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Types of residency in Turkey

Types of residency in Turkey

Turkey is at the top of the list of the most preferred countries by tourists and visitors, because of its historical and tourist attractions and a charming green nature of mountains, rivers and forests, and it is also one of the most important areas for real estate investment and the world as a result of what is characterized by real estate in Turkey And many of these visitors want to stay in Turkey for as long as possible in order to be able to enjoy all that this picturesque land includes, or in order to buy a property in Turkey

Types of residency in Turkey: 


Family residence permit and how to obtain it: 

It can be said that this method is the easiest and fastest way in order to obtain residency in Turkey, as all that is required in order to obtain it is for a person to marry a citizen or a citizen, provided that he is a holder of Turkish citizenship, and after obtaining this residency, it will be allowed. You have the right to stay within the Turkish territory, depending on the period that was granted to you, as the period of family residence in Turkey ranges between one or two years, and in some cases, it may reach up to three years, and do not worry, the end of this residence period does not mean that you are deported from Turkey, as the expiration of a period of three years from the date you obtained the residency, and if your marriage is still continuing, it means that you can now formally apply for Turkish citizenship, and upon obtaining it, you will be able to stay in Turkey without time restrictions. 


Work residency and conditions:

Turkey is an ideal place for investment, as it is rich in job opportunities, so many people intend to come in order to find work on its territory, and according to Turkish law, any foreign person is entitled to obtain this type of residence provided that he provides sufficient papers and evidence. 

And obtaining a work permit in Turkey requires that the company that will employ foreigners in it must submit an application for obtaining a work permit from the Ministry of Justice in Turkey, and this document must be obtained for every foreign employee working in the company without exception. The company grants permission to work. It will be able to apply for work residency for foreign employees. 

As for the official documents necessary in order to obtain this residence, it includes four personal photos and the worker's passport, provided that it is translated into the Turkish language by a sworn translator and certified by a notary in Turkey, the health insurance document and the tax number, which is a requirement. It is essential to complete any official transaction of any kind for the sake of foreigners in Turkey and obtaining it is very easy and does not require a long time as it is possible to submit a request to any tax department in Turkey and obtain a tax number within thirty minutes and obtain a foreign person entering Turkish territory on A tax number that is unique to him and not others. The person also needs to present the property contract in Turkey in which he will reside, whether it is a purchase or lease contract. 

The company that will recruit foreign employees to work for it on Turkish territory is required to secure work jobs for five Turkish citizens for every foreign employee it will employ, and obtaining a work permit in Turkey requires obtaining a tourist residence first. 

And after it is verified that the entire residency conditions and requirements are correct and fulfilled, their issuance does not take more than forty days. 

In addition to the fact that the work permit in Turkey provides a job and residence opportunity for the person, it also allows him to secure a residence permit for his family with its various members including a husband, wife and children, and thus they will be able to stay in Turkey as well, and the period of residence obtained by the family is equal in time to those of It is obtained by the owner of work residence in Turkey. 


Residence through buying a property in Turkey: 

Many foreign investors prefer Turkey real estate over others because it includes many advantages, both in terms of quality or the investment benefit associated with it, but most consider that its main advantage is that buying real estate in Turkey gives its owner a residence for a whole year and this residence is renewable as well. This residence entitles its owner to bring his family members to stay in Turkey as well, and in this case also, the family's residence period is equal to the duration of the property's residence in Turkey. 


Tourist residence permit in Turkey: 

Obtaining this type of residence is very easy, as it requires an application to be submitted to the Immigration and Passports Department in Turkey, so that it is allowed through the Internet by visiting the official website of this department and after submitting all the necessary papers and proofs, the approval of the residency is certain Under it, you will get the opportunity to stay in Turkish territory for one year. 


Residence in order to study in Turkey: 

The majority of those who resort to this type of residency are young people who want to complete their university education in Turkey, but study residency in Turkey is granted in order to complete education of whatever level, whether schools, universities or institutes.


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