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Istanbul homes

Istanbul homes

The real estate sector in Turkey has made remarkable progress in the past years and has been able to climb the ladder of success at a confident pace to make buying a property in Turkey a dream and a goal for many investors from all over the world, and their interest has focused on Istanbul real estate, due to the great economic importance of this The city, which made it a destination for all categories of students, workers, investors and tourists, and the beauty and nobility of Istanbul houses was the main factor in attracting people and pushing them to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul, but what are the types of Istanbul homes? And what is it characterized by? All this and more, we will learn about it below. 

First: the advantages of settling in Istanbul homes: 

There are many advantages that you get when buying a property in Istanbul, as it is a vital city, and therefore the chances of success of real estate investment in Istanbul are significantly high, and there are many ways to benefit from Istanbul houses such as renting or reselling them, and Istanbul has a special location It overlooks a large number of seas, and this is what makes it one of the most beautiful places to live and settle, and we must not forget that there are a large number of Istanbul houses suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, if the price exceeds 250 thousand dollars, and of course the Istanbul real estate is receiving great attention from the Turkish government and new and unique projects are always being worked on in the city. 

Istanbul homes

Second: Types of Istanbul houses: 

The forms of houses in Istanbul vary greatly to meet all tastes, needs and societal groups, and below we will mention the most important forms of real estate in Istanbul: 

- Penthouse apartments:

When you want to buy a property in Istanbul, penthouse apartments are the ideal choice for those who prefer luxury and luxury, as this type of Istanbul apartments are usually found on the high floors of buildings or residential complexes in Istanbul, but sometimes they may be located on the lower floors with a garage It is special in it and is characterized by its large area and distinctive view. Therefore, the prices of apartments in Istanbul of this type are high when compared with other types, but this is not surprising given all the advantages it has, as it contains the best modern and advanced equipment and is suitable Very for privacy lovers, because these homes in Istanbul are equipped with a separate elevator from the rest of the building, which provides more comfort. 

- Duplex apartments: 

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul with a large area suitable for large families, the duplex apartments are the most suitable for you, because these apartments have a large area and consist of two floors with a staircase, and each floor of them is a complete house with a kitchen and bathrooms And separate rooms, and this type of Istanbul homes attracts the attention of many investors and construction companies, and there are many customers who prefer them, especially if they want to buy something similar to the villa system in Turkey, and some duplex apartments include a small garden attached to the house, and this is what adds to it Beauty and luxury. 

-Triplex apartments: 

In the style of duplex apartments, the triplex apartments consist of three floors, each floor of which constitutes a separate property. These apartments are desired by large extended families who are looking for homes for sale in Istanbul, which Istanbul houses with a small area are not suitable for, and there are many uses for this type of house For those who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, as each floor can be separated from the other, and one of them can be used as an office for work, the second for housing, and the third as a sports club. This is just a simple example of the many options available. In the end, it is up to the investor's creativity and thinking. 

- Studio apartments: 

Istanbul houses are known for their great diversity, so after talking about homes with large areas, we will move to studio apartments in Istanbul, which are known for their small area, ranging from 30 to 70 square meters, and for this reason they are suitable for those who want to live alone or with their partner within a small house, meaning that Suitable for those looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul and getting rid of the rent burden. Studio apartments are widely spread in Istanbul and Turkey, because they are preferred by students, workers and businessmen who do not need large spaces but want independence only in a private house Of course, the prices of houses in Istanbul of this type are considered cheap when compared with other types, and their structure is characterized by the fact that all rooms are open to each other and contain only the basics and practical tools away from the cost. 

-hotel Apartments : 

After the great fame that Turkey has achieved in the field of tourism, especially the city of Istanbul, which is known for its beauty and the large number of tourist places in it, the need for this type of Istanbul apartments has increased, because tourists prefer hotel apartments greatly, which are often located in the most vital areas of the city and Which is close to the distinctive tourist and historical sites, and these apartments are equipped with all modern technologies and excellent services and enjoy the most beautiful designs and decorations. Therefore, real estate investment in Istanbul within the hotel apartments is an excellent and highly profitable option. 

- Villas: 

Villas in Istanbul are the perfect choice for those looking for luxury. They are considered one of Istanbul's luxury properties and are usually located in the most prestigious areas of the city. Of course, they are distinguished by their distinctive decor and large area, and usually contain gardens attached to the building, car garage and various recreational facilities. Therefore, the prices of this type of Istanbul home will be high due to the many services and features it provides.



- Smart apartments: 

This type has spread widely in Istanbul recently and is considered the best choice for those looking for homes in Istanbul that have a high level of technology and modernity, and what distinguishes this type of Istanbul homes is that they depend on an integrated electronic system to manage all tasks in the house from opening And closing the windows to lighting, air conditioning and temperature control, to protection devices and electrical tools, and all of this is done by communicating with the owner of the apartment through an application on the mobile phone. 

Third: Important points when buying Istanbul houses: 

There are some basic aspects that you should pay attention to when looking for a house for sale in Istanbul Turkey, the most important of which are: 

1 - Determine the purpose of buying an apartment in Istanbul: 

This means that you study the reason and the main objective expected of this property. Do you want to live in it? Or use it for real estate investment in Istanbul? And what is the price of an apartment in Istanbul that you can pay? All these details must be determined before starting the search for apartments in Istanbul for sale

2 - Dealing with reliable real estate companies in Istanbul: 

The most important step when searching for a home in Istanbul is to use one of the reliable real estate companies, which will save you a lot of effort and time because it includes a number of employees who are ready to hear all your desires and specifications you desire in the property, and then lists of apartments in Istanbul are prepared The right one for you to choose among them according to the specifications, price and location, and these companies are not limited to finding a house in Istanbul, but will take care of all legal affairs as well and will ensure that you are not exposed to fraud and deception by some real estate fraud companies. 

3- Determine the right home, not the best: 

This means that the best home does not have to be the home you are looking for! 
The needs and purpose of real estate vary greatly between each person and another. For example, you cannot buy a property in istanbul with a large area and a high price, and you need a small house suitable for a university student! 
Therefore, you should not be deceived by advertisements and focus on your goal and what suits you and is a priority for you. 

4- Verify the type of real estate, residential or commercial: 

Before buying a house in Istanbul, it is necessary to visit the Residential Real Estate Department to ascertain the type of property that was purchased. Is it registered in the field of residential real estate or commercial real estate, and say you ask yourself and what is important in this matter? In the event that you purchased a residential property, but later found out that it is intended for trade, you will face many problems with documents, invoices, and others, and therefore it must be converted into a residential property before buying it. 

5 - Verify that there are no violations and bills on the house: 

When entering the Turkish real estate market, you must be alert and interested in the smallest details, so as not to fall victim to ignorance. From this point of view, you must verify that there are no violations resulting from the house you want to buy, and this is done by reviewing the Real Estate Directorate to verify yourself. Because the presence of such violations will expose you to many problems and reduce the investment value of the house in Istanbul. 

Fourth: Where to find the cheapest Istanbul houses: 

The options for homes in Istanbul vary so that all social groups can find what suits them. Many people want to search for the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul. Of course, there are areas known for their cheap prices compared to others, which are: 

Esenyurt area: 

This region is known to attract large numbers of Arab investors due to the spread of many service facilities such as Arab schools, Arab restaurants, etc. The prices of real estate in Istanbul within this region are reasonable and appropriate, and Esenyurt is considered one of the areas that receive great importance To improve its services, develop infrastructure and establish modern and advanced real estate projects in it. 

Cheap Istanbul homes

Silivri area: 

It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, thanks to its distinctive view of the Marmara Sea, and therefore it receives great attention from the Turkish government for its development and the establishment of distinctive residential complexes in it. 

Kartal region: 

Cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul can be found within Kartal, and this is due to its location far from the city center, despite the availability of transportation that connects it to the rest of the areas in Istanbul. It also enjoys calm and away from the noise thanks to its small population, but it nonetheless contains all services that you need. 

And there are some other areas in which you can find the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul, such as Beylikdüzü, Kurtkoy and others, and the presence of these competitive prices does not cancel the fact that it is one of the best areas and that it is equipped with all important services, as work is being done in it to establish modern real estate projects and Developed in addition to infrastructure projects, which increase the investment importance of these areas and attract a large number of investors. 
The possibility of buying an apartment in Istanbul in installments should also be taken into account, so that you can get a beautiful house with high specifications without paying a large amount of money at once, and there are many real estate companies that offer various and attractive offers for comfortable installments. 
Those who wish to buy a house in Istanbul at a cheap price can also go to under-construction properties, whose price is very cheap when compared to ready-made properties, and construction companies offer many offers on them, especially in the case of buying more than one apartment, so you should search carefully Good, and you will definitely find what suits you within the homes of Istanbul.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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