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Advantages of living in studio apartments in Turkey

Advantages of living in studio apartments in Turkey

The real estate sector in Turkey has achieved great success and has become one of the main pillars on which the Turkish economy is based, as it has succeeded in attracting capital and attracting the attention of Arab and foreign investors from all over the world and this has contributed to the spread of new and different forms of real estate due to Turkey’s openness to Civilizations and strange ideas that investors brought with them. 
And when you want to buy a property in Turkey, you will find many options that suit your desires, as the spread of residential complexes, villas, and penthouse apartments, in addition to studio apartments, which have been very popular in Turkey for a number of reasons and features that you enjoy and that we will talk About it next .. 

First: What do studio apartments mean in Turkey? 

Studio apartments are spread all over Turkey and even all over the world as well, and they are one of the well-known and preferred types of a large number of people. I am about their structure, as it is a small apartment with an area ranging from 30 meters to 75 square meters only and is designated for the residence of a single person. Or two people, or even a small family, who may not have enough money to buy a large-sized property in Turkey and do not want to spend their next days moving from house to house and drowning in rent. 

Second: How are studio apartments designed in Turkey? 

All studio apartments in Turkey and the world have clear and specific features. Unlike regular real estate, studio apartments do not have a large area and therefore there are no separate rooms for sleeping, sitting and cooking, but rather an open space and a room connected to a room that is for sleeping, sitting and standing In all the work, an open kitchen is attached to it that contains the basic tools of a refrigerator, a fridge and an oven, and of course the bathrooms are usually located in a corner somewhat far away, but in general it is a connected space between them, and some people may resort to separating the rooms with a curtain Or create different decorations. 
Of course, it is imperative to choose the appropriate furniture for this type of property, as people tend to choose practical pieces that can be used in more than one way to reduce congestion in the apartment as much as possible and to maintain order and cleanliness. 

Third: What are the advantages of living within studio apartments in Turkey? 

There are many features that attract people to go and buy studio-style properties in Turkey, the first and most important of which is the cheap real estate prices of this style, where an apartment can be bought for a small amount of money and thus you will get rid of the burden of rent and installment. 
It is also considered the best option for students coming from outside the country to study in Turkey, as they can feel reassurance and independence in this house, which provides them with everything they may need, and thus they no longer have to reside within the university housing that may capture their freedom. 
There are also many workers and businessmen who come to Turkey with the intention of work and they do not need to buy real estate with a large area and of course they do not prefer expensive accommodation in hotels, so they resort to studio apartments that provide them with a place to sleep and rest after long working hours without paying a lot Of the funds. 
The interest of the elderly in residing in these apartments after they remain on their own is also noted due to the ease of cleaning them and moving around in them as everything is within reach and they will not have to spend much effort when living in them. 
And in the end, if you are coming to visit Turkey or temporary residence in it, these apartments are the best option for you to ensure comfort and independence, especially as they are often located within the most vital areas of the city and are close to transportation and service centers. 

Fourth: What are the other uses of studio apartments in Turkey? 

The most important characteristic of studio apartments is that they are not limited to use as a place to live, but there are many options that you can use the apartment through. 
As a large number of business owners tend to use them as offices to manage their business, and this is what we observe in a large number of lawyers, engineers and merchants who are not able to buy a large place yet or are at the beginning of their career as it constitutes an ideal opportunity to start work and make profits and from Then you can move to larger offices. 
This type of apartment can also be used to shoot special programs on TV channels or on the Internet, and to set up a studio for filming or recording music, given its sufficient and appropriate space for this type of business. 

Therefore, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, studio apartments are a good and successful option that must be taken into account to enjoy all these features.



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