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Learn about Kartal and the advantages of buying a property in it

Learn about Kartal and the advantages of buying a property in it

First :Advantages of buying a property within the Kartal district in Istanbul: 

The Kartal district is one of the many areas that have many advantages and distinctive elements in the city of Istanbul, as the strategic geographical location that this region enjoys contributes significantly to raising the value and importance of Istanbul real estate located within it, in addition to the spread of real estate projects that are under construction. Construction at the present time additionally contributes to attracting more and more investors of all nationalities to the region, as the bulk of investors who may want to buy property in Istanbul, whether for the purpose of obtaining a place of residence and stability, or even to enter the sector of Real estate investment in Istanbul They prefer that this property in Istanbul be new and never inhabited before, as this is classified as an advantage that significantly increases the price of the property in Istanbul. 
In addition to the above, the Kartal district in Istanbul includes another type of real estate project, which is represented by the so-called urban transformation projects, meaning that all the old apartments that were built according to the old style are demolished and then reconstructed Once again, we find that this type of project works strongly to enhance the importance of real estate located within the Kartal region and raise its price significantly, and the most important event in which these projects contribute is to attract more foreign investors and motivate them to choose Kartal region as an entry station. The real estate investment sector in Istanbul. 

Secondly :The reasons for the boom in real estate investment in the Kartal : 

The reasons that have made the Kartal district in Istanbul one of the most distinguished real estate investment areas in Istanbul are many and varied, and we start by mentioning that it is the only area in the Asian section of Istanbul that includes Istanbul real estate, which entitles it and gives it the ability to compete with the real estate of the European section From this city, which makes it a very unique and distinctive area among the Asian part of Istanbul, and therefore we can explain the reason why many investors, even foreign ones, prefer Istanbul real estate, which is located in the Kartal district, over real estate. Istanbul is on the European side, which in itself is a great achievement for the Asian side of the city. 

Third :Services provided by the Kartal district in Istanbul:

The Kartal district is characterized by providing a large number of services, and perhaps the most important among them is that it is located close to highways, which is a vital feature for many investors who want to buy property in Istanbul, in addition to that, it is close to several important transportation lines. Such as Electro Kadıköy, Marmaray Metro, as well as Osman Ghazi Bridge, and most importantly, Sobhia Airport, and this contributes to making many investors place real estate in this area towards their eyes and want to invest in it. 
In addition to the above, the Kartal area is considered a tourist area, as is the case with many areas in Istanbul, thanks to its historical and tourist attractions that make investors more willing to acquire a property within it, especially those close to the long beach road. On a property in this location, you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to take a walk on the beach and spend the most beautiful and most enjoyable times. 
The Kartal region also includes many green forests called Eidos, which provide a lot of excellent real estate for lovers of nature and green spaces, and the strategic geographical location that this region occupies through its view of the Marmara Sea makes it a vital investment area that is rushing to it Investors from all over the world.


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