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The most famous investment district in Istanbul

The most famous investment district in Istanbul

first: Beylikduzu neighborhood in Istanbul : 

Beylikdüzü is considered one of the most modern and developed areas of Istanbul, and its popularity is increasing with time because it is one of the most attractive areas for investors, especially those wishing to enter the real estate investment sector in Istanbul, thanks to the investment opportunities that this area provides to these investors. Istanbul real estate, which is located in the Beylikdüzü area, is an ideal choice for those who want to buy property in Istanbul with a medium budget due to the suitable properties it offers in price and specifications, in addition to the strategic geographical location occupied by this region and its advanced infrastructure that contributes to attracting the attention of construction companies And construction for it to establish various forms of investment projects. Above all of the above, the Beylikdüzü area is characterized by being located near the new Istanbul Airport, which is a very vital point in the city of Istanbul and is also close to the main exhibition center in the city, which contributes to strengthening The touristic position of the Beylikdüzü area in Istanbul. 

Second :Bagcilar neighborhood in Istanbul : 

The most important factors that make the Bagcilar area one of the best places for real estate investment in Istanbul is the strategic geographical location that the region enjoys, in addition to the remarkable development that is evident in Istanbul real estate located within this region, as it is strikingly superior to the various neighboring regions Most of the properties that are located in the Bagcilar area are among the luxury properties of Istanbul, especially when it comes to apartments in Istanbul. The apartments here in the Bagcilar area are among the most luxurious and provide for luxury, and in addition to that, most of them have very distinctive views of the most important The highways in Istanbul, including the well-known Basin Express. 
The Bagcilar area is also the best choice for those wishing to buy property in Istanbul on the outskirts of the city, due to the great availability of transportation thanks to the modern transport network that is available in it, which includes various forms of transportation such as the subway, which can be considered one of the The most important means of transportation that the city of Istanbul relies on vitally, we also mention buses and other public transportation, taxis and public transport that make moving to and from Bagcilar area towards any other area or point in Istanbul very easy. 

Third :Basaksehir neighborhood in Istanbul: 

Basaksehir district is considered one of the most famous investment districts in Istanbul, especially in the European section of the city. This district extends over an area of ​​approximately one hundred and four square kilometers and contributes to making it a very vital area. Among the most important neighborhoods and investment areas in Istanbul, it is located between the Arnavutkoy neighborhood in the northern section and the Eyup area in the northeastern side and towards the east from Sultan Ghazi neighborhood and Esenlar neighborhood, while the Esenyurt neighborhood is located in the southwestern section of Basaksehir until Bagcilar, Avcilar, and Küçükçekmece district in the south of the famous Basaksehir district, which is one of the most important investment areas in Istanbul because it is the preferred choice by investors wishing to buy a property in Istanbul in order to invest and achieve financial profits and investment returns. The neighborhood includes a number of A large number of high-end residential complexes that enjoy great development and sophistication, and we find that there is a great interest by the Turkish government in the Basaksehir neighborhood, due to its realization of the great and strategic importance that it enjoys As for the real estate investment sector in Istanbul, we find that this neighborhood is very interested in improving and developing various service facilities in it and establishing projects that improve the level of infrastructure in it.


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