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Avcilar Region in Istanbul the most distinctive coastal area

Avcilar Region in Istanbul the most distinctive coastal area

All you need to know about Avcilar:


Between the Sea of ​​Marmara and Lake Kucukcekmece, with a wonderful nature and a very distinctive atmosphere, you can visit the Avcilar area in Istanbul, with its high-end social environment and its central location relative to its surroundings, Avcilar region was able to achieve all the ingredients that make it one of Istanbul's most distinct European regions ... Know it:


Where is Avcilar located in Istanbul?

Avcilar enjoys an excellent strategic investment location that gives it a full view of the Marmara Sea from the south and from the east, it overlooks Lake Kucukcekmece from the west, it is bordered by the Esenyurt and Beylikduzu region, while it is bordered by the Basaksehir area from the northern side, which is the area from which the new Istanbul starts. , As it separates the modern areas of Istanbul from the old areas.


Avcilar ... the nobility of the past and the brightness of the future:

Avcilar region was of great importance at both the strategic and historical levels during the wars that the Ottoman Empire fought in the past, due to the importance of its location and the full disclosure of the sea from the southern side. That is Avcılar was just a fishing village, hence its name “Avcılar”, which is a Turkish word meaning fishermen. .

Avcilar continued to be a fishing village until the urban expansion and growth began in Istanbul, and the Avcilar region had a large share in that, as the Turkish government began rapid urban movements that began to increase significantly, residential buildings, schools, public facilities, government services and others ... all of this was accompanied by an industrial movement Very active in many parts of the region.

Today, it is an area that has all the ingredients that make it ideal for housing and investment, in Avcilar today you can see real estate projects with completely new concepts, eye-catching urban designs, durability and quality in construction, advanced technological technologies, and very beautiful views.


Attractions within the Avcilar area in Istanbul:

In talking about the attractions in the Avcilar region, we mention to you the most prominent and important reasons that allow it to be one of the best areas of Istanbul for housing and investment, as it is:


- It is adjacent to the former Ataturk Airport, which will be converted into the largest natural reserve in Europe, which will be similar to the "Central Park" in New York, as well as its proximity to Istanbul's third airport, "the largest airport in the world."

-Avcilar provides many commercial markets and malls, such as Balkan Mall and the famous Marmara Market

-Many public and private hospitals with modern technologies and equipment are based in Avcilar.

-The existence of one of the most famous public universities with international evaluation, such as the prestigious Istanbul University.

- The spread of private learning facilities on a large scale in the region, such as international schools with well-known names and prestigious specialized institutes.

- The region is characterized by its pure nature despite the presence of industrial zones in it, and that is due to the many edges of the sea and the lake

Providing many distinct residential options within modern complexes that provide all the elements of an ideal life.

- The area's proximity to the central business areas and easy access from it to various areas of Istanbul.

- Availability of all public transport means (Metro Boss - Buses - Delamish - etc.)

-Very close to Al Asr project and other important infrastructure projects.

-The subway line will soon reach it, which will make reaching and starting from it very easy.


Service facilities and housing in Avcilar:

The number of residents in Avcilar region is increasing significantly day after day, specifically the Arab population, due to its many advantages and its compatibility with the standards of ideal family housing, as it provides all the service facilities that its residents may need, as well as embracing an educated social environment, its inhabitants are the original inhabitants of Istanbul.


The following is a graphical table of the population in the area:




Apartment prices in Avcilar:

Arab investors and newcomers to Istanbul are taking the Avcilar area as a main destination for housing and investment, and thus the rental and sale prices in the area increase with the passage of time, as the average monthly rent in Avcilar ranges from 1500 to 2200 Turkish liras.

While the average price per square meter ranges between 6,500 Turkish Liras to 11,000 Turkish Liras on average, in relation to the modern residential complexes in it.


Transportation and accessibility:

Transportation in Avcilar forms a strong transportation node that consists of:

Metro boss:

With its length of 52 kilometers and a huge number of passengers reaching 800 thousand passengers per day, Metro Boss has reduced traffic congestion in Istanbul, and reduced harmful gas emissions, which made it an environmentally friendly means of transportation, facilitating safe and fast access to all areas of the city. Distinguished by a dedicated path that does not share with the regular car road, although it passes through the heart of one of the most important roads in Istanbul, which is the "E5" highway.


Perhaps the most important feature of Metro Boss is that it works 24 hours without stopping !! Connecting night with day and east with the west.

The Boss metro line was established in several phases, the first of which began in 2006, when its first stations were launched from Avcilar area, which extends to the Topkapi area and was opened in 2007, then it was extended to the Zengirlikoy area in 2008 and finally from Zengirlikoy to Kadikoy area. In the Asian Department, 2009.


Public buses and dalmash:

We can say that the public buses in the Avcilar area are the most used throughout the day after the metro boss, as these buses are spread in various regions and neighborhoods and have many roads and infinite stations that have been distributed in a reasonable and acceptable manner.

Last but not least, the dumplings or minibuses are those minibuses that transport you between Avcilar alleys that are not connected to the Metro Boss or the public buses.


Sea transportation:

Due to Avcilar being located on the outskirts of the Sea of ​​Marmara, it is naturally surrounded by many bodies of water that make marine transportation an opportunity to reduce traffic congestion and a great experience to travel by ships and ferries inside and outside the city.


Istanbul University in Avcilar:

Istanbul University played a major role in enriching the Avcilar region with various social and service facilities, as the region has enjoyed a great vital activity since its inception until the present day.

It is worth noting that Istanbul University is an ancient public university, considered the oldest and largest in Turkey, as it dates back to the year 1453 AD, and Istanbul University in recent years has entered the list of the best universities in the world, surpassing many international and Turkish universities.


The famous Marmara market:

Thousands of citizens and tourists pass daily from Marmara Market to enjoy its wonderful atmosphere and ancient monuments that will give you many interesting viewing opportunities within a short distance.

Distinguished goods of high quality that are not available in other places, you can find them here, as the Marmara Market includes all the elements that make the shopping trip a distinctive and wonderful one, and today it is one of the places that distinguish the Avcilar region.


The importance of buying a property in Avcilar:

There is no difference that owning an apartment in Avcilar area for the purpose of housing is considered a prelude to an ideal life in an elegant and distinctive social environment, but!


What is the investment future for real estate in Avcilar? What is Ramzi's real estate advice about real estate investment in that region?

Here we can answer the following:

All factors and conditions surrounding the region indicate that a bright future awaits Avcilar, as real estate prices in Avcilar increased during the current year 2020 at remarkable percentages compared to the prices of last year 2019.

This will continue to happen every year, especially since the Avcilar area is one of the areas affected by the future Istanbul Canal, which is expected to be completed in 2023.


Ramzy Real Estate advises you on the best:

And because we are keen on the success of your real estate experiences, we advise you to own and invest in modern residential complexes in the Avcilar area, and to stay away from residential apartments in regular buildings, as they do not have the quality of construction that modern complexes enjoy and are not considered earthquake-resistant.

Not to mention that it does not provide the social services provided by the complexes.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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