons for refusing permanent residence in Turkey: 

In some unfortunate cases, your request to obtain permanent residence in Turkey may not be successful, which includes both the fact that the foreign resident poses a serious threat to the security, safety and public order in the country, as well as that the foreigner resides outside the borders of Turkish territory for a period of more than one year. Without interruption of course, with the exception of health conditions, education, and compulsory public service in his home country, as in these previous cases it is permissible to reject the application to obtain permanent residence in Turkey in accordance with the Turkish law on residency or even to cancel the permanent residence permit if it has already been done. Obtaining it by the Immigration Department in any of the Turkish provinces and cities.



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