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Advantages of real estate investment in Kadikoy

Advantages of real estate investment in Kadikoy

first :The location of Kadikoy district in Istanbul, Turkey: 

The location of the real estate in Istanbul plays a very vital role when it comes to the investment importance of this property. Therefore, we find that Istanbul real estate, which is located within the Kadikoy district in Istanbul, is of high investment importance thanks to the strategic geographical location that this region enjoys, as the Kadikoy area is located In the Asian part of Istanbul, which makes it an ideal choice for many investors wishing to buy property in Istanbul, especially foreigners from Arab countries, due to the geographical proximity that this part of Istanbul enjoys with the Arab countries on the one hand. And because of the similarity that dominates the general character of it with it in terms of customs and traditions and similar matters of life that are important for many foreign investors who want to buy a property in Istanbul, whether for real estate investment in Istanbul or in order to obtain In addition to the aforementioned, the spread of distinctive tourist sites in the Kadikoy region, such as the Maiden’s Tower, the Bosphorus Strait, and others, and owning the An area for many public parks and picturesque green spaces. 
Also, the Kadikoy district in Istanbul is located in the middle of many other important and vital areas in Istanbul, which contributes to enhancing the strategic importance of the location of this area and helps make it one of the best and most successful real estate investment areas in Istanbul. To the desires of investors in terms of achieving financial profits and investment returns. 

Second :Advantages of living in Kadikoy district in Istanbul, Turkey: 

Kadikoy district in Istanbul is one of the most luxurious areas of the city for its residents. Kadikoy is one of the real estate areas with a promising investment future in Istanbul, and it is expected that it will witness a huge real estate investment revolution in the near future, and it really shows that It is clear from now on, and contributes to enhancing this by the spread of real estate projects in the region. 
Istanbul real estate in Kadikoy is characterized by being designed according to the latest architectural designs and in a high-level urban style so that modernity is the dominant feature, and the reason why Kadikoy is one of the most preferred areas for investors to live in Istanbul is what it is working to provide Comprehensive services for the population and its residents, starting with the secured transportation network, including land and marine transportation, and because of its possession of the port, which is the artery of Istanbul and feeds the region and makes it very close to Sabiha International Airport, as well as the spread of service facilities and centers Recreational areas such as malls, markets and other playgrounds, restaurants and hotels. 

Third :The spread of tourist sites in the Kadikoy region in Istanbul, Turkey: 

Kadikoy is considered one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul, thanks to the large number of tourist and historical attractions that it includes. One of the most important of these landmarks is the Parasol Street, which is very special not only at the level of Istanbul, as this street is completely covered by Umbrellas and on both sides of the street there are shops, which will provide you with the opportunity to have a shopping tour away from the heat of the sun and the winter rain. 
Baghdad Street is also considered one of the most important streets in the Asian part of Istanbul, which is very similar to Istiklal Street in the European section of the city. Souvenirs and souvenirs. It also includes a lot of restaurants so that you can choose one of them in order to sit and enjoy a delicious meal of Turkish cuisine and look at the crowded streets around you that are full of people from all sides.


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