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Real estate investment in Yenibosna

Real estate investment in Yenibosna

First :Features of real estate investment in Yenibosna in Istanbul: 

The city of Istanbul in itself is the best place for those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, as it has a wide variety of areas suitable for buying a property in Turkey, and when the best of these areas is mentioned, the name of the Yenibosna region cannot be missed, which includes all the necessary ingredients in order to have a luxurious and upscale life thanks to What this region has in terms of advanced infrastructure and excellent public facilities, and the most characteristic of life in such an area is the entertainment and excitement accompanying it as it works continuously to provide all the services that provide comfort and luxury, which makes it one of the most sought-after places. In Istanbul and real estate in Turkey in general. 
The advantages that Yenibosna enjoys do not depend on the services it provides and its present, but the matter extends to the future as well as many forecasts predict the possibility of these areas having a striking urban future and it is expected that they will top the lists of the best real estate areas in the city and These reflections go back to the large number of urban projects that are being worked on at the present time and are still under construction, which are growing day by day and become closer to life. 
Tourism in this region also adds to it an increasing importance thanks to the large numbers of visitors who flock to it for tourist tours, which will allow them to have a look at the real estate there on the one hand and will benefit real estate investment on the other hand thanks to the fact that they rent real estate to stay during the visit period And roaming this, which means achieving investment returns for real estate owners in this region. 

Second :Features of Yenibosna area in Istanbul: 

Yenibosna area in Istanbul is characterized by many advantages that make it one of the most important areas of real estate ownership in Turkey, such as the vital character and general activity in it, thanks to the strategic location it enjoys, as it is considered an intermediate point between several vital areas in Istanbul. It connects between the city center and Ataturk Airport and the industrial areas spread there as well, which makes it an area of ​​continuous activity and activity, and what distinguishes it is the absence of overcrowding, as is the case in many areas of Istanbul, as there is a proportion between the size The region and its population, and it is not possible to neglect the tourist importance of the Yenibosna region when talking about its features, as it includes many many historical and tourist attractions that date back to the era of the Ottoman rule, which contributes to attracting more attention to it, whether by tourists. Or foreign investors. 

Third : Services provided by the Yenibosna area in Istanbul, Turkey: 

The most important thing that contributes to increasing the investment value of real estate in Yen Bosna is the services provided by the region, and these services are the most important factor in attracting large investors to it and the real estate investment boom in it, and among the most important of these services we mention the large numbers of hospitals, health centers and medical clinics The private sector that is located in close proximity to the area, as well as the large number of educational institutions, including schools at various levels of study, as well as service centers such as mosques and churches, not to mention that Yenibosna has a secure and dense transportation network that works to connect it with the rest of Istanbul at every time and hour This transportation network includes various means of transport, from land, sea and air, and it is widely spread so that you can find the means of transportation you need at the exact time you need over the course of twenty-four hours, and because it is considered a tourist area, it is a miracle on this basis as it includes many Of international hotels, as well as spread throughout the entertainment centers and places of entertainment of restaurants, cafes and markets that include the largest stores and the most famous brands, amusement parks for children and green areas give them the appropriate space to play and spend the most beautiful times with their family. 

Fourthly : Features of real estate in Yenibosna, Istanbul, Turkey: 

The area includes a large number of residential complexes that have the most beautiful views, and what attracts investors most towards buying real estate in Yen Bosna is the great quality that it enjoys, as it is designed according to supernatural infrastructure and resistance that lasts a lifetime and also has many affiliated commercial offices For the government and the private sector, which means that there are opportunities to benefit from the purchase of commercial real estate in it, in addition to the fact that buying a property in Yenibosna is very easy, thanks to the facilities provided by the Turkish government to own real estate in it.



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