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Real estate residency entitles its holder to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship

Real estate residency entitles its holder to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship

Arabs who hold real estate residency obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship / quoted from Turkey in Arabic

After circulating many rumors noticeably on social media recently which say that the holder of real estate residency has no right to apply for exceptional Turkish citizenship, Ramzy Real Estate Company reported what was made by Professor Ahmed Jamil Nabhan, a consultant who is interested in Arab refugees affairs in Turkey, From information he had disclosed through his communication with the Turkey Arabic website, where he, in turn, denied any information related to this rumor that had no legal basis.



Turkish citizenship is available for real estate residence owners:


On the basis of official documents, Professor Nabhan confirmed that every person who holds real estate residence or Turkish residency of all kinds (work residency, study residence, family residence, humanitarian residence) or temporary protection card (for immigrants) or work permit has the right to submit an application presented (in Turkish language) dilekçe) to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship through the PTT center.

It is worth noting that the real estate residence is granted to anyone who buys a property in Turkish lands, regardless of its value, and that residence is valid for a period of one or two years and is renewed every time its date expires, provided that the title deed (the ownership document in Turkey) for the property is shown.



How to obtain the exceptional Turkish citizenship:


Nabhan continued, saying: We have submitted applications to many individuals of different Arab nationalities who hold various types of residence permits to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship, and the last two applications were on 11/28/2019.

The first application was for an Egyptian person, “Professor Ammar, M.”, born in Saudi Arabia, who holds a real estate residency, and he is a student at the Turkish University, residing in the state of Istanbul and all his family members obtained exceptional Turkish citizenship through residency, and the response came last week to review the General Directorate of Souls And citizenship in Istanbul, and after the interview, his request was confirmed with approval and the employees told him to wait for a text message to attend at the place and time referred to in order to present the necessary personal papers for his file.


As for the second application, it was for an Iraqi person, “Mr. Thaer, C,” who is also a holder of real estate residency in Istanbul. He had applied for the exceptional Turkish citizenship on October 8, 2019, and the response came to him with the approval of his request last Friday, corresponding to 10/1 / 2020, and he was told to wait for the text message specifying the location and time of his interview to open his file, conduct the official interview with him, and enter his name on System, with exceptional Turkish citizenship.



When is the holder of real estate residence entitled to apply?


At the conclusion of Professor Nabhan's meeting with Turkey in Arabic, he said: Every person who has resided on Turkish territory for five consecutive years and during which he did not leave Turkey for more than 180 days (six months), he has the right to submit an application presented for the exceptional Turkish citizenship, whoever he is This is part of the Turkish Law on Turkish Nationality No. 5901, Article No. 12.


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