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Advantages of living in residential complexes in Istanbul

Advantages of living in residential complexes in Istanbul

Due to the great development that the real estate market in Turkey has witnessed, people began to go to it from all sides, and buying a property in Turkey has become a basic requirement for many, and this is what prompted investors to put their capital into real estate investment projects in Turkey, which returned them with abundant profits. 
As a result of this heavy demand, the forms of real estate in Turkey varied and the options available became many when searching for apartments for sale in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, the country's economic capital, which is known for its originality and originality, as many forms of residential real estate have spread such as smart apartments, villas and complexes. Residential, which we will talk about in more detail as follows: 

Definition of residential complexes in Istanbul: 
A residential complex is a building or a number of buildings that provide its residents with all the services and care they may need, as it is like a small town, and the types of properties and apartments within the residential complex vary and vary to meet the residents' desires and needs. 

Types of apartments and real estate within the residential complex in Istanbul: 
- Ordinary apartments: These are no different from apartments within a normal building, and of course they have different views and areas. 
- Duplex apartments: These are two-storey apartments that are more suitable for large families and lovers of luxury. 
- Penthouses: These apartments are located on the last floors of the residential complex and are distinguished by having a charming view and its own swimming pool. 
- Townhouse apartments: It is a villa within the complex that has a garden attached to it. 
- Villas: These are separate from apartments within their own complex and may consist of several floors and contain special features. 

Features of residential complexes in Istanbul: 
- Close to transportation: One of the most important points that distinguish residential complexes is that they are located within vital areas in Istanbul, and therefore they are close to all forms of public and private transportation such as the metro, buses and taxis. 

- Safety and reassurance: When you buy an apartment within the residential complex, you will enjoy a high degree of protection, because the complex is equipped with surveillance cameras that work around the clock and cover all sides and areas, in addition to the presence of a security man at the gate of the complex to ensure the identity of every person entering it as not Strangers are allowed to enter without permission from the owner of the property, so you can leave the property in the event of travel with the assurance that it will not be stolen. 

- Service facilities: The services provided vary according to the complex, as some complexes contain a school, a mosque, and even a health center ready to meet the necessary needs. It is also possible that commercial offices and shops will be available to work in and thus there will be no need to leave the complex and incur the trouble of transportation, In addition to the presence of a private garage for cars of the complex. 

- Recreational facilities: The complexes contain private halls for sports in addition to private playgrounds for playing football, smoothie and tennis. There are also green spaces for children to play and gardens suitable for hiking and spending time with the family. There are also indoor and outdoor swimming pools. We cannot forget the restaurants. Cafes and fast food outlets ready to fulfill your orders whenever you need it. 

- Reducing responsibilities: There is no doubt that housing within a real estate in Istanbul carries a set of responsibilities that may burden the homeowner, but this does not exist within the residential complexes, as the complex takes care of repairing and maintaining all faults and solving all problems in addition to taking care of the cleanliness of the complex And houses alike, and all of that is for a financial amount that is paid as a monthly subscription by the owner of the property to manage the residential complex. 

- The charming view: Residential complexes are built in Istanbul within beautiful and attractive areas for the eyes, and thus you can make sure that your apartment has a strategic location in addition to a distinctive and charming view. 

- Attention to designs and decorations: Great attention is paid to the decorations of real estate and apartments within the residential complex, whether it is the exterior decoration of the apartment or even the interior design, and the latest types of designs and the most beautiful decorations are adopted within the apartments in proportion to the general taste.



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