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Everything about finding apartments for sale in Istanbul

Everything about finding apartments for sale in Istanbul

The importance of Istanbul: 

The city of Istanbul is the economic capital of the country and the largest city in terms of area, as it includes the highest population density among all major Turkish cities, despite it being not the official capital of Turkey and it is considered the social and tourist center in Turkey and it has a sea port that belongs to it and It works on the connection between the two parts of Istanbul, as it is distinguished by that it extends over a vast area between two continents to consist of a part on the European continent called the European part and called Thrace and a section in Asia called the Asian part or Anatolia from Istanbul.

The geographical terrain in Istanbul varies remarkably, which makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey and the world as a whole, as you can find various forms of trees and plants, especially in the northern part of the city while the rest of its parts are residential areas as well as the city Istanbul has many charming sea views of the Marmara Sea, and the climate is relatively mild as a result of its extension over two continents, but it is considered hot in the summer as temperatures may reach up to forty degrees Celsius and the winter is very cold, so temperatures may drop when It reaches ten degrees Celsius and is characterized by heavy rain and snowfall in various parts of Istanbul. 

The most important historical and tourist attractions in Istanbul: 

This city includes many historical and tourist attractions that make it a tourist city par excellence, the most famous of which is the Aya Sofya Museum, which was a Christian church until the arrival of the Islamic conquest to the country by the Ottomans and it was then converted into a mosque and now the Aya Sofya mosque has become A historical museum opens its doors for tourists to catch a glimpse of its breathtaking beauty. 
As for the Topkapi Palace, it was built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in the year one thousand four hundred and nine and fifty AD, as during the rule of the Ottomans at that time, Istanbul was the capital of the state, and the Sultan took this palace as his residence and is considered one of the most important historical monuments in the city. 
And we cannot talk about the features of Istanbul without mentioning the name of the Bosphorus Suspension Bridge, which is one of the largest and largest bridges around the world and a project in which the city of Istanbul is proud as it makes Turkey an incubator for the latest achievements of the world and the Bosphorus Bridge connects between parts of the city Istanbul on Monday, it was established on the Bosphorus Strait, and this bridge made it easier to move between the Asian part and the European part of the city, which reflected positively on the movement of tourism and global trade and not only on the level of the transportation network in Istanbul

The importance of the Bosphorus in Istanbul: 

This strait is one of the global maritime corridors and the Bosphorus Strait and the Dardanelles Strait meet with the Sea of ​​Marmara to divide the city of Istanbul into two cities, one of which is located on the continent of Asia and the second within the continent of Europe and the Bosphorus strait is approximately thirty kilometers in length and its width ranges between Zero, seven points, up to six kilometers. 
The Bosphorus strait connects between the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara and with the extension of the Dardanelles Strait connects both the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it an important trade route for maritime trade as many commercial and cruise ships and oil tankers take it as a passage for them to transport. Between the continents of Asia and Europe. 
Currently, the importance of the Bosphorus Strait stems from being a waterway and a commercial maritime corridor that forms the link between the countries bordering the Black Sea with those surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and then it is considered the link of these countries to the world, especially Russia, which depends entirely on water The Black Sea during the winter due to its lack of warm water, so it considers the Bosphorus Strait a strategic and vital passage for it. 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Bosphorus: 

Real estate in Turkey derives its importance and investment value depending on a set of factors and the neighborhoods of the real estate in Turkey are one of the most important of these factors, and Istanbul apartments that are located close to the Bosphorus are of special importance and that is because of the advantages that this strait, in turn, enjoys, it is considered one It is one of the most important tourist, commercial and investment attractions in the city of Istanbul, and it is known that real estate located near tourist attractions is an important investment opportunity, because real estate prices in Turkey are witnessing an increasing growth and these properties head the list of the most expensive real estate in Turkey and cannot be lost Its value is due to the presence of a vital point near it, meaning that the flow of investors to it is a foregone conclusion, and the investment in the property that you have purchased is also guaranteed. The demand for such real estate is very high as it is located near areas with high population movement and therefore it is ideal for opening an office or shop Commercial, that is, you will always find someone who wants to rent or buy your property no matter how high its price, in addition to the fact that the Bosphorus Bridge is a tourist landmark means a large number of tourists flowing continuously every year to take a look at it. He passed which opens many doors for investment, whether by converting your property into a commercial project such as a restaurant, cafe, gift or food store, or even converting it into a hotel. If your property is a residential property, you can rent it to tourists coming to the city for good sums of money. Thus, you achieve investment profits and the property is fixed and registered in your name without the slightest effort.


Also, access to and from Turkey real estate that is located on the Bosphorus bridge passport is easy and easy, as it is a meeting point between the two parts of Istanbul, and there are bridges and tunnels crossing the strait to connect the two continents of Asia and Europe, so the first bridge is the Bosphorus Bridge and the second is a bridge Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and the third bridge is called Sultan Selim Bridge. 
The population density rises significantly on both sides of the Bosphorus, which makes the demand for real estate in the region very high and competitive, and the waters of the strait are filled with cruise ships, commercial ships and private yachts around the clock, and this site has a very unique feature, which is the girl's tower that is located On a small rocky island at the meeting point of the Bosphorus with the waters of the Marmara Sea, close to the Asian side of the city. 
And based on the narrowest points of the strait, two historical forts facing each other, Anadolu Hisar Castle and Rumeli Hisar Castle, provide additional historical landmarks that increase the value of the region and the real estate in it. 

The European part of Istanbul: 

The European part of Istanbul is an example of sophistication and luxury in the city, as it includes the most prestigious and luxurious neighborhoods and the largest modern projects and is considered a gathering of major companies and a residence for capitalists and businessmen. Tourism in this part is very active, as thousands of tourists flock to it. Annually, to take a look at its fascinating historical and touristic attractions. 
And the European part of the city includes a number of high-end and important areas, including the Ortakoy region, which is considered a small village with Turkish baths that was built during the rule of the Ottomans by the famous architect Sinan. You can also find Cheran Palace, which was built by order of Sultan Abdul Aziz, which makes It is a tourist area par excellence, as it is considered one of the best entertainment areas in the city, as it includes many famous markets and bazaars, and we do not forget of course the mention of the famous Artakoy Mosque on the Bosphorus

Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the European side: 

Istanbul apartments in this part of the city are distinguished as the title of sophistication and luxury, as most of the high-end areas of Istanbul are located in this section, including Beylikduzu, Zeytinburnu and Buyukcekmece, and luxury villas and palaces are spread in this section, so many would like By purchasing a property in Turkey from the category of villas or penthouse apartments, they take the European side in Istanbul as their first search destination. Villas and apartments in the region have stunning sea views and are designed according to the latest international decorations internally and externally, and the infrastructure in the region is very sophisticated. Which increases its importance as an investment area to buy real estate in Turkey, as it has a dense transportation network that includes various forms of transportation from Metrobus, buses and taxis, as it includes many high-end residential complexes that are the best option for those wishing to settle in Istanbul to enjoy its various features and vitality and Quiet housing at the same time away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. 

Features of the Basaksehir area in Istanbul: 

The great fame of the Basaksehir area in Istanbul is due to the impressive development in its infrastructure, as the Turkish government has worked to build and establish it from the beginning to be one of the most important areas for attracting foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey by working to secure various comfort factors. G welfare and the establishment of service and entertainment centers, including social, cultural and health facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and educational from universities and public and private schools alike, in order for this region to be able to compete with the largest and most important European cities neighboring and no less important. 
The area includes a theater for performances that is classified as second in the list of the largest squares in Istanbul. Various theatrical performances, concerts, cultural and entertainment festivals, and religious celebrations are held throughout the year, such as the celebration of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. 

The region is witnessing the creation of a number of important educational projects that will raise the level of education in Turkey as a whole, not only in Istanbul, including private universities such as the famous Ibn Khaldun University, and the region is not devoid of schools in its various educational stages, including primary, intermediate and secondary, and of course kindergartens are spread Children are in several places in the Basaksehir district of Istanbul. 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Basaksehir: 

Real estate in the region is distinguished as a very comfortable investment option, especially for those wishing to buy a property in Turkey for the sake of stability, because the region is well served and you can find everything that may come to your mind of the elements for a comfortable life in it. 
It includes many entertainment centers such as markets, malls, theaters and cinemas, as it is distinguished by its keenness to provide services to people with special needs in terms of facilities and parking spaces, and the region has in its balance the largest sports stadium in Turkey, which is located within the Olympic area. 
Also, buying real estate in the Basaksehir area in Istanbul is a good investment option, as it includes a huge industrial area that secures nearly three hundred thousand job opportunities, making it one of the largest industrial areas in Turkey.

The region includes one of the most used metro lines in Istanbul, which is the metro line that connects between Basaksehir and Kirazli and then between Kirazli and Koy Olympiad, where the line is sixteen kilometers long and extends over eleven stations and stops as there is There is a connection station for each of the line that connects the Basaksehir area and the Kirazli region with the line connecting the Kirazli region and the Yenikapi area, which allows the residents of the region to access to and from many important and vital areas in the city such as Ataturk International Airport and Marmaray train Which connects all of Asia with the continent of Europe.


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