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Obtaining a Turkish passport through investment

Obtaining a Turkish passport through investment

Many people are trying, by various available methods, to obtain Turkish citizenship and carry a Turkish passport, due to the strength and global influence of these two, as Turkey has recently become an important economic and political power thanks to the elements and factors that are available in it. A strategic geographic location that forms a link between the largest continents of the ancient world and its possession of important sea views from various borders, which makes it a significant commercial power and contributes to promoting tourism on the other hand, and tourism is a very important sector in Turkey due to the large number of historical landmarks in the country and Tourism of religious monuments and natural landscapes, as it has witnessed the rise of many civilizations and cultures on its lands since ancient times, in addition to that investment in Turkey is known to be a very profitable area as Turkey is an ideal environment for investment and the real estate investment sector in Turkey is very famous when It is accompanied by features and benefits, and perhaps the most important one is the possibility of obtaining a Turkish passport through real estate investment in Turkey. 

The importance of real estate investment in Turkey:
Turkey is generally considered a fertile environment for the success of investment of any kind, as the availability of resources contributes to promoting the development of investments strongly, and although all investment sectors in Turkey are prominent and have an important impact on supporting the Turkish economy, the real estate investment sector in Turkey appears more prominent. And perhaps this is due to the low real estate prices in Turkey compared to real estate prices in different European countries, which contributes to attracting foreign investors and people wishing to obtain a house or property to settle in, and in addition to that, the quality of Turkey's real estate is not less than that in European countries, despite the lower cost compared to them, constitute an additional attraction factor for investors, and the variety of options available to the buyer as a result of the availability of all types of real estate in Turkey from commercial and residential real estate in addition to the presence of many investment opportunities, meaning that buying a property in Turkey cannot be It is a losing deal and it can be invested and employed in different ways at any time, whether by leasing it, converting it to another project, or reselling it. 
And because Turkey has become a very developed country, many want to obtain Turkish citizenship to take advantage of the advantages it offers, and some want to obtain it in a quick and easy way. The Turkish government has noticed the importance of this, so it has provided the opportunity for foreign investors to obtain a Turkish passport through Real estate investment in Turkey, according to the amendments made to the laws of real estate ownership by foreigners in Turkey in the year two thousand and eight AD. 

How to obtain a Turkish passport by investing in real estate in Turkey: 
Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey is the fastest and easiest way that can be taken, as the end of the legal procedures and official transactions followed in this method does not take more than four or six months, and after that the Turkish passport becomes your property. 
But there must be a set of conditions that must be fulfilled in order to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, and despite the presence of obligatory conditions, they remain very easy and easy compared to the conditions that other foreign governments impose on those wishing to obtain On their own nationality. 
While real estate investment in Turkey is an ideal step to achieve benefits in various fields, on the one hand you can achieve investment and financial profits, and on the other hand, you will obtain Turkish citizenship and all the accompanying advantages. 

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey: 
You must pay attention to a number of important details when resorting to real estate investment in Turkey to obtain citizenship, as foreign investors who want to obtain a Turkish passport are required to purchase a property in Turkey, provided that the price of this property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. American or the equivalent value of this amount in Turkish lira according to the foreign currency exchange rate, and the buyer must pledge not to sell this property that he purchased in order to obtain citizenship for a period of no less than three years from the date of its purchase, and the original owner of the property must also be A Turkish citizen who holds Turkish citizenship, that is, it is not possible to buy a property from a foreign person or an Arab citizen in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, and after you purchase the property and provide evidence confirming its value with the title deed of the property that proves that you are the new owner of it, you will be able to Submit an application for Turkish citizenship as a foreign investor and it does not take long from here in case you meet all the conditions and submit all the necessary official documents and then you will obtain Turkish citizenship and you will be officially h Hoping for the Turkish passport and able to take advantage of all the rights and features that come with that.

On May 13, 2022, the Turkish government issued a decision to raise the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate to a value of 400,000 dollars instead of 250,000 dollars. The decision has been implemented starting in 12th June 2022.

The investor has the right to buy a real estate or several properties with the new amount of $400,000 in order to obtain citizenship, provided that the investor must keep the property for 3 years and he mustn’t sell the property he purchased for the purpose of citizenship before 3 years from the date of purchasing. For more information about the Turkish citizenship law and its conditions, click here.


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