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Best sea view projects In Istanbul

Best sea view projects In Istanbul

Istanbul this charming city. That charm came because of its geographical location. Istanbul is distinguished by its maritime borders. It is bordered by the Sea of Marmara in the south, and it is connected to the Black Sea in the north through the Bosphorus to separate the Asian side of Istanbul from the European side, while it is connected to the Dardanelles Strait, that extends from the west by Aegean Sea, that made Istanbul located on two continents in the same time.

This marine nature has a great significant impact on real estate market in Istanbul, as it has contributed to raising the value of real estate investment in Istanbul. You can find that a large number of real estate investment projects extend on the shores of the city, the shores that extend more than 492 km in length, according to the latest study conducted in 2007. These projects vary between villas and apartments with sea views guaranteed for sea lovers'.

Who does not dream of owning a private home overlooking the sea, where the endless blue coming with the rhythm of the whispering tones of sea waves, promises you a quiet life and peace of mind, guarantees you to obtain Turkish citizenship.



Villas for sale by the sea


Pro 272

Pro 272 project is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in Nisantasi neighbourhood, one of the most famous and prestigious areas of Istanbul, and belongs to Sisli district, one of the most well-known neighbourhoods, which makes Nisantasi a destination for anyone who wants to buy luxury apartments with Bosphorus view in Istanbul.

In this project, health comes as a priority, with its six buildings harmonize with the natural gardens, unique with their unique architecture and exceptional location beside the Bosphorus, the project present to its habitants the concept of moving to live in a luxury yacht in Istanbul, where the apartments here come with very high ceilings and wide glass facades that give you a panoramic view from a completely different perspective with spacious terraces and suspended swimming pools for each apartment, this means that you will have a private pool that you can enjoy any time you want, and you will make the wonderful Bosphorus view a part of your life, you will feel that you live every day on a luxury yacht, it is your chance To own an apartment with Bosphorus view in Istanbul, for more details, click here.


Pro 203

This project is located in Al-Fateh district, and it is considered a masterpiece as a project with its enjoy Marmara Sea view, Al-Fateh district has all the elements that make it a destination for investors. The project reflects the history of ancient Constantinople as it combines the nobility of the past with the modernity of the future. The project has been designed simulates ancient history through stone walls and very unique designs, and the second section is designed in a modern style.

The project offers apartments of different styles, starting from two rooms and a salon up to 6 rooms and a salon, and it provides many options for duplex lovers giving you luxurious design, as well as its social facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, sauna, Turkish bath, open cinema etc. For more details click here.


Pro 086

This project is one of the most luxurious projects in Istanbul, it blends history and culture and is compatible with the urban structure of the city, and has an innovative spirit that combines modern designs with traditional architecture.

The project is located in the Zeytinburnu district directly to Marmara Sea, so it allows you to enjoy panoramic sea views from the various apartments of the project. The project is in a very vital location due to its close to Al-Fateh district.

The project is a definition of luxury and sophistication, therefore it guarantees you a luxury life, because of the high-quality finishing in the exterior and interior architecture, the project provides a direct connection to Marmara Sea, and also provides many investment and residential opportunities, for more details click here.


Pro 185

This project is located in the prestigious Bakirkoy district, directly on the sea coast, one of the most important vital areas surrounded by all services, at the top is the transportation network, shopping malls and other services. The project extends over ​​62,000 square meters, and consists of eight residential blocks, with a height of 17 floors for each, with different styles of apartments types starting from 1 + 1 to 5 + 2, also the apartments of the project have a smart home system, which will allow you to experience a new style of housing in Istanbul, if you dream of a perfect life filled with luxury and sophistication at the same time, this project is your ideal address, for more details click here


Pro 261

This project is located in the European side of Istanbul, in Bakirkoy district, the neighbourhood of the famous and rich people, the district hosts many international hotels, in addition to residential projects and complexes to provide unique opportunities for those looking for apartments that have sea view. This project reflects the concept of charming architecture and luxury that It provides large living spaces for elegant people who have fine taste.

The project consists of eight towers harmonize with the blue sea, to capture a photo for nature and charming gardens, and to draw a stunning painting that you will enjoy looking at for hours without getting bored. For more details click here.


Pro 098

The project is located in the European side of Istanbul in Zeytinburnu district. The project breaks the barriers of the familiar by its glass walls, that gives you a unique view to Marmara Sea, and also allows sun rays to infiltrate to provide you and your family members a healthy life.

The project was designed with a smart system that enabling you to control your home even if you are far away, as well as the architectural design of the project that reflects the human intelligence was used, where the famous architectural design company Tabanlıoğlu, insisted that the distances between the seven buildings of the project reach to 95 m2, this wideness gives you a panoramic and deep view to the sea and makes the sea view a part of the apartment, and to complete your joy, they added a panoramic terrace to all apartments, which will increase the beauty of your apartment, for more details click here.



Apartments for sale in Istanbul by the sea


Pro 268

Pro 268 is located on the European side of Istanbul in the Zeytinburnu district, which combines between middle class and the elites in the same time. For a moment you will think that you are living in a different Istanbul that you are not used to, the project is an address to luxury, Here you can see blue Istanbul with its sea from your apartment window.

The project extends over an area of ​​25,000 square meters, topped by three charmingly designed high-rise towers, with a height ranging between 27 and 35 floors, with 496 apartments of different sizes and types starting from one bedroom and a salon up to 6 bedrooms and a salon, in addition to penthouse apartments that give you the opportunity to enjoy the Panoramic view of the entire Istanbul .. For more details click here.


Marina Pro 056 Project

Project 056 is located on the coast of Marmara sea in the Beylikdüzü district, one of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, where it enjoys a wonderful coastal climate and a charming atmosphere characterized by calm and sophistication, especially now because it becomes a destination for many foreign investors, who seek to own apartment for investment.

The project extends over ​​1,500,000 square meters, and was classified as the first independent coastal city in Istanbul, with its various phases, that are divided to apartments and luxury villas, for more details click here .


Pro 099

This project is located in Buyukcekmece, on the European side of Istanbul, and the region that has an ideal infrastructure and a strategic location that exposes the entire sea from the south, as well as its modern construction, wide streets and quiet character. The project offers apartments that grantee you a peaceful life, with its modern designs, It offers an innovative architectural concept. The architecture is reflected in its most beautiful form in the project’s eight buildings, with a unique design that allows all apartments in all floors to enjoy the charming sea view from the various apartments.

The project includes 367 apartments of different types, starting from a room and a salon up to 5 rooms and a salon, in addition to duplex apartments that come in a luxury villa style. It also provides very wide balconies that make you close to the sea shore as if you just extend your hands you may touch the sea, for more details click here.


Pro 232

The project is located on one of the most beautiful and distinguished beaches of Marmara Sea, in the Beylikdüzü district of ​​the European side of Istanbul, and the project offers apartments for lovers of sea views. With wide glass facades, you will be able to enjoy the sea from sunrise to sunset.

The project includes 152 apartments with types up to 3 rooms and a salon, and very large areas up to 244 square meters, accompanied by the quality of the finishing, earthquake-resistant construction and modern finishes that are more than wonderful.

If you are a fan of housing and investment, this project is an exceptional opportunity for you, as it provides you with a quiet, upscale housing, and at the same time is a profitable investment opportunity, because it is located in an exceptional location within the promising Beylikdüzü district, for more details click here.


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