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Turkish citizenship by buying property

Turkish citizenship by buying property


Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey: 

None of the social media surfers or those interested in economics and real estate can be unaware of the great importance that Turkey's real estate has occupied in the global real estate market, as it has now become at the top of the list of the most preferred options by foreign investors wishing to collect Investment returns and profits, due to the features and components that these properties enjoy, which make them unquestionably more trustworthy.

 Perhaps the most important reason that has contributed to the influx of these large numbers of foreign investors towards buying a property in Turkey is the great effort that is being made by the government Turkish in order to enhance the number of foreign investors and increase the flow of foreign capital because of the two things that contribute to the support of the Turkish economy, and perhaps the most important step that the Turkish government has taken in order to encourage larger numbers of these investors to choose Turkey’s real estate as a yard for investment without having to Other foreign real estate is to provide the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey.

 Yes, this is a reality and possible, and this opportunity has become accessible to different nationalities. Starting from the year two thousand and twelve AD, when the Turkish government amended the laws of real estate ownership in Turkey by foreign investors, and based on these amendments, the reciprocity law was abolished, which prevented foreign citizens from owning real estate in Turkey unless This was not allowed in return in their country of origin and accordingly it has officially become possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey . 


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey: 

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey is very easy and easy if compared to the process of obtaining other foreign nationalities, as some of these countries impose almost impossible conditions, while the conditions that have been set for Turkish citizenship and real estate Turkey is considered very logical and achievable by a large number of people, and of course, the credit is due to the Turkish government, which works in various ways to facilitate the laws of real estate ownership in Turkey by foreign investors, with the aim of attracting more of them to it, and that obtaining Turkish citizenship By buying a property in Turkey, several conditions must be met, including the following.

 The first is to buy a property in Turkey without any conditions about the type of this real estate. Investors can choose the type of real estate that suits them and achieve their aspirations, whether it is commercial real estate in Turkey from offices and shops Or residential real estate, such as apartments for sale in Turkey and houses for sale in Turkey, as well as luxury real estate in Turkey, such as villas in Turkey, luxury palaces, hotels, and others, but this property requires that its price be not less than two hundred and fifty A thousand US dollars or its equivalent at the exchange rate of foreign currencies or in Turkish lira. 

After purchasing this property, the investor must provide guarantees not to resell it for a period of no less than three years from the date of its purchase. The investor must submit a real estate appraisal document In the file of the application process for obtaining Turkish citizenship, the real estate appraisal document ensures proof of the value of the property that he has purchased and increases the acceptance of his request. This document must be issued by one of the real estate companies licensed by the Turkish government, in a manner exclusive, otherwise it will be considered null and unrecognized. 


Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey: 

Buying a property in Turkey in itself is a golden opportunity fraught with benefits and advantages, and if accompanied by the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship, it has reached the maximum level of interest, as obtaining Turkish citizenship means the ability to enjoy all the accompanying advantages of acquiring the right to live in Turkey Without the need to reside and obtain the right of treatment, such as treating Turkish citizens and possessing all the rights they enjoy in the Turkish lands, such as study, housing, health insurance, a pension, the right to vote, and others, in addition to obtaining Turkish citizenship means owning a Turkish passport and Which is considered one of the most powerful passports around the world, as it allows its holder to move freely around the world and without the need to issue a visa in most cases.

On May 13, 2022, the Turkish government issued a decision to raise the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate to a value of 400,000 dollars instead of 250,000 dollars. The decision has been implemented starting in 12th June 2022.

The investor has the right to buy a real estate or several properties with the new amount of $400,000 in order to obtain citizenship, provided that the investor must keep the property for 3 years and he mustn’t sell the property he purchased for the purpose of citizenship before 3 years from the date of purchasing. For more information about the Turkish citizenship law and its conditions, click here.


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