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Marmara market in Avcilar ... old alleys full of life and wonderful atmosphere

Marmara market in Avcilar ... old alleys full of life and wonderful atmosphere

Marmara market in Avcilar ... old alleys full of life and wonderful atmosphere


Marmara Market is located in Avcilar in the European section of Istanbul ... This market, which starts with a statue of a former leader in Turkey and ends at Avcilar municipality building, will give you many interesting viewing opportunities within a short distance.


What does the Marmara market include in Avcilar ??

Hundreds of popular shops, many luxury stores and international brands, within its wonderful heritage alleys, as it includes many fast food shops and Turkish and Western restaurants that offer various delicious foods with Western and Turkish character.

Thousands of citizens and tourists pass daily from the Marmara market in Avcilar to enjoy its wonderful atmosphere and ancient monuments, where you can see many pictures of ancient and former rulers of Turkey, as well as embroidered decorations and flags as well as many statues that will make you feel that it is like walking in an open-air museum ... and as the owners say Professions in Marmara Market Passers-by in this market can learn about the historical issues of the Turkish state through its statues and the heritage of its construction.


Marmara Market in Avcilar, a distinctive experience not to be missed:

Distinguished goods of high quality that are not available in abundance in other places, you can find them here, where the Marmara Market includes all the elements that make from the shopping trip a distinctive and wonderful trip and this market belongs to the best shopping places and malls in Istanbul, you can find within its alleys and shops:

-Luxurious clothing and costumes

- Houseware

-Beauty and care centers

- shoes

-Bags and leathers

-Gold - jewelry

-Electricals ... etc.


How to go to Marmara Market in Avcilar:

The huge city of Istanbul provides many transportation and public transportation to reach the Marmara Market, the most important of which are:


Metro boss

You can reach the Marmara market by taking advantage of any Boss metro station close to the place of your despondency or your residence, as the market is located two minutes away from the “Avcilar markez” metro station, Avcilar Center, which is one of the first metro stations Boss for those coming from Beylikduzu and Esenyurt and the last stations for those coming From the Asian section and its vicinity.


D76 Bus:

It is a two-story bus that begins its route from Bahcesehir and then Esenyurt, passing to Avcilar, where the Marmara market is located, and this bus continues until it reaches Taksim Square, which is the end of its line, returning from Taksim, passing through the same previous areas, but in an opposite way to He arrives at Avcilar again and stops at a position called İ.Ü. Avcılar, which is the position of Istanbul University in Avcilar, and thus can be independent from the descent in Bahçeşehir or Esenyurt, along with the city center areas such as Taksim, Zada ​​Hotel, or Zeytinburnu…. Etc.



In relation to other areas, you can reach the Marmara market by taking subway stations through the line (m2), which will take you to the Sisli area and then from Sisli, you can take the metro boss to Marmara Market, or the metro line (ma1 airport metro) from then to the Marter station In the metro boss from which you will reach the market


Tramway (t1):

You can take it to the metro station Cevizlibağ and then to your destination (Marmara Market in Avcilar).


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