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Istanbul property prices

Istanbul property prices

The real estate market in Turkey has now become at the forefront of the strongest real estate markets in the world, as the number of investors who prefer the option of buying a property in Turkey is constantly increasing to record records year after year. Entering the Turkish real estate market in order to invest and work on engaging in the many projects and abundant investment opportunities in Turkey, with the aim of obtaining investment returns and financial profits. 
While an important part of investors, especially foreigners, want to buy a property in Istanbul with the aim of stability and residence, not investment, as one of the most important advantages that accompany buying an apartment in Istanbul is the ability to obtain Turkish citizenship or at least obtain residence A real estate that allows its owner, as well as his family members, to reside within Turkish territory. 

And what matters most to investors, whatever the goal for which they buy Istanbul homes, is the Istanbul property prices , as the price plays the most important role that may often judge people to buy a property in Istanbul without others, so it is considered the best If you want to buy a house in Istanbul, your average budget should be known and defined, and you should know what is the maximum that you may be able to reach when paying in order not to get your hopes up in a property and be unable to own it. After determining Your own budget comes the role of knowing the factors that determine Istanbul property prices, as knowing these factors helps you in determining the exact destination of the search and knowing what you need to dispense with in order to be able to achieve the cost of obtaining apartments for sale in Istanbul. Each of these factors and understanding the mechanism of their impact on Istanbul property prices is critical to anyone who is going to buy a property in Istanbul


Factors that affect Istanbul property prices : 


The location of the property in Istanbul: 

The location of the property in Istanbul plays the largest role in determining the value of the property and its price, as it is obvious that the Istanbul property prices, which are located in the city center or in the center of the city, are significantly higher compared to the case of buying an apartment in Istanbul on the outskirts or outskirts of the city, as most of the places that are Starting it as a site to search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul are those that are somewhat far from the city center or areas that are less lively and movement compared to those located within the center, and this rule applies not only in the case of buying a house in Istanbul or buying an apartment in Istanbul That is, not only for Istanbul residential real estate, but also applies in the case of buying a property in Istanbul of the type of Istanbul commercial real estate, as it is noted that the price of these commercial properties rises very much if they are located within the famous shopping centers or within the malls and the city center compared to Istanbul property prices, which They are not located in lively or commercially active areas such as the city center. 


* Near the property in Istanbul or far from the transportation network: 

Sometimes we may find that there are areas that are considered an important center for buying a property in Istanbul, and the demand for them is very high, even though they are not located in the city center and sometimes they may even be far from it, due to the fact that these areas have a secure and dense transportation network And the various forms of transportation that secure the connection of Istanbul real estate with the rest of the city, as when buying an apartment in Istanbul is located within an area close to any means of transportation from the various means that spread in Istanbul, such as a metro station, metrobus station or tram station This automatically means higher real estate prices in Istanbul within this region compared to others, and the farther the apartment you have chosen is from these transportation stations, the lower its price compared to the prices of those properties that are closer to it, even if those properties all have the same specifications No, it is located within the same area or neighborhood 

For example, we mention the Esenyurt area, which is classified as one of the areas of Istanbul homes far from the city center, but despite that, we find that there is a noticeable discrepancy in the prices of residential real estate in it compared to real estate prices in the neighboring area, which is the Harami Dairy area, although it is It is far from the city center and the reason for this is that the Harami Deri area owns a metrobus station and near it there is a metro station also under construction, in short, Istanbul property prices decrease the further away from the main transportation stations. 


* Neighborhoods of real estate in Istanbul, such as shopping centers:


The city of Istanbul is the economic capital of the country and the most important commercial center in it. It is very active in the trade sector in all its forms, and not only the real estate trade in Istanbul. Therefore, we find that there are many shopping and trade centers that are spread in various parts of the city, and these shopping malls are one of the most important The signs that distinguish between Istanbul houses such as Mall of Istanbul, Cevahir Mall, Marmara Park and many others that because of their importance are used as guides on Istanbul real estate sites, as buying a property in Istanbul close to these malls or other huge shopping centers is one of the The most important reasons for the rise in Istanbul property prices are the Istanbul luxury real estate that are next to such commercial centers are expensive and the demand for them is very high compared to other Istanbul properties, when the specifications of any real estate project are mentioned, whether apartments for sale in Istanbul or buying a property in Istanbul of a commercial type The name of one of these malls near it must be mentioned in case the property owner wants to make it more important and attractive to potential investors. 


* Neighboring Istanbul real estate with service centers and infrastructure: 

The most important characteristic of Istanbul is the great interest it receives not only from visitors or abroad, but also from the Turkish government, as it realizes the great importance that Istanbul enjoys and its fame and the benefits it provides to the country, especially the influx of foreign capital for Istanbul property investment and the accompanying support to the Turkish economy, so it is very interested in it and is always working to improve and strengthen its infrastructure and establish various forms of projects that contribute to raising the level of the city. Therefore, we find that the city of Istanbul is excellently served and has an infrastructure Very developed and spread in all its parts various forms of service centers and public facilities such as hospitals, clinics and educational institutions such as schools and universities in their governmental and private forms, some of which are in the process of work and service, and some of them are still under construction 

Many of the huge urban projects under construction are of strategic importance, such as the Bosphorus Bridge and Istanbul Airports, and Istanbul homes , which is located close to these projects, is considered a high price because it is investment projects with a promising future. The presence of important neighborhoods is one of the most important reasons for the high prices Real estate in Istanbul, such as public parks and tourist and vital facilities, as the proximity to such infrastructure makes not only Istanbul homes, but also the areas located near them expensive, and raises real estate prices in Istanbul significantly compared to real estate prices located at a distance Beyond these service facilities, the same applies to Istanbul real estate, which is located close to highways and new metro stations, as the areas located near them have high prices. 
But, fortunately, the increase in Istanbul property prices in these vital areas usually does not exceed twenty percent, compared to the prices of Istanbul real estate in the less lively areas or the most remote from the city center, whether increase or decrease. 


Owning a property with a sea view and apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea: 

The most important thing that distinguishes the city of Istanbul from other major cities of Turkey is its strategic geographical location, as it is located between two continents, the continent of Asia and the continent of Europe, and thus forms a meeting point between them through the famous Bosphorus Strait, in addition to the fact that the city of Istanbul has an important extension on the coasts The sea from several sides, and all of this provides excellent places for investment and construction of apartments for sale in Istanbul on the sea with distinctive sea views 

We find that the areas that are located on the sea coast in the city of Istanbul have a large number of Istanbul real estate with sea views in all its forms, such as apartments for sale in Istanbul and houses for sale in Istanbul, as well as villas for sale in Istanbul, and what distinguishes these Istanbul properties in addition to the view The witch by the sea is the fact that it has a very high price, to the point that it is almost dedicated to a specific segment of customers, and usually the areas in which it is located are known as the most prestigious and luxurious areas of Istanbul, and that most of its residents are businessmen and owners of capital, and thus it appears That owning Istanbul real estate with a sea view plays a vital role in the rise in Istanbul property prices . The presence of the property in an area close to the sea or having a view of it makes its price higher, even if it is located in an area far from the center of Istanbul, or even if its specifications are lower compared to another property that is not It has a sea view 

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul:


Istanbul offers a wide variety of options available to investors when buying a property in Istanbul, especially in terms of the property price. There are a group of areas that are known to be the best when looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, which those wishing to buy a house in Istanbul flock to At an attractive price, and of these areas, Beylikduzu and Esenyurt are famous, in which it is noted that there is a high number of the Arab community, who find the opportunity to get cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul when working to buy an apartment in Istanbul for stability and housing, as well as the Silivri area and the Kartal, as this area is being transformed into a residential area through the establishment of modern housing projects within it, and in order to attract new buyers to it, it provides an opportunity to buy a property in Istanbul at attractive and competitive prices, which makes real estate investment in the area a good opportunity, especially as it It is characterized by calm, far from the hustle and bustle of the city center and has distinctive sea views on the coast of the Marmara Sea in the Asian section of Istanbul, in addition to having all the services provided by the residential neighborhoods. different.



At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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