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Bagcilar district in Istanbul, a distinctive investment area

Bagcilar district in Istanbul, a distinctive investment area

All you need to know about Bagcilar


Surely you heard before about Bagcilar district in European Istanbul, is it a good place to live? Is it suitable for real estate investment or not? We present all of this information to you in the following article, interesting reading:)


Bagcilar district in the old days:

Bagcilar was one of the popular villages where the Greeks lived during the Ottoman period in the fifties of the last century and it was a small and completely random village that included all its social facilities (such as pharmacies, electricity centers, guest house ... etc) within a huge palace that they considered their main headquarters

By the nineties, it was greatly expanded and included wide and organized streets, and they reduced the problem of randomness in the area, and the expansion project is still one of the projects that do not stop following the municipality of the region to the present day.


Bagcilar district location:

Bagcilar is located in a strategic location that makes it close to many urban infrastructure projects and administrative regions, as it is bordered by Lake Kucukcekmece to the west and to the north is adjacent to the Basaksehir district, Arnavutkoy, Behchalevler and Winni Bosna to the south, and to the east comes the Ghazi Osman Pasha region

And that is an important center surrounded by the most famous areas of Istanbul.


What makes you own property in Bagcilar ?!

Bagcilar region is classified within the list of the best areas in Istanbul, as it is of important value on both sides, whether for the purpose of investment or for the purpose of stability and housing within its suburbs, as it has a strong transportation complex consisting of various means of transport headed by the subway network, which serves its residents with several stations, facilitating access To various places in Istanbul in record time !!

In addition to public buses, dalmash and other various means of transportation, so starting and reaching the area becomes very easy.


Bagcilar region is an investment

This region occupies an advanced position in terms of architecture, as it has demonstrated this through the wide spread of real estate projects of all kinds in its various pillars, which are investment projects par excellence, most of which provide annual guarantees of rental income, some of which reach 10%.

In addition to the continuous rise in the prices of projects in it, especially projects that are still under construction, they are very popular with foreign investors, in order to achieve double profits through a record high prices upon delivery.

The most important thing is that Bagcilar's neighborhood to the main road in Basin Express gave it a great investment priority and made it valuable and important in the eyes of major investors, so that some called it the second Maslak area!

It is worth noting that the Basin Express road represents the central nerve of the city, as it cuts Istanbul from the north to the south, forming a straight line that starts from the Bakirkoy area near the former Ataturk Airport, and reaches the new Istanbul airport in the Arnavutkoy area.


Public facilities in Bagcilar district:

The public facilities here are very excellent and provide everything that its residents could need, as Bagcilar includes the most famous governmental and private hospitals, such as MediPol Hospital, 34 Private Hospital, as well as the famous Medi Kanna Hospital.

In terms of education, the municipality of Bagcilar has established a sufficient number of public schools, which number 24 public schools, 16 private schools and 6 commercial schools, in addition to the spread of the most famous international schools in their neighborhoods that have the best professional cadres, which ensures that your children get the best educational opportunities


As for the Islamic and cultural aspect, Bagcilar district includes many mosques and cultural centers, as it contains two cultural centers within which many activities are held, as well as 23 book bars that contain books of various subjects, and they are free bars for those wishing to visit them.

As for the mosques, it includes 81 mosques spread within its 22 neighborhoods, the most important of which are:










Industrial centers and shopping centers:

Bagcilar district includes many centers of industry, trade and wholesale selling within a huge commercial city called (Istoç in Turkish). There are many centers that sell all the materials for supplying stores with their various specialties, as well as a wholesale market that includes all household equipment such as bottles, pots, statues, etc. From clothes and cotton ... etc.

Most importantly, it offers the best prices and the finest types, and thus the Istoc Center is the largest market for wholesalers in Istanbul.


Malls in Bagcilar

As for the shopping centers in the Bagcilar area, it is worth mentioning the 212 Outlet Mall, one of the huge and famous malls in the middle of Istanbul, located specifically in the Mahmud Bey neighborhood and offers very strong discounts and offers on the best international brands and expensive fashion, which makes the residents of the area and neighboring areas You mean to enjoy special offers and discounts.


Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul is one of the largest and largest shopping centers in Turkey, and it hosts the most important leading brands around the world, through its huge stores and restaurants, the Mall of Istanbul offers a distinctive dynamic that combines shopping and traditional arts under one roof with an atmosphere that is likable to all, wide corridors and wonderful designs It is represented by glass ceilings that pass the sun's rays through to achieve the highest benefit from daylight.


Buying real estate in Bagcilar area

Bagcilar district includes many large and important residential projects of a high style, some of which are still under construction and others are ready for housing, so if you want to acquire real estate in that region, we are here to provide you with a unique package of offers, do not hesitate to contact us.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
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- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
- For more details, you can contact us via the communication platforms or via the WhatsApp attached on the site.


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