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Title deed in Turkey is the most important thing you need

Title deed in Turkey is the most important thing you need

                                    The title deed in Turkey ... the types and papers needed to obtain it:


The title deed in Turkey... is that official document that is given to the owner of the property as proof of his ownership of it according to his name recorded within it, which is the last stage when buying a property in Turkey, and without that document it is not possible to recognize someone’s ownership of any property in Turkey.

It also mentioned many information about the property such as the real estate survey, the location of the property and other specifications that we will review for you as follows:


What information is mentioned in the title deed?


The Tapu document is extracted by the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey, which is known as (((Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü)) and each of the following is mentioned in it:

-Address of the property

- A registration number for the land on which the building is located

-The total area of ​​the land on which the building is built

- Property area, floor, building number

- The property value, in Turkish lira

-A personal photo of the property owner

-Information about the owner, name, nationality, etc.


Can more than one person share in the title deed?


In some cases, more than one owner will participate in the purchase of one property, and therefore can each of them obtain a title deed? Or do they share the same document?

In this case, a single tapu is extracted showing the details of each person's share in this property, and each of them can obtain a special document in which the name of the owner and his share of the property are written, meaning that the Tabu in Turkey shows the ownership of the person mentioned in the bond if it is complete or Partial.


What are the necessary documents to obtain the tapu?


Preparing the papers in advance to avoid repeating the procedures and delaying the transaction, and below we review the papers needed to extract the tapu in Turkey:

- Personal ID or translated passport

-Tax number

- Personal power of attorney in case the applicant is acting on behalf of the concerned person in completing the purchase.

- One personal photo of the seller, and two pictures of the buyer.

-Earthquake and natural disaster insurance, or the so-called dask sigortası


How long does it take to transfer ownership and obtain the title deed in Turkey?


The procedures for transferring ownership and obtaining the title deed in Turkey are among the fastest transactions, especially for the foreign investor, and procedures are carried out within a short period of time not exceeding one day in most cases.

The investor wishing to buy real estate in Turkey must take the following steps to obtain the title deed:

-First: The presence of the buyer to sign the purchase contract

-Second: extracting a tax number (which is a number granted to every foreign citizen in Turkey under the passport)

-Third: Opening an account in a Turkish bank to transfer money to and from Turkey (not mandatory)

-Fourth: A copy of the buyer's passport to be translated into Turkish and certified by the notary (notary)

-Fifth and last: Both the buyer and seller go to the real estate registry office, so that the seller assigns the property to the buyer and the other receives the title deed (tapu) and the property's key.


if the property is under construction, then the buyer cannot obtain the tapu until after the house is delivered, and this also applies to those who buy a house by installments, in this case the buyer does not get the tapu until after paying the installments due on it.


Title deed and real estate residence:


The investor who obtained the title deed document in Turkey is entitled to obtain a real estate residence permit for himself and his family members (wife and children) for a period of one to three years, which can be renewed each time its period expires, provided that the title deed (Tabu) is presented in the interview for renewing the residency.

As for whoever invests one or more real estate worth 250 thousand US dollars, he can obtain Turkish citizenship within a maximum period of 90 days.


Types of tapu in Turkey:


There are many types of tapu in Turkey, and below we will review the most important of them:


Agricultural Tabu (Tarım Arazi tapu):


This type of title deed in Turkey refers to real estate and farmland whose owner has the right to carry out any work or agricultural activity, such as establishing poultry farms and raising livestock within his land owned by him and originally designated for this purpose. This type of title deed is known in Turkey as “blue tabu” unlike the private title deed. In residential real estate, which is known in Turkey as the red tabu.


Land Registry suitable for reconstruction:


It is every property that is registered as an empty plot suitable for reconstruction, and in order for it to be suitable for reconstruction, it must be located within an area covered by the organizational reconstruction plan for the city, and it is possible to verify with the municipality of the region whether this plot is suitable for reconstruction or not, in some cases it may be located on the road or it is designated to create a public park or green area or something similar.


Floor easement and floor ownership record (Kat irtifaklı tap):


The floor easement title, or what is known as Kat irtifaklı tapu, this type of title deed in Turkey is no less important than the full title deed and is also very important for its role in protecting the right of the property owner.

You have the right to extract this type of title deed in Turkey when you buy a property within a residential or commercial project that is still under construction, but it has passed a certain percentage of the construction process and not the entire process, and the buyer guarantees his right through the floor easement title, as it becomes clear that the holder has the right of ownership on the floor that has been determined. From the building or complex in which it was bought, which is the last stage before obtaining the full title deed.


Title of full property Kat Mülkiyeti


The full title deed is extracted upon completion of the construction process completely, and the full title deeds differ from other types of title deeds in Turkey, in terms of the details that are mentioned in them, where each of the property number, its location within the building and its share of the land for the project are mentioned, in addition to Other detailed information, such as the quality of the land and determining the gender of the property, for example a villa, apartment, independent building ... etc.

if this detailed information is not present in the title deed (Tabu), then this means that the property did not obtain the right of full ownership, but is still in the title of the floor easement.


Housing approval:


What is meant by housing approval? It is an approval obtained by the municipality for each of the buildings that are constructed according to standards to be determined by the state, such as the presence of fire stairs and exits for emergency situations, or for it to be anti-earthquake and other standards, and in the event of obtaining the approval of the housing, this proves that the building was built According to the required standards.

In the first place, the contractor or company establishing the project must obtain the housing approval, so that the floor easement bonds are converted into full title deeds upon obtaining the approval.


Common questions about tapu in Turkey


- Can I register the title deed in the name of my children under the age of 18?

Yes, you have no problem with that, but you should obtain the consent of the parents together and attest the birth certificate from the notary "notary in Turkey".


-To whom will the ownership of the property go in the event of death?

Since real estate ownership in Turkey is freehold, you have the right to bequeath it to the wife, children or relatives.


-Can I share the title deed in Turkey with another person? How many people are allowed?

Yes, you have the right to share the title deed with several people at the same time, and there is no specific number of people allowed


-Does the title deed differ in the case of buying to obtain Turkish citizenship?

No, the tabu does not differ in this case, but if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property, you will not be able to sell the property before 3 years have passed, and this is what is mentioned in the title deed when you receive it.


- If you lose the original copy of the title deed! Can I extract it again?

Certainly yes, you can review the title deed department in Turkey and obtain a new document.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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