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Property for sale in Trabzon

Property for sale in Trabzon

When you are looking for an exceptional place to search for apartments for sale in Turkey, you must choose to head towards the city of Trabzon, as it has the qualities and ingredients that make it the ideal integrated option. This is also a tourist destination that tourists do not hesitate to choose to spend a fun time or a wonderful vacation that will not be forgotten. Through the following article, we will provide you with all the details related to the search for property for sale in Trabzon, and we will highlight the full dimensions of this matter. 


What are the most prominent advantages of searching for property for sale in Trabzon? 

1 - Trabzon real estate is a promising investment opportunity, as it constantly records an increase in the prices of its properties in general, and apartments and lands in particular. The city of Trabzon occupies a top position in the list of the best-selling cities for real estate in Turkey and is in the fifth place in particular. As a result of the increased demand for real estate in this state, the number of real estate companies has increased significantly in order to satisfy everyone who is looking for property for sale in Trabzon. 

2 - The city of Trabzon is witnessing a great demand by foreign and Arab investors without exception, as the profits and returns that can be obtained are large and guaranteed, especially in the tourist seasons. According to a study presented in this regard, it was found that thanks to Arab investments in particular, the tourist demand in the region increased. According to many specialists in this field, it was found that the Arabs were not satisfied with real estate investment in the city center only, but also turned their attention to the rural areas. 


What are the main motives that encourage the search for property for sale in Trabzon? 

This city has a range of privileges that push you to buy and search for apartments for sale in it, the most prominent of which is that it has a historical nature as it has many historical and archaeological monuments, in addition to its wonderful and enchanting nature that fascinates minds. The Turkish government has worked on developing its infrastructure and expanding transportation networks for ease of movement from one place to another, and work is continuing to allocate additional roads to parallel the most important European cities, and it has also developed the infrastructure that is linked to the city's international airport.


What encourages the investor to search for property for sale in Trabzon?

One of the most important reasons for this step is that a wide network of recreational areas is being established to meet the goals and objectives of tourists, and these facilities are being built by private companies. The international hotel group has also played an important and major role in attracting investors and tourists alike, to the exclusion of other Turkish cities. In this context, it must have been recently established hotel projects worth billions of US dollars. 


The most prominent natural attractions in Trabzon: 

Sultan Murad Heights: 

These highlands are among the most important tourist destinations in Trabzon at all and are characterized by their proximity to the most famous lake in Trabzon (Uzungol). These heights draw attention to them due to the vastness of their green spaces and are among the most attractive places for tourists looking for calm and beauty. 


Ciragul Lake: 

As for this lake, it is a different type of tourism in Trabzon, and it is one of the very beautiful and upscale places that are only 12 km away from the city center. It is surrounded on all sides by lush and dense trees and tall mountains. As it is the best place to get some rest and relaxation and enjoy the magic of nature. 


Cave Chal: 

This cave is classified as one of the longest caves in the world. It is 47 km from the city center and contains 8 corridors. And you can find limestone rocks in it, as it is one of its characteristics. It includes within it many waterfalls and lakes, which added to the cave a breathtaking beauty.


The most prominent historical monuments in Trabzon: 

Hagia Sophia Mosque: 

This mosque was established with the conquest of the city of Trabzon. It was initially a church, then turned into a museum, and then returned again to a mosque. It is a real architectural masterpiece that bears the Byzantine architectural character. When you visit it, you will notice its square geometric structure, it has three arcade axes, and it has a single dome covered with tiles. Its presence has significantly affected the level of tourism in the city, as it is a destination for many tourists. 

Trabzon Castle: It is one of the oldest and most important historical and archaeological places in Trabzon. It is a witness to Ottoman art and creativity based on Byzantine. It was built from huge and historical stones that were present in that period. Trabzon Castle overlooks the Black Sea. It is located in the midst of a place full of nature's manifestations and dense trees, which added to it an undeniable aesthetic character. 


Trabzon Museum: 

It is also called the Kostaki Museum. It is distinguished by its wonderful decorations and exquisite architecture, and it was built in the time period of the early twentieth century. It is composed of three floors, each one displaying some wonderful works. On the first floor you will find many works of art and drawings dating back to the Roman era. It also has a sitting room, a waiting room, a library, a café and usually many great musical performances and artistic gestures. On the second floor, you will find many artistic creations belonging to the Greek era, such as the metal pots / pieces that were used in that period. On the third floor, you will find many distinguished Ottoman collectibles, as well as on this floor many coins are displayed.


What are the advantages of searching for property for sale in Trabzon for housing and stability?

There are a range of privileges that you will get when living in Trabzon, as they meet the desires of many people to live in a place with a wonderful nature and a charming view. It also owns a network of service facilities such as schools / hospitals / universities / tourist resorts. In addition to all these advantages, some disadvantages appear, as it is a lot of rain, and this may not be liked by many people. Of course, among the defects are the language that constitutes an obstacle for foreigners, as the Turks prefer to speak their own language, and this is a problem not only related to Trabzon, but rather a general problem. In general, learning the Turkish language is not a difficult matter. In this context, we must point out that the cost of living in Trabzon is average and suits many people, and this varies from person to person in terms of his financial ability and level of income. 


Where to look for property for sale in Trabzon? 

This city has a wide range of distinct areas, the most famous of which is Arsin, which overlooks the Black Sea. It is characterized by the fact that it includes many luxury residential complexes, and Maceca is a unique destination for searching for property for sale in Trabzon. It is a first-class tourist and has many charming nature attractions. You can also search in the Akçaabat area, which is located west of the city, and it includes a wide network of service and recreational facilities that make life integrated.


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