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Basaksehir area in Istanbul ... the rich Arab neighborhood

Basaksehir area in Istanbul ... the rich Arab neighborhood

                           All you need to know about the Basaksehir region


Where is Basaksehir located?

What are the attractions in it?

What are the health and service facilities in that area?

All of this information is provided to you by Ramzy Real Estate Company in a comprehensive article explaining the importance of buying a property in the Basaksehir area and informing you about its most important real estate and investment projects closely ... interesting reading 




Basaksehir district (basaksehir in Turkish)


It is one of the most distinctive and modern districts among Istanbul's 39 districts, characterized by many specifications that make it perfect in every sense of the word and contains the largest and most prestigious real estate projects in the city, so that the rich Arabs who reside in Istanbul have taken from its residential complexes. They have a destination from its commercial projects to launch their activities of all kinds and fields.



Basaksehir location, where is Basaksehir located?


Basaksehir is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the middle! As it is bordered by many of the most important administrative areas in Istanbul, on the northern side it is bordered by the Arnavutkoy district and the famous Sazli Derry Lake, which is a major source for feeding many areas with fresh drinking water, the Ayoub region from the northeastern side, the Sultan Ghazi and Esenler area from the eastern side and the Kucukcekmece regions. And Bagcilar from the southern side, as for the southwestern side, it comes to the Esenyurt region.



What are the attractions of Basaksehir?


- In the city of Istanbul, specifically in the area of ​​Basaksehir, you can see many amazing things, noting that life began here from scratch in 1995 ... It started from scratch without any errors.

- In that region, the infrastructure and buildings harmonize beautifully, and we see with amazement the preferred distances between the buildings and the wide and organized streets.

- Basaksehir area is full of education centers, as statistics confirmed in 2017 that it hosts 35 primary schools, 30 secondary schools and 5 kindergartens, in addition to 3 of the most prominent international schools in Istanbul.

- Transportation in Basaksehir is one of the most important factors of attraction in the region, as the presence of the metro network is considered the most important and prominent factor that has contributed to bridging the distant distances in Istanbul and changed the way the distant centers are connected to it.

- Istanbul in general enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, but what distinguishes the Basaksehir area is that a large part of it is covered with green areas and natural valleys ... not to mention the calmness of the area and its distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.

- The existence of two artificial lakes is an amazing thing within a region where life began 25 years ago ... as many European cities are unable to establish artificial lakes within the most prestigious areas of their regions, which have been much more than 25 years old.

- The population classes are one of the most prominent factors that maintain the advancement and civilization of the region, but also support its development, and as we talked at the beginning of the article, the inhabitants of the area of ​​Basaksehir, whether from Arabs or Turks, represent an elegant and highly educated class of the population.

- The existence of the famous Ibn Khaldun University in the area of ​​Basaksehir is considered an attraction for many foreigners who come to Istanbul for the purpose of study and stability, especially as it is interested in registering foreign students and seeks to offer many scholarships and incentives for them ... It is a newly established university but it is famous at the domestic and foreign level and it is one of the best and most famous Universities in Istanbul.



Mall of Istanbul in Basaksehir:


The presence of the most famous mall in Turkey within the area of ​​Basaksehir is not surprising, as this growth and urban progress requires the presence of the Mall of Istanbul.

Mall of Istanbul is one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul and the most famous around the world and hosts the most important international brands and brands through 350 stores and offers amazing technologies and many activities such as:

-Cinemas with modern digital audio-visual technologies

-Indoor amusement park

-Snow Park

-Recreational areas

-Restaurants and cafes

-Hotel with a capacity of 300 rooms

When visiting that mall, you will notice the distinctive dynamic that combines the luxury of shopping and traditional arts under one roof, and thanks to its charming design and modern concept that it offers, Mall of Istanbul was able to obtain many international prizes such as:

-Best Mixed Use Project Award

-Best Shopping Center Development Award

-Future Award for High Achievement.


Mall of Istanbul


Basaksehir Municipality:


The municipality of Basaksehir (başakşehir in Turkish), a Turkish name meaning “the city of Sanabel”

It is one of the 39 most famous municipalities in the city of the two continents (Istanbul) and it is a newly established municipality, where the independent municipality of Basaksehir was established in 2009 after it was separated from the municipality of Kucukcekmece.

The municipality’s positive impact on the region was clearly evident through the exemplary organization that it enjoys and through working with dedication to develop many infrastructure projects that would increase the importance of the region. The most prominent of these projects:



Basaksehir Square:


The new Basaksehir Square project “Akkent Maidan” is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the region. Istanbul and even Turkey.

Planning to establish Basaksehir Square began in 2014 and work began on it in 2017, and it is now almost complete, leaving only the final stages of its completion.

This place will be the new address for the gathering of the best commercial center, restaurants and other restrooms and various cafes, as it will be a center for many government and public service facilities

It hosts one of the largest mosques in Istanbul, which accommodates 5,000 worshipers at the same time and was built to imitate the style of the Ottoman mosques with four minarets.

As for access to that square, there will be two tram stops on the right and left of the square, in addition to the metro station and other transportation and public buses. But if you want to come with your own car ?? There is no problem at all, there you can have a car park that can accommodate more than 9 thousand cars at the bottom of the square.


Is that all ??

of course no!! Next to that huge square is one of the largest parks in Europe, which is called “the people's park”, which spreads over 380 dunams (380,000 square meters), which is equivalent to the size of 100 football fields.

It also embraces one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe with eye-catching beauty and an environmentally-friendly system that filters and purifies it on its own.

This garden contains more than 5,500 trees of different types, 160 distinctive herbs and flowers that emit the most beautiful scents have been planted in the corners of the garden.

There are tracks dedicated to running and cycling on an area of ​​6 thousand square meters, in addition to various sports fields (football - basketball - handball)

Not to mention the presence of the largest library near the park, which is also called the “People's Library”. The library is distinguished by its large area of ​​2,500 square meters and contains 100,000 different books:

- 60,000 printed books

-20,000 digital books

- 18,000 audiobooks

-102 books for the blind

The library works on advanced foundations and provides an electronic book search device, an open internet, a scanner, in addition to the ability to photograph documents.



Treatment in Basaksehir, health facilities:


When talking about health facilities, it is worth saying that a medical city is the largest in Europe, which is being built at the present time within the famous Basaksehir with a capacity of 2,682 beds !! Accompanied by the best international medical technologies, this city is home to the best hospitals in Europe and the world.

This medical city will be divided into 9 hospitals with specializations:

- General hospital

-Hospital for children

-For women and childbirth

-Psychiatric illness

-For physical therapy

-For nerve and joint diseases

-Heart disease

-Cancer diseases

-Hospital for health rehabilitation


Medical city


Service and educational facilities:


Basaksehir represents an ideal lively environment, full of public facilities, huge shopping malls, parks and other luxury and entertainment facilities such as spas and luxury hotels with a 5-star rating, not to mention cinemas, theaters and centers dedicated to people with special needs.



The importance of buying real estate in the Basaksehir area


There are many reasons that push you to buy real estate in Basaksehir, where the purchase of real estate within areas corresponding to the famous Basaksehir is very important, and we can even describe it as the winning card in the field of real estate investment

All of the foregoing advantages enjoyed by the region are considered a guarantor to make it on the throne of the best and most popular areas for housing and investment in Istanbul.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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