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Cheap real estate in Istanbul for university students

Cheap real estate in Istanbul for university students

Today, Turkey is a main destination for a large number of university students in order to complete their studies and educational attainment within Turkish universities, and this is certainly due to the advanced level of education in Turkey, which ensured universities a prominent place among international universities. 
And certainly, the city of Istanbul in particular embraces a large number of the most important universities in Turkey, and therefore large numbers of students flock to it every year, and this leads to an increase in the demand for real estate, as there are a large number of students who prefer to live in separate apartments in order to Feeling of independence and privacy. Below we will mention the most suitable apartments for students in Istanbul, so stay with us.. 

Types of real estate suitable for university students in Istanbul: 

Students tend to search for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, because they are still in the process of learning and have not entered the business market, and therefore they will certainly not be able to buy luxury real estate in Istanbul. As for the best options that suit them, they are: 
-Studio apartments: Studio apartments are an ideal choice for students, as real estate prices in Istanbul of this type are characterized by being low, and the area of ​​these apartments is suitable for students, as its area does not exceed 75 square meters, which makes it suitable for the residence of one or two people As a maximum, these apartments usually consist of one or two rooms connected to each other, so arrangement and cleanliness is a necessary condition when staying in such apartments, and studio apartments contain all the basic equipment such as kitchen utensils and electrical appliances. 
-Apartments in installments: The option of buying apartments in installments is suitable for students who are thinking of settling in Turkey, as the monthly payments resulting from the property can be secured and can be agreed upon with the company so as not to cause financial hardship for the student, and there are a large number of real estate companies that offer attractive offers for installments comfortable. 
- Apartments of old construction: you can also go to buy old real estate in Istanbul, whose price is usually cheaper than modern properties equipped with all technologies and that suit the requirements of the times, but before taking this step it is necessary to examine the property well and Ensure that it is free of problems related to the materials used in construction, electrical connections and other details.

Suitable areas for finding cheap real estate in Istanbul for students: 

The real estate market in Istanbul is characterized by great diversity to meet the needs of all people, and of course, there are a group of areas that contain cheap apartments suitable for university students, the most important of which are listed below: 
1- Esenyurt: 
Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul and is considered one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the city, and this is what attracted the attention of a large number of investors to it in order to establish modern projects at competitive prices, and there are many service facilities in Esenyurt such as schools and health centers, in addition to The spread of recreational facilities such as restaurants, parks and cafes, with the availability of a network of public transportation that connects the area to the rest of Istanbul. 

2- Kartal: 
Kartal is located within the Asian section of the city and is characterized by its cheap and competitive prices, which made it the focus of attention of Arab and foreign investors, and Kartal contains different forms of real estate that suit families, workers, students and various groups, and it has many advantages that make it suitable for buying Real estate and housing. 

3- Silvery: 
Silvery is characterized by its nature that makes it close to the rural character. This area is located within the European section of the city, and a large number of people who want peace and quiet go to it. However, it contains good services and various facilities, as you can find everything you want within this area. .


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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