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Best Villas options for sale in Istanbul

Best Villas options for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is the master city of diversity, it is full of everything and its opposite at the same time, it is a mixture of contradictions, while it is considered that the city of tourism, investment and economy you can enjoy a charming countryside that take your breath away and take your mind. You can find Residential, hotel apartments and also luxury villas for those who are looking for sophistication and tranquility.

Villas are one of the most important real estate types for those who want to live in peace of mind. These villas are often located in coastal areas near to the sea, such as Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece and Silivri, or in the country side areas where vast cultivated green plains such as Bahcesehir, Bey Koz and Arnavutkoy.

Villas in Istanbul are distinguished by their diversity in terms of different designs, both external and internal, as well as in spaces and styles and also prices, as prices start from 500 thousand dollars and up to 25 million dollars in some areas that overlooking the Bosphorus.


Factors that controlling the prices of villas

There are several factors that control the price of the villa, including: 

  • Specifications of the villa if it is duplexes or triplexes, the total area, which is divided into an internal area and the number of rooms, as the villa spaces start from 4 rooms and two salons up to 17 rooms and several salons, and also the external area, which is considered all the areas that separate the external fence of the villa and the actual villa building, including all outdoor areas like garden, car parking, swimming pool, and other things that surround the villa from within the fence.
  • Services in the villa, the more social services in the villa, the higher price of the villa, for example, there are villas with a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, and others have only a swimming pool.
  • The area in which the villa is located, the villas prices in Istanbul Bebek are different from those in Beylikduzu.
  • The view that characterizes the villa, which is one of the most important factors in the price of the villa. If the villa is located directly on the sea shore, its price is more expensive than those villas in the same area and do not have a sea view.
  • Villas within residential complexes may be more expensive than normal villas, due to the services that the residential complex have such as guarded by security, as well as playgrounds for basketball, football, and also tennis courts, or vice versa. Some independent villas may be more expensive than those within compounds.
  • Proximity and distance from vital places such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers, affects the prices of villas.

Best areas to buy villas in Istanbul

Istanbul is full of various options, whether the villa is in countryside areas or at the sea, but the sea remains the head master above all in buying real estate, especially villas, weather it is the Black Sea, Sea of Marmara or Bosphorus, where the wonderful whether, especially in summer, this is why most construction companies to build villas in these areas with high standard specifications and are offered for sale at competitive prices.


Villas for sale in Beylikduzu district

Beylikdüzü is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is a marine area with 13 km coastline along Marmara Sea, bordered from the east by Avcilar district, and from the north by Esenyurt and Buyukcekmece.

Beylikduzu district has a strong infrastructure, it is very similar to the Beverly Hills neighborhood in California, Although it is nearly a new area compared to the downtown districts, it does not exceed twenty years old, but it gets great attention from the government, and it is characterized by classy neighborhoods and wide streets that separate its neighborhoods, and its green gardens, and therefore it has so many modern villa projects, to become a favorite destination for those wishing to reside or invest in real estate in Istanbul, especially for those who wish to own luxury villas. Ramzy Real Estate offers you most important villa projects in Beylikduzu district, located at marina.


A- Marina project Pro 056

Project 056 is located on the coast of Marmara Sea, with an area of 1,500,000 m2, it is classified as the first independent coastal city in Istanbul, with its various phases, the project offers apartments and luxury villas, and is characterized by its wonderful sea view, It is a real city with its services by its all means.


B- Project Pro 217

This project consists of 64 villas with different styles, starting from 4 rooms and two salons and up to 8 rooms and two salons. villas in this project are characterized by large areas of up to 950 square meters, this is why it is a perfect choice for large families. What distinguishes this project is its sea view, which gives it a wonderful view, besides green spaces that surround it, which gives its residents comfort, peace and tranquility, takes into account the privacy of its residents thanks to its private beach that extends over an area of ​​1.5 km.

The project offers the concept luxury because of its interior designs of the villas, as it takes into account the concept of comfort and spaciousness in its every detail, giving you an ideal living experience in Istanbul.


C- Project Pro 081

This project consists of 64 villas with areas ranging from 353 to 815 square meters, each villa has its own garden ranging from 500 to 1000 square meters, the project is characterized by its sea view and has its own beach, and the project offers flexible terms of payment as it has installments up to 36 months, the project is located near vital locations, including Ataturk Airport and the Ido port.


Villas for sale in Buyukcekmece district

Despite of distance of this district from city center, which is characterized by overcrowding and its rapid style, Buyukcekmece is a quiet place for those looking for calm, it is characterized as a perfect marine area, its name itself reflects its nature the word “Buyukcekmece” which means (the large lake), and it is bordered from the south by Sea of ​​Marmara. In the north, Buyukcekmece Lake, while from the east it is bordered by Beylikduzu, and from the west by Silviri, so it is the preferable destination for some investors’ attention because of its various residential projects, whether apartments or villas with charming sea views, and the annual rate of real estate value increase in Buyukcekmece reached to 18.2% in the recent five years, Ramzy Real Estate offers you one of its projects there, which is the Pro 211 project.


Project Pro 211

This project offers the concept of luxury as it combines all the means of comfort and happiness in one place. You can also enjoy serenity and comfort through social facilities such as sauna, steam bath and Turkish bath, in addition to the gym, ball and tennis courts and other indoor summer and winter swimming pools.

The project provides 173 villas in several types includes 3 + 1, 4 + 1 and 5 + 1 types, with very large areas of up to 380 square meters for each villa. The project also has very smart architecture designs that grant all villas an open view of the landscape, green spaces and the lake.


Villas for sale in Basaksehir district

Basaksehir is located on the European side of Istanbul, and it is one of the districts that Turkish government pays it special attention in its projects like establishment of hospitals, parks and other infrastructure projects, including public transportation as the new metro line passes through it, It is also characterized by its close to the new Istanbul Airport, this is why it is one of the most desirable real estate investment areas by investors. There are many beautiful projects in the Basaksehir area, including Botanical Garden and Gollet Lake. Gollet Lake is one of the best places for walking, and here Ramzy Real Estate offers you one of our best villa projects Pro Project 248.


Project Pro 248

This project is for people who loves privacy, luxury and large spaces, as it is located in the classy Bahcesehir neighborhood, which means the city of gardens, one of the most distinguished neighborhood with its vast garden, which turned it into a perfect destination for those looking for villas for sale, and the project consists of 3 independent villas distinguished with its architecture, as well as charming views of the magnificent Gollet Park in Bahcesehir, as well as its location in an exceptional location close to the New canal of Istanbul, which makes it an ideal choice when considering buying villas in Istanbul.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
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