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The difference between the ready property and the property under construction

The difference between the ready property and the property under construction

The varieties of real estate in Turkey vary, and one of them is real estate under construction and ready-to-live real estate, and each of them has differences and advantages over the other. 

First What are ready-to-live real estate in Turkey:

The status of ready-to-habitation is given to those properties that are not fully equipped in terms of internal and external cladding and reconstruction and are located within buildings or residential complexes completed and fully ready, meaning that the final form of the property is fixed and you can view it immediately and examine it. 



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Second  What are the properties under construction in Turkey: 

As for this type of real estate in Turkey, it includes real estate that is located within urban projects under construction, meaning that it is still in implementation and needs a time that varies according to the stage the project has reached in the building or residential complex in which the property is located is still not fully equipped. And it may need a complete internal and external cladding, which is a structure only, meaning that the form in which you will see the property now is a temporary form and you cannot determine its final shape yet. 

Third Advantages of ready-to-live real estate in Turkey: 

The fact that the property is fully equipped internally and externally means that the final shape of it is fixed and therefore you can determine your choice of the property based on your admiration for the final result without the presence of unwanted surprises and that the quality and materials used in front of you in order to be able to evaluate it in addition to the fact that your purchase of a ready-to-live property means the possibility of your transfer. To reside in it immediately as it is equipped and does not need restoration, repairs or cladding and therefore if you want to buy an apartment in Turkey with the aim of stability, ready-to-live real estate is the ideal option for you as you will not have to wait before moving to it and you will start working on arranging your affairs and Stability in the fastest time. 

Also, choosing ready-to-live real estate gives you the opportunity to choose the view that the apartment in Turkey enjoys by examining the property before purchasing it. 
Ready-to-live real estate is the best option for those wishing to buy a property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, as applying for it requires the existence of the property title deed within the official papers, and by purchasing this type of real estate you will be able to obtain the title deed as soon as you pay the full value. The amount and therefore the way for you to obtain a Turkish passport will be shorter and easier, but we must not forget that the price of this property must fulfill the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, i.e. its price must be at least two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. Or the equivalent value in Turkish lira according to the currency exchange rate at the time, and you must pledge not to sell this property for a period of three years from the date of its purchase. 

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Fourthly Cons of buying a ready-to-live property in Turkey: 

Buying a ready-to-live property means that there is no flexibility in choosing the properties of the property, as it is fully equipped and covered, meaning that you will not be able to define the shape according to what you want, but you will have to search to find what matches your desires, even if relatively. 
In addition, obtaining the title deed directly agrees to pay the full value of the property price immediately, without payments or installments, and this matter may be a hindrance for some because of the lack of sufficient financial liquidity, and the prices of ready-to-live real estate are higher compared to the prices of real estate under construction as real estate Those that have the same location and the same specifications are of different prices if they are ready for housing or under construction, meaning that your purchase of a ready-to-live property means that you pay a larger sum of money for it and the reason for this is that you get it directly and save time instead of waiting for the completion of its construction. 

Fifthly Features of real estate under construction in Turkey: 

These properties are considered a good opportunity in order to buy a property in Turkey and save money at the same time as their prices are low compared to the prices of ready-to-live real estate and therefore your choice of a property under construction means that you get a property with better specifications and at the same price compared to buying a ready-to-live property that will be Its price is higher. 
Also, real estate under construction is the best option for those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey in order to invest, as it can be bought at a low price and wait until it is ready for housing and then sell it to achieve investment profits. 
It is also a good opportunity for those who want to acquire a property in Turkey and do not have the full amount now, as buying it is in installments by dividing the amount in the form of convenient payments for a long period of time. 

Sixthly The negatives of the property under construction in Turkey: 

The purchase of under construction real estate includes some risks such as the risk of paying higher amounts than the original price that this building may achieve until it is complete and ready for housing and obtaining it in addition to that you will not be able to obtain the title deed of the property until you complete the full payment of the installments for this property. Thus, you will not be an actual owner of the property until after a long period of time, and therefore in the event that you need the property in the near future, the option to buy a property under construction is not suitable for you, so taking such a property requires possessing patience or looking to invest in the long term.


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