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The most successful real estate investments in Turkey

The most successful real estate investments in Turkey

Turkey has become an essential destination for Arab and foreign investors thanks to the great successes it has achieved at all levels, which made it a great country that competes with the largest countries in the world. 
Perhaps the largest share of success was related to real estate investment in Turkey, and this is not surprising, as the Turkish government worked to attract investors and capital to buy real estate in Turkey by several means, including reducing taxes imposed on them, and giving them the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment at an amount Only 250 thousand dollars, and we do not forget the many facilities in the procedures and steps for owning real estate in Turkey. 
And in case you are one of those investors wishing to enter the Turkish real estate market, we have prepared for you a list of the most successful real estate investments in which you can invest your money: 

First: Investing by purchasing apartments in Turkey and then renting them: 

This is the fastest way to achieve profits from buying real estate in Turkey, and it is currently receiving great popularity due to the large number of those wishing to rent real estate in Turkey, as the country contains a large number of tourists, students, workers and businessmen who prefer to rent real estate Instead of buying it, especially if their stay is for a limited period in the country. 
And to ensure a quick profit, you must pay attention to the location of the property, as it is necessary to choose it in a vital point in the city, and rental returns vary according to the area, view and other specifications, and the annual increase in rent is determined according to Turkish law. 
This method is considered one of the most successful real estate investments, as it returns to the owner a stable annual income that is not affected by the changes sweeping the Turkish real estate market. 

Second: Investing through the purchase of a plot of land in Turkey: 

Many investors tend to buy lands in Turkey and then establish real estate, agricultural or industrial projects on them, and then benefit from them or resell them, and of course, this method is considered very successful and achieves great profits, especially since the price of land in Turkey is constantly rising. In doing so, you will ensure that your investment is not lost. 
Here it is necessary to pay attention to some points before purchasing the land, and perhaps the most important of these points is the location of the land in the city and its proximity to vital centers, and it is necessary to pay attention to the type of title deed that the land carries to know the possibility of establishing real estate projects on it, and the soil must be examined Of the land and taking the advice of real estate consultants to avoid being exposed to fraud and deception by real estate fraud companies. 

Third: Investing by searching for apartments for sale in Turkey and reselling them: 

As it is known, the real estate market in Turkey is one of the richest markets and contains many options, and investing in it is considered safe and promising options. Therefore, many investors want to buy a house in Turkey and then wait for a period of time and resell it in a timely manner. In this way, they achieve abundant profits, due to the fact that real estate prices in Turkey are constantly booming, and here we must pay attention to the location of the apartment within the city, as well as to choose a suitable city such as Istanbul, as well as pay attention to the proximity of the apartment to the main transportation lines, service centers and tourist sites. These points play a big role in determining the price of the apartment. 

Fourth: Investing through buying commercial real estate in Turkey: 

The Turkish economy has been able to withstand for a long time in front of the challenges that plague the global economy, and it was even able to achieve important achievements and this is reflected positively on all types of trade in Turkey, and here the importance of buying commercial real estate in Turkey and then leasing it or even opening it And benefit from it, but certainly, at the beginning, it is necessary to study the market well to choose the right place, and it is necessary to be near the main transportation, and then to study the region’s need to know the type of products and commodities from which profits can be made. 

Fifth: Investing through buying hotel apartments in Turkey: 

Turkey is ranked seventh in the world as the most popular tourist destination for tourists, and this is self-evident given its beautiful terrain and its many historical places. Therefore, investors' attention has been directed to the importance of investing in hotels and hotel apartments that are preferred by tourists when they visit Turkey. 
Although buying a hotel in Turkey or building it requires a large capital, but in return it achieves quick and huge profits especially in the case of interest in the decoration of this hotel and its services that it provides to customers as well, the hotel’s location has a big role in its success as it must be close to Archaeological and tourist sites in the city. 

There is no doubt that there are many ideas and ways through which you can succeed in the world of Turkish real estate and you will definitely not be a loser, so what are you waiting for? Do not miss the opportunity to buy a property in Turkey and make more profits!



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