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Apartments for sale in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu area in Istanbul : civilized beauty

All you need to know about Beylikduzu in Istanbul


Surely you heard before Beylikduzu in European Istanbul?

Is it a good place to live?

Is it a successful investment station ?!


Beylikduzu in European Istanbul


Beylikduzu district in Istanbul

If you are a real estate investor or even a travel enthusiast, you must have visited the famous city of Istanbul, which is divided into two parts, one of which belongs to the continent of Europe and the other to Asia, but you of course may overlook its most important residential and investment areas, so Ramzy Real Estate Company and through the series “The Best Areas in Istanbul “The best European regions of Istanbul will be presented to you for a closer look, as if you were living in it.

The “Best Areas in Istanbul” series will be your best guide to be able to define your real estate goal, whether it is investment or residential, and to support you to get a better view of the best property on the European soil of Istanbul.


History of Beylikduzu:

The Greeks considered Beylikduzu area as an agricultural village and they were the first to settle in it, and after a period it was converted into popular housing for the inhabitants of the Byzantine Empire until the Ottomans seized it and called it the garden and upon the founding of the Turkish Republic it was called (Kavakli), which is the name of one of the neighborhoods in Beylikduzu now

Then it was changed again to become Beylikdüzü. It is worth noting that the name of the park was previously due to the spread of parks and green spaces in its various corners, making it one of the charming and picturesque areas of Bahcesehir in Istanbul.


Beylikduzu in European Istanbul


Beylikduzu location:

Beylikduzu is located to the west of Istanbul, and it is bordered to the north by the Esenyurt region and Bahcesehir region, as it is very close to it, and to the east, Avcilar and Buyukcekmece region from the west, either from the south side comes the Marmara Sea.

It is one of the administrative regions of Istanbul that enjoys a very excellent location and climate, which made it one of the areas that receive great demand for housing and real estate investment.


What makes you buy a property in Beylikduzu ?!

Beylikduzu is one of the most prominent areas with rapid architectural development in light of the booming real estate market in Istanbul

It is also an upscale area with a charming European character and a very calm and elegant atmosphere. Moreover, it has important standards and a high investment value due to several factors. Let us inform you of the most prominent of them:


1- Beylikduzu Municipality:

Beylikduzu municipality has made the region a verse of beauty that enchants everyone who sees it and thus attracts capital for investment and housing within its neighborhoods, where the municipality has established and is still undertaking with all interest the establishment of many important projects.

-Such as expanding transportation routes

-Study the establishment of new stations for the subway networks

- Establishing many public schools, as well as private international schools already spread in the region

- And other service facilities and public utilities such as hospitals and huge shopping centers in Istanbul

-Construction of many huge commercial projects

And more factors and projects that have contributed to the increase in the importance of the region and the increase in demand significantly in recent times.


2- Transportation in Beylikduzu:

The transportation network in Beylikduzu is one of the strongest and best solutions that facilitate movement in a crowded city such as Istanbul, especially since the metro bus line passes through the area, which is the best and fastest transportation of the city

Through its length of 52 kilometers and a huge number of passengers reaching 800 thousand passengers per day, the metro boss eased traffic congestion in Istanbul, and reduced the emissions of harmful gases, making it an environmentally friendly means of transportation, facilitating safe access to all areas of the city. It is fast, distinguished by a dedicated path that does not share with the regular car road, although it passes through the heart of one of the most important roads in Istanbul, which is the “E5” highway.

Perhaps the most important feature of Metro Boss is that it works 24 hours without stopping !! Connecting night with day and east with the west.


Transportation in Beylikduzu


3- important places in Beylikduzu:

This beautiful region contains many important archaeological and touristic places that remain from its ancient history, for example:


Sultan Suleiman's Palace:

It is one of the huge palaces that dates back to the ancient Ottoman era. This palace is famous for its gray color and ancient Ottoman inscriptions, and some call it "Khan Al Rasasi", due to its roof made of pure lead.


Field of pears:

It is a popular field that many tourists visit for the purpose of going to the spring of water known as Ain Al-Jada Aisha, which dates back to the Ottoman era, and is located in a high position interspersed with clean and clear air that brings comfort and serenity to its visitors.


Gur Pinar coast in Beylikduzu:

With the arrival of the summer season and the high temperatures, most of Istanbul's visitors head to the famous Gorbinar coast in Beylikduzu, which provides a long beach of up to 13 km to enjoy the color of the clear sea and get the greatest amount of comfort mixed with comfort.


TUYAP International Exhibition Center:

Tuyap International Exhibition Center is considered one of the most famous centers that host many activities, commercial events and other events of writers and cars since 1996 until the present day, with an area of 65 thousand square meters and includes twelve huge halls, and the value of participation in the exhibition ranges for those who wish to reserve a wing, Between 200 and 300 euros per square meter.


Beylikduzu's status on the investment front:

A wonderful combination of specifications makes Beylikduzu an ideal station for real estate investment in Turkey, as Beylikduzu shines with many advantages that make many investors prefer it over other regions due to:


Its privileged location:

Which includes two views, one of them on the Sea of ​​Marmara and the other on Lake Buyukcekmece, in addition to its moderate climate throughout the year.


High-end residential class:

Numerous statistics conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute have shown that more than 40% of Beylikduzu residents are university graduates and owners of advanced scientific centers, not to mention the high percentage of businessmen and merchants of its inhabitants and it does not include any slums as it mainly embraces the middle and rich residential classes. .


Anti-seismic buildings:

Most of the buildings and real estate, especially modern residential projects in Beylikduzu, have strong anti-earthquake gear, a feature provided by major construction companies in Turkey in order to protect these high-rise buildings and high residential towers in the event of any strong earthquakes.

In addition to the insulating glass facades and the laminated metal doors, which were made to perfection.

More and more excellent characteristics in the region, which make investing in its neighborhoods a winning card for sure.


Mega residential projects:

Beylikduzu includes many large and important residential projects of a high style, some of which are still under construction and others are ready for housing and rent.

And always remember that whatever your goal in real estate ownership, whether buying an apartment for the purpose of housing or investment, or even searching for villas for sale in Istanbul, we are here to provide you with real estate advice and the free services that we provide .. At any time you want please do not hesitate to contact us.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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