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Villas for sale in Istanbul by the sea

Villas for sale in Istanbul by the sea

Among the many distinguished real estate options Istanbul offers, we have villas, which are a destination for a large number of world tourists, investors, and anyone looking for excellence, creativity, sophistication and luxury specifications. Villas are an investment option that offers a lot of profits and distinguished investment returns. 
One of the most prominent features of villas in Istanbul is that they have a distinctive sea view mixed with the fragrance and beauty of nature, but where can you find a villa with these specifications? What are the main advantages of this type of villa? All these details you can find out by following the next article. 

Where can you find villas for sale in Istanbul by the sea?

1 - Beylikduzu area: 

This area is characterized as directly overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it is one of the modern areas with a contemporary urban character. Today, a large number of those looking for villas for sale overlooking the sea choose it over other areas for many reasons, the most important of which are: 
- Beylikduzu has a developed and modern infrastructure that competes with many other areas of Istanbul, and it also has an integrated transportation network that connects it with all other areas of Istanbul. 
- The green spaces are expanding in Beylikduzu, which gave it a healthy character that prompted many to go to it, especially in the recent period with the emergence of the Corona virus, whose presence requires living in such places. 
- The services in Beylikduzu vary to the extent that they include the educational, health, cultural and entertainment aspects, and this is precisely what made it the best option for families to live in. 
- The region witnesses the presence of a large number of modern real estate projects that are under construction, which are characterized by the system of residential complexes and villas as well. 
- Real estate prices in Beylikdüzü are suitable for different budgets, whether they are high or low, but according to expectations, they will record a significant increase in the coming days, based on the increased demand around them and their relatives, one of the most important mega projects in the city. 
- A large number of investors around the world described real estate investment in its properties as the first step towards achieving success and profits. 

2- Sariyer District: 

- If we are talking about the Sariyer area, this means that we are talking about the most prestigious, luxurious and distinguished areas of Istanbul, as it is the third-ranked area among the city's areas in terms of luxury and high real estate prices. 
- This region is known as the destination of the rich, the rich, the famous, the politicians and the dignitaries. 
- It is suitable for those who are looking for a calm, upscale and organized life far from the chaos of the usual life. 
- This area is characterized by being integrated with services and providing its residents with a life full of luxury and comfort. 
- Real estate investment in Sariyer is a right choice, as it is targeted by tourists as a result of its important tourist attractions such as Belgrade Forest, Emirjan Park and a number of distinctive palaces. 
- Sariyer has a distinctive sea view of the Bosphorus, which gives it an exceptional aesthetic character. 

3- Uskudar region: 

- Uskudar is characterized as one of the most important areas of the Asian section of Istanbul. This area has a view of the Bosphorus on one side and on the other hand it is located opposite the European side of the city. 
- It is worth noting that this area is no less important than any other area on the European side of the city. 
- It has a developed infrastructure and a modern transportation network, and Escudar is one of the regions richest in educational institutions, schools and universities. 
- It is one of the most important tourist areas in Istanbul due to its richness in important historical monuments such as the Maiden's Tower, and it also has plenty of green spaces. 
- It is characterized by the fact that real estate prices are constantly increasing, which motivates many investors to go towards it. 

What are the most prominent features of searching for villas for sale in Istanbul by the sea? 

- In general, real estate that has a sea view has a higher price than other views. 
- It is one of the best options for real estate investment, as the demand around it does not stop, especially in the tourist seasons. 
- If you want to sell it, this will be very easy. 
In this context, it must be noted the need to provide continuous care to the villas overlooking the sea, especially if it is intended to invest in real estate, such as periodic maintenance works and providing them with modern designs. This type of villas is called (tourist villas). 
Conclusion: You can now realize your dream and get a villa with a distinctive sea view in Istanbul and live a quiet life surrounded by luxury and comfort ..the options are many. You only have to contact Ramzy Real Estate to provide you with the best opportunities.


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