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The reasons that encourage real estate investment in Turkey

The reasons that encourage real estate investment in Turkey

By observing the market situation these days, we find that Turkey is leading the wheel of progress and development surpassing a large number of countries, parallel to the major economic countries, and this is certainly active from the movement of the real estate market in Turkey significantly, so investors began to rush to it from all sides to buy real estate and search About apartments for sale in Turkey, and here the question remains: Why Turkey without others? What are the reasons and factors that encourage real estate investment in Turkey
Do not worry, as you have come to the right place, as we will list a set of fundamental reasons that make your investment in Turkish real estate the best plan to achieve abundant profits. 

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment: 
This reason is considered the most encouraging reason to enter the real estate market in Turkey, as many amendments were issued to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment and the minimum investment was reduced from 1 million dollars to 250 thousand dollars only, and this is definitely a golden opportunity that cannot be compensated. And, the investor can buy several real estate whose price is equal to the minimum combined, and this is what prompted investors to go to Turkey without others, because of the advantages that Turkish citizenship possesses, as well as the possibility of obtaining a Turkish passport, which allows its owner to enter a large number of countries without The need for a visa, and this is what facilitates movement between countries for businessmen. 

Reducing taxes on real estate by the Turkish government: 
The Turkish government is taking important and encouraging steps to invest inside its territory, and one of the most important of these steps is to significantly reduce taxes on real estate for foreign investors who do not hold Turkish citizenship, as they are exempted from the increases incurred by them when buying a property in Turkey, and this is what cannot be provided elsewhere. From the states. 

The decrease in real estate prices in Turkey:
One of the most encouraging things to invest in real estate in Turkey is the low prices of real estate when compared with the countries of the region and Europe, as you can easily find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey and you can get the best real estate in Turkey for a reasonable price, and this is what we notice in Istanbul. Famous and known for its economic strength, where you can find apartments for sale in Istanbul with an excellent location, distinctive view, and a large area at a reasonable price that no other city outside Turkey can provide. 

Obtaining real estate residency:
When you buy a property in Turkey, regardless of its price, you can obtain a residence permit in Turkey for a period of one year that can be renewed periodically and you can also grant it to your family members, including a wife and children, and this is what concerns many investors who do not have enough money to apply for Turkish citizenship. 

The strategic location and the charming climate in Turkey: 
We must highlight Turkey's distinguished position between the two most important continents in the world, the continent of Europe and the continent of Asia, which had a major role in its fame and economic and commercial success, as thanks to its position it has many good commercial relations with the European Union countries and the Middle East. This is very useful in foreign investment and commercial businesses. 
And we do not forget that Turkey's pleasant climate and amazing terrain of coasts, mountains, plains and valleys are among the most important factors that attract tourists and stimulate tourism in Turkey, and this is beneficial to real estate investment and the movement of the real estate market in Turkey

Comfortable handling by the Turkish population: 
One of the most important reasons that attract people to reside in and travel to Turkey is the good morals and hospitality of the Turkish people, as Turks have a set of authentic customs and traditions that encourage respect for the guest and treat him with love and compassion. You will never feel alienated and you will notice the ease of integration. With societal groups in Turkey. 

Cheap life costs in Turkey: 
Despite the challenges that plague the region, the Turkish economy was able to maintain its position and prove itself against the winds of change, and this reflected positively on life in Turkey, as the costs allocated for food and clothing are considered low and reasonable when compared to other countries, and the Turkish market is distinguished by the diversity of its products and Its quality is to suit all tastes and societal groups, and the costs of electricity, gas and petrol can all be covered. 
And we do not forget the existence of service government institutions such as schools, hospitals and health centers ready to provide all services to people at low prices. 

Possibility to apply for a mortgage loan: 
The Turkish government has provided foreign investors wishing to buy a property in Turkey the possibility of obtaining a real estate loan to buy the property and then pay it in installments, certainly after fulfilling the conditions for this, and this is considered a golden opportunity that cannot be compensated for owning real estate in Turkey.


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