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Learn about the customs and traditions of Turkey

Learn about the customs and traditions of Turkey

Every society around the world has a set of customs and traditions that are known and distinguished from other peoples and societies, and because Turkey is one of the countries in which there are many conversations and questions about it. Through this article, we will be with you to inform you about the most prominent customs and traditions prevailing in Turkish society.

We wish you an enjoyable and useful reading.

Before we proceed to talk about some of the customs and traditions that characterize Turkish society, you should know that Turkish citizens are very attached to their customs, traditions, affiliation and ideas.


Check out some of the customs and traditions of Turkey:

Through the following paragraphs, you can see many of the customs and traditions prevailing in the Turkish state.

1 - salutation

Greetings between individuals in Turkey is one of the usual things. It is worth noting that the greeting to them is not only verbal, but they are keen to communicate with hands (shaking hands) or placing a hand on the chest, which is a sign of the extent of the class and respect of people for each other.


2- Kissing the hand of the elderly:

One of the common customs in Turkey is kissing the hands of old people such as grandfather and grandmother, which is a sign of their reverence and respect, and you should know that this custom was borrowed from the Ottoman period.


3- Serving tea:

One of the most common types of hospitality in Turkey is (a cup of hot tea) and is offered to guests on all occasions and times. It is also a common practice not to put sugar inside the cup, but for each guest to put what suits him.


4- Ramadan habits:

In general, the customs and rituals in the month of Ramadan are similar in most Islamic countries where there is fasting during the day and in the evening people go to perform Taraweeh prayers and mosques and Ramadan tables are prepared.

Dates are also a dish that cannot be dispensed with at breakfast, and one of the prevalent rituals is the Mesharati, who wakes people up for Suhoor.


5- The blue eye:

Many people believe in envy and are afraid of it. One of the common ways and customs prevailing in societies in general and in Turkey in particular is to put a blue eye in the belief that it will drive away envy. There are those who put this eye on their clothes, another at the door of their house, and a third in the living room, and some of them hang it on children’s clothes.


6- Preparing foods:

Turkish cuisine is famous for providing many delicious meals, all of which are old dishes derived from the Ottoman period. There are many modern and delicious dishes. In addition to the main dishes, there are delicious dessert dishes, headed by baklava.


7 - Turkish bath:

Also, one of the customs prevalent in Turkey is the Turkish bath, where people visit it in order to bathe and enjoy the steam of hot water, and the morning hours are for women and evening for men.

Turkish baths are only a cultural aspect that came from diverse cultures such as Roman, Byzantine and others.


8 - Turkish carpets:

The main character found in every Turkish house is the carpet that is placed in all rooms and in all parts of the house. It is of a luxurious and refined type. It is placed in all seasons, even in the summer, and is replaced with thin carpets, because what is placed in winter is thick to protect against the cold.

Do not forget that Turkey is famous for its high-quality luxury carpets, and not only that, but also exports them to all parts of the world.


In this context, it must be noted that there are many strange customs that are followed for the current moment in Turkey, and through the following paragraphs, you can see the most prominent of them:

1 - Putting the bread out:

The Turks categorically refuse to throw the excess bread in the garbage, so they put it outside the house, so that someone in need will find it and take it, or the birds may eat it.

2- Putting perfume on the guests:

One of the most important strange customs that the Turks do is to spray guests with lemon perfume when they visit, due to its beautiful and distinctive smell, and it is one of the wonderful things they do.

3- Sprinkle travelers with water:

Turks pour a glass of water behind their friends or relatives who are traveling by water as they believe this brings them good luck.

4- Violation of traffic laws:

The Turkish people are known to be undisciplined or regulated by traffic rules and laws and they always get tickets for violating traffic lights.

5- Drinking from water fountains:

The Turks stop at the water fountains distributed in the streets and drink water from them, with the intention of showing mercy to those who built them or whose soul they were built on.

There are many other customs and traditions that are followed in Turkish homes, and the following can be viewed in detail:

1- Shake the children to sleep.

Parents, especially mothers who have young children or infants, rock shake until they fall asleep, and the mother often works to stretch her little one on her feet and then shake them, this ensures that her arms do not get tired as well.

2- Take off your shoes:

Turks do not enter their homes with their shoes, but they have a rule that states that the shoes must be taken off at the outside door of the house and then enter barefoot or have a house slipper next to the door that they wear immediately.

Certainly, these are good habits where the house does not get dirty and is always kept clean.

We will point out a very important thing, which is that if you are on a visit to Turkey, do not be surprised if you find some Turkish people talking to you with complete ease without any restrictions. They, unlike customs in the West, do not set any limits between them and foreigners, and even ask them a lot of questions, but if you don't want to talk or answer, you can withdraw in a tactful way.


In order to find out more details and information related to Turkey and the societal reality in it, you can visit our website constantly so that we monitor for you everything that is important to you


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