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FAQ about real estate investing in Turkey

FAQ about real estate investing in Turkey

It has been noticed that the real estate sector in Turkey has increased in importance and has been able to attract increasing numbers of Arab and foreign investors, as real estate investments have spread everywhere in Turkey, and there are certainly some investors who are not encouraged yet as a result of some inquiries and questions that revolve in their minds about real estate investment In Turkey, we are waiting for answers..but do not worry, as today we will answer the questions related to real estate investment in Turkey.. 

Why do we choose real estate investment in Turkey over other investments?

Turkey is a country that has proven its economic strength and has made achievements in various fields and sectors, especially the real estate sector in Turkey, which has become one of the main pillars of the Turkish economy. This is due to a number of reasons, the most important of which is the great diversity within the Turkish real estate market, which suits all tastes and groups. community, in addition to the decisions and laws issued by the Turkish government that encourage real estate investment in it, such as reducing taxes and the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey worth at least two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and real estate prices in Turkey, which are It is considered very low when compared with European countries that contributed to attracting capital to it. 

What are the best cities for real estate investment in Turkey? 

In general, all areas in Turkey are suitable for buying real estate, but certainly there are areas and cities of great investment importance, especially Istanbul, which is considered one of the best cities to buy real estate, as buying property in Istanbul means owning a property with a strategic location, excellent services and specifications Ideal and do not forget that it is the country's economic capital and this is what makes it ideal for real estate investment in Turkey. 
The city of Antalya is also very suitable for real estate investment, due to its great tourist importance. Therefore, commercial properties such as malls, restaurants and hotels are very popular there. 
Another important city is Bursa, near Istanbul, and Yalova, which is famous for its medical tourism. 

What are the most successful forms of real estate investment in Turkey? 

There are many and varied options for real estate investment, and all of them make a good profit, including renting real estate to families or students, and this will ensure a stable financial return on a monthly basis. You can also buy property in Turkey and wait for a period of time and then sell it, and of course you will achieve A big profit because real estate prices in Turkey are constantly rising, but the Turkish real estate market must certainly be studied sufficiently to choose the most appropriate time to buy a property. 
One of the successful investments is also to buy land in Turkey because its prices are low compared to residential real estate and then you can build the property that suits you or even invest this land in agriculture or livestock. 
In all of the above investments, attention should be paid to an important point, which is the location of the property in the first place and its proximity to the main transportation and service centers, in order to be required and desirable for investment. 

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment? 

Certainly this can be done, as the Turkish government has issued a law stipulating allowing foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment by buying a property in Turkey with a minimum value of $250,000, and certainly with fulfilling some conditions, as this property must be kept from Without selling for a period of at least three years, and to buy it from a person with Turkish citizenship, and to extract a document called the real estate appraisal document, through which the property is evaluated and the price it is worth is determined in order to prevent fraud and fraud in relation to real estate prices.


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