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villas for sale in turkey

villas for sale in turkey

Turkey today is considered the main destination for a large number of investors and businessmen from all over the world, and this is of course due to its assets that have contributed to being the most important tourist destination in the world, in addition to its distinctive and strategic location between Asia and Europe in which there are many other attractions. Perhaps the most important of them is the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment with a value of only 250 thousand dollars, and this is what has greatly stimulated the real estate market in Turkey and pushed the owners of money to buy real estate, especially villas. 
If you are looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, we will list the most important areas for buying villas: 

Fethiye, Turkey: 
This city is considered one of the modern cities that is famous for its villas, but of course that was expected thanks to its luxury components as it has a charming and attractive view of the Turkish Riviera as well as the distinctive ports that it is famous for, and among the things that distinguish this city is also reasonable real estate prices And the low, where you can buy a villa at a price not exceeding 250 thousand dollars and enjoy an independent and luxurious life, so what are you waiting for? 

Alanya city in Turkey: 

Perhaps you have heard the name of this city a lot during your trip in the search for villas for sale in Turkey, and this is due to the good reputation the city has in relation to the many entertainment venues such as restaurants, cafeterias, cafes and shopping centers, you will never feel bored! 
We add to that the sandy coasts that sparkle under the sun's rays, which give a striking and charming look that is pleasing to the eye and heart, and of course, the villas in this city often have an attractive sea view, in addition to indoor swimming pools and green gardens, and often witness great competitions in the market. This is what increases the prices of its villas, but you will never regret choosing them. 

Silvari area in Istanbul: 

What distinguishes this area from others is that it combines the atmosphere of the city and the countryside simultaneously, and Silvri is located west of the Buyukcekmece Lake. As for the villas located in it, it has a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea shore and combines in its decoration the modernity that we find in the city apartments And among the simplicity that we find in rural homes, and Silvery is the ideal choice for lovers of tranquility and nature, do not hesitate if you are of this type .. 

Uskudar district in Istanbul: 

This region is considered one of the areas that have achieved most successes in terms of real estate investment in Turkey due to the advantages it possesses that have contributed to attracting residents and investors from all regions, as sküdar is located directly on the Bosphorus Strait, the first tourist destination in Istanbul and has a pleasant climate and beautiful gardens. Work is also underway on many real estate projects in various forms, whether apartments, residential complexes, or even villas, and of course due to the great success that the region is witnessing, real estate and villa prices are also witnessing a significant growth and rise, and it is expected that the investment value of real estate will increase further during the next few years. In the region. 

Types of villas for sale in Turkey: 

- Ordinary villas: These villas are located within residential areas in the city far from important tourist sites or important projects in the city. Therefore, the prices of regular villas are often cheaper than other types. 
- Tourist villas: As the name indicates, this type of villa is located among the most important tourist areas in the city and therefore has a great role in attracting tourists and investors to take advantage of them and earn money through them. Therefore, the prices of tourist villas are considered high due to the many features they have. 
- Historical villas: These villas are often old palaces and castles belonging to princes and kings, and then they were sold during public auctions, for example, and therefore they have fantastic and unexpected prices when compared with villas of other types, of course. Take advantage of these villas by displaying them to tourists, filming movies, for example, or even living in them like an aristocracy. 

There is no doubt that buying a property in Turkey of whatever type is considered a golden opportunity for anyone, and there is no better option than villas to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life, so do not let the opportunity pass you by!



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Villas for sale in Turkey