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Know these points before purchasing a property in Turkey

Know these points before purchasing a property in Turkey

Despite the fact that Turkey's real estate is one of the safest and preferred investment options for foreign investors, it, like other real estate sectors around the world, needs some prior experience and attention to points that may be essential and that prevent you from falling victim to fraud or That you buy a property that does not fulfill your desires and orientations due to your lack of familiarity with it. 
The most important points to consider when going to buy a property in Turkey :

Make sure to obtain the real estate appraisal report before purchasing real estate in Turkey: 

The Turkish government is working continuously to provide various advantages and facilities in order to attract more foreign investors to the real estate sector in Turkey, as well as it is working to ensure their rights and make the sector more reassuring to them by creating a real estate appraisal report, which has become a requirement. Mandatory for all foreign investors wishing to buy a property in Turkey in accordance with the decision issued by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Land Registry of the Ministry of Environment and Cities in Turkey, as previously it was required to obtain a real estate appraisal report only if the foreign investor was buying a property in Turkey with the aim of obtaining On the Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, but now this report has become one of the most important official papers that foreign investors need during their purchase or sale of real estate in Turkey. 
Real estate experts in Turkey explain all the details of the real estate appraisal report and the services it provides, as well as they take over the task of explaining the correct method in order to obtain it and how to extract it before taking any step in the sale or purchase process. The points included in the real estate appraisal report can be summarized as It includes basic information about the property and its real estate registry information, as well as information about the location of the property, transportation around it and its neighborhoods, in addition to mentioning all the legal details related to it from mortgage restrictions or seizure signals, as well as the real specifications of the property according to the evaluation of experts and the state with mentioning the factors that It influenced the valuation when preparing it, assessing specific information, and investigating and researching the real estate market

Many foreign investors are exposed to deception due to their neglect of this important point, as any official transaction or contract that takes place outside the Tabu Department is considered null and is not recognized by the law. Therefore, you must ensure that all papers and transactions related to the sale or purchase process are carried out within a circle. Tabu, all contracts issued from abroad or even those issued by the notary public or the mayor of the municipality are insufficient in the event that they are not certified within them and you will not be able to prove your ownership of this property or that it has been transferred to you from the previous owner unless you obtain the title deed of the property and register The purchase transaction in your name within the real estate department in the real estate registry in Turkey. 

It must be ensured that the real estate data registered in the bond matches the real estate in reality :

No matter what you see or heard of advertisements about the property and liked, you should not buy it unless you make a field visit to it, because of the need to verify that the property you will buy is the same as the property offered for sale to you, and therefore you must make sure of its real address based on On the real estate map approved by the Real Estate Survey Department, you must also obtain a copy of the real estate project site in which this property is located, and it can be obtained from the Real Estate Department in Turkey in order to make sure that the sold property is the same as the one offered for sale. 

A thorough background check of the property in Turkey: 

This advice is one of the most important things that may be directed to you as a foreign investor, as it is necessary to make sure that there are no restrictions on the property that you buy from seizure signs or mortgage that prevent the sale or purchase of the property, which is considered a negative point in the real estate registry and may affect Also on its price directly and the reason why some may overlook an important point like this is that the restrictions imposed on the property are usually not mentioned in the title deed of the property, and in order to make sure that there are no restrictions, it is necessary to review the Real Estate Directorate in Turkey and extract The real estate appraisal report for this property, as negligence in a matter like this may expose you to future problems that you are indispensable for. The presence of any debt or indication on the property or the owner of the property means that its responsibility will be transferred to you automatically in the event that you become the new owner of the property, so you must seek the services of a real estate agent and take the advice that They will present it to you in order to ensure that your investment is protected, whether legally or commercially.



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