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many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment 2020

many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment 2020

Many people are looking for different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy its countless advantages, as the ways to obtain it vary. Turkish citizenship can be obtained by marrying a Turkish person or by proving Turkish origin. It can also be obtained through investment, which varies Its forms and below we will mention the different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment 2020

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by property in Turkey:

The first form of investment through which to apply for citizenship is real estate investment in Turkey, and this method is used by a large number of Arab and foreign investors for its ease, especially after the new amendments to the naturalization law in Turkey, as it became possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment when Buying property in Turkey for at least 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent, and this amount is much less than the previous one, which was 1 million US dollars, and this is why investors flocked from all sides to buy apartments in Turkey and take advantage of these modifications to obtain On the Turkish citizenship, but it should be noted that there is a prerequisite for the individual to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship, which is to keep this property for a period of three full years without selling it. 
And given the great demand for buying real estate in Turkey for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate, it was necessary to organize this process and this was done by issuing a real estate appraisal document and asking all investors to extract it when applying for citizenship. This document is valid for three months from The date of issuance, through which the condition of the property is evaluated and the appropriate price is determined. 

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing government bonds:

There are some investors who resort to this method when they want to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, through which bonds are purchased from the Turkish government, worth 500,000 US dollars, and also must be kept for a full three years.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by depositing a sum of money in a Turkish bank:

Many investors and businessmen deposit their money in Turkish banks in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and this amount must not be less than 500 thousand US dollars, and the investor cannot withdraw his money before the passage of 3 full years, otherwise he will not be able to apply for Turkish citizenship . 

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying shares:

Through this method, 500,000 US dollars worth of shares are purchased within Turkish real estate investment funds or investment capital funds.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship by opening a company:

Businessmen wishing to open their business in Turkey can take advantage of this to obtain Turkish citizenship by opening a company in Turkey with a minimum capital of 500 thousand dollars.

-Obtaining Turkish citizenship through employment:

Through this method, the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship by employing 50 workers or employees in his company who hold Turkish citizenship, and this number is considered small compared to the previous one, as the required number was to employ 100 Turkish workers.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment 2020:

1- The obtained citizenship can be granted to the wife and children who are under 18 years old. 
2- Obtaining a Turkish passport through investment and enjoying its many advantages. 
3- There is no specific period of residence in Turkey to be able to apply for citizenship. 
4- After completing three full years, you have the right to dispose of real estate, bonds or any investment means in the way you wish, and this means achieving more profits. 
5- There are no large financial costs when adding family members to the citizenship file, so you will be able to save a lot of money. 
6- Speed ​​in obtaining citizenship and a passport, as it does not take more than four months.



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