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Steps to buying a house in Istanbul

Steps to buying a house in Istanbul

Istanbul is an ideal choice for settling and buying real estate in Turkey, because Istanbul real estate includes various features and ingredients that make it a suitable place to achieve a comfortable life and live in luxury. If you choose Istanbul real estate, we are here to help you arrange Steps to buying a house in Istanbul. 

First :Determine your goal of buying a house in Istanbul: 


Investors’ goals for buying property in Istanbul are very diverse, even when it comes to Istanbul residential properties, not just commercial ones, as some may want to buy a house in Istanbul for their personal services, that is, to live and settle there by him and his family, while some He may want to buy a house in Istanbul in order to benefit from it in achieving investment returns by renting it or reselling it. Therefore, determining the goal for which you want to buy a property in Istanbul is important so that you can determine the specifications you want to obtain from a location or space And other details related to the property in Istanbul. 

Second :Starting the field search process: 

After you have determined the specifications that you want to have in the property you want to buy, you will have to move to the next step, which includes the search process in Istanbul real estate to find something that approximates or matches your specifications, and you should not be satisfied with what you see in advertisements or pictures, whether online or in offices Rather, you have to visit the property that you want to buy yourself and on the field in order to be able to take a comprehensive look at the entire property and verify its specifications and features, whether they are pros or cons. Advertisements sometimes may be deceptive or they do not mention the full specifications of the property in Istanbul. 

After you have examined the house in Istanbul on the ground and on your own and made sure that its specifications are complete and fulfill your desires and aspirations, you will have as a next step to examine the status of the house in Istanbul legally and make sure that it is free of any problems such as the existence of a mortgage On the property, a debt, a reservation sign, etc., as well as a look at the type of property within the commercial real estate registry and what condition it has been registered in. In the event of buying a house in Istanbul, it is necessary that this property be registered in the Real Estate Records Department as a residential property It is valid for use within these purposes, and it is necessary to verify the legal background of the previous owner and other details. It is usually useful to seek the assistance of a lawyer or a real estate agent specialized in such matters to follow up the issue more accurately and to ensure all the important details because they are more experienced in this field, especially For foreign investors to avoid being exposed to any fraud or fraud. 

Fourthly :Agreement on the details of the contract between the two parties: 

After completing all the previous steps and making sure that this step of buying a house in Istanbul is the ideal option for you in all respects, you will then have to sit at the agreement table with the other party, who is the current owner of this house in Istanbul, and agree on the details The buying and selling process, such as the price of the property, the timing of payment, the method of payment, and others, in addition to agreeing on the process of transferring ownership to become the new owner by officially and legally buying a house in Istanbul. 

fifth :Attestation of the property title deed in the official departments: 

After agreeing on the details of the contract and making sure that both parties agree to all the information contained within this contract, you must certify it in the Real Estate Records Department and with the notary in order for it to be officially notarized by the Turkish government, as any real estate document is not documented and certified By the notary public it is considered null and not recognized in Turkey. 
Therefore, after signing the contract by you or by an official agent on your behalf who holds a real estate agency also certified by a notary, in the event that you are unable to attend the process of transferring ownership of the property in Istanbul and the signature of the previous owner and then the notar ratification of the contract, you will get the so-called title deed which is the only official document that is able to prove the process of buying a house in Istanbul by you, and you can show it when needed to dispose of your property at any time.


Sixth: Issuing the real estate appraisal document:

An important information in this regard is that the real estate appraisal document was previously imposed only on those who wished to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, but today it is imposed on everyone who wants to buy real estate in Turkey, and this is what the Turkish government approved after the demand for real estate increased significantly in Turkey, the main task performed by this document is to control real estate prices and evaluate real estate accurately and not leave any chance for manipulation or fraud or make the buyer pay the money in its rightful place due to his inexperience and lack of knowledge of laws and regulations.


Seventh: You must know the owner of the property:

Make sure to identify the original owner of the property and verify his identity through contracts or personal identification, as one of the most prominent forms of real estate fraud is impersonation of the property owner.


Eighth: Paying the costs involved:

There are a set of costs and fees that must be paid when buying real estate in Turkey, the most important of which is the title deed fee, which amounts to 4% of the total property value and is paid equally between the buyer and seller, and in some cases, it is agreed that the buyer will pay it only.

Of course, we have many other costs such as the earthquake insurance document - the deposit or the amount of the property reservation - the real estate broker's commission and other details.


Ninth: Using the real estate company:

One of the important tips that you should consider is the need to use a specialized real estate company with experience and great knowledge of the Turkish real estate market, as it can provide customers with many important real estate offers and options that are suitable for them and to achieve their goals, and can benefit from its close relationships with the most important construction companies such as discounts, installment offers and more.


Tenth: Make sure of the house specifications:

The buyer should make sure that the specifications of the house he intends to buy are in accordance with what is in the contract, and in this you need a real estate expert and a legal specialist.


Important notes when buying a house in Istanbul:

After you have chosen Istanbul as your destination when buying real estate, you should take into account many observations, and here are the most important ones:

-When we talk about the city of Istanbul, we are talking about many regions, municipalities and districts, so you should look at each of them and know the most details about them so that you can decide what is best for you.

-You will not find it difficult to buy the right apartment for you in Istanbul, as The Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities in this regard for anyone who wants to buy real estate.

-If you are aiming to obtain Turkish citizenship, search for the appropriate projects to apply for.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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