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What is the status of the Turkish economy for 2021 ?

What is the status of the Turkish economy for 2021 ?

As it is known, the economy is the main engine of the countries of the world, and on the basis of which the power of the state and its impact on the whole world are classified. Certainly, the economy and the factors affecting it are constantly changing according to the available data. Looking at the year two thousand and twenty-one, we note that it was One of the years that brought significant challenges to all sectors of the economy, and this is certainly due to the presence of the Corona epidemic and the crisis that it created in all aspects of life.. What is the state of the Turkish economy in 2021? And is it affected by this global epidemic? This is what we will discover together. 

The Turkish economy for the year 2021 is witnessing growth and prosperity: 

According to studies and statistics carried out by economic experts on the Turkish economy, it was found that this economy is experiencing a state of growth in the year 2021 and can withstand all the challenges that plague the region, and it does not stop at this point, but rather manages to achieve good financial profits. 
Experts expect that this state of recovery and development will continue in the coming months and years, as all indicators indicate this, especially after Turkey succeeded in facing the Corona epidemic, which managed to cause the collapse of the economies of many large countries, but of course the measures Which it took and keen to contain the epidemic was able to bear fruit and Turkey was able to pass the danger stage and return to normal life and open many activities. 

The challenges and difficulties facing the Turkish economy for the year 2021: 

The path was not easy for the Turkish economy, and it was not always fraught with victories. Indeed, this economy witnessed periods of stagnation, and there were some losses that it incurred this year, as it suffered setbacks as a result of the global pandemic, which reduced the need for Turkish exports by other countries, and this It certainly negatively affected Turkey in general , and the owners of small shops and local institutions were severely affected by the general closure and quarantine conditions , and this reflected negatively on the market movement in general because these shops constitute a cornerstone of the Turkish economy . 
But despite this, Turkey was able to take control of matters and take the helm again, to be able to achieve a clear rise in the value of Turkish exports during the last quarter of the year. 

Expectations about the fate of the Turkish economy in the coming period: 

According to expectations, the Turkish economy will achieve an increase in profits of up to 7 percent, which is not a small percentage, especially in the current circumstances, and this is certainly due to the many solutions that Turkey searched for, including the adoption of electronic commerce to suit the requirements of the times and facilitate the process of accessing products Wherever the person is and definitely fighting Corona and not allowing it to spread. 
And here it must be noted that the sector of real estate in Turkey in particular has witnessed great growth and has become one of the main pillars of the Turkish economy and this is what prompted investors to buy real estate in Turkey and enter the real estate investment world in it . 
Turkey has managed to surpass all twenty economies this year, except for China, and this is certainly an achievement to be credited with and encourages investment in Turkey.


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