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What is the entry form to Turkey? What is its relationship with the "Covid_19" virus !!

What is the entry form to Turkey? What is its relationship with the "Covid_19" virus !!

Entry form to Turkey:


Within the framework of the strict preventive measures taken by Turkey at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, Turkish Airlines recently announced that all travelers who want to come to Turkey should fill out a form called "Turkey Entry Form", which was recently launched on the Turkish Health Ministry's website.


When will this decision be implemented? How do I fill out the entry form to Turkey?


According to the statement of Turkish Airlines, which was published on its official account on the Twitter platform, the decision will be effective starting today, corresponding to 15/03/2021.

As for the method of filling out the form, it will be electronically by visiting the website of the Ministry of Health and writing down some personal information such as name, surname, nationality, passport number, country of residence, date of coming to Turkey, and phone number.

It is worth noting that the site supports many languages ​​such as Arabic, English, French, Persian and others, and you can move to the form by clicking here

What is the purpose of filling out this form?


As stated in the Turkish Airlines statement, this decision follows the Turkish government's compliance with the implementation and application of the rules and conditions to limit the spread of the pandemic, and that those coming to Turkey must fill out this form 72 hours before their travel date.

And that the "HES KODU" code for tracking epidemiological cases will be created automatically for all travelers with their information that they provided in the form, with the aim of being able to communicate with the arrivals to notify them in the event of contact with a person infected with Coronavirus during their trip or during their stay in Turkey.


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Source: Anadolu Agency.


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