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Kucukcekmece Region in Istanbul, ideal choice for housing and investment in Turkey

Kucukcekmece Region in Istanbul, ideal choice for housing and investment in Turkey

                                                All you need to know about Kucukcekmece:


Where is Kucukcekmece located in Istanbul?

What are the attractions in it?

What are the health and service facilities in it?

All of this information is provided to you by Ramzy Real Estate Company within a comprehensive article explaining the importance of buying a property in the Kucukcekmece region and informing you of its most important real estate and investment projects closely ... interesting reading 🙂



Küçükçekmece region (küçükçekmece in Turkish)


It is one of the most important districts among Istanbul's 39 provinces, and it is one of the oldest areas in it and the most beautiful point of meeting the sun, the sea and green spaces, it embraces many modern residential projects and is characterized by calm and the spread of green spaces in it on a large scale, as well as its distinctiveness with its beautiful lake, which makes it a center An attractive place for housing and investment in Istanbul.



Kucukcekmece location


In the European part of Istanbul, specifically on the southern side of it, the Kucukcekmece region is located within a very strategic location that connects it to the most important areas of the city, from the north it is bordered by the Basaksehir area and from the east it is bordered by the Bagcilar and Bahcelievler regions and the Bakırköy area from the south, while on the western side the region overlooks completely On the famous Kucukcekmece Lake.



What are the attractions in Kucukcekmece?


- One of the most attractive factors in the region is the rapid urban growth in it. Within a few years, the Kucukcekmece region has transformed from an old slum neighborhood to an organized area and an important district that is distinguished by its modernity and organization.

- The Kucukcekmece region is full of educational facilities and famous universities, as it hosts two of the most important private universities in Turkey, the first being Istanbul Arel University, and the second Zaim University,  as well as its close proximity to Aydin International University.

- Transportation in the Kucukcekmece region is one of the factors that attract housing and investment in it, as its strategic location allows the Metro Bus, the metro and many public buses to pass through it, in addition to the presence of the Marmaray train, which departs from it and reaches the city (Gebze) in the Turkish state of Kocaeli.

- Istanbul in general enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, but what distinguishes the Kucukcekmece region is the wide spread of green spaces in it, as well as its embrace of the second largest natural lake in Istanbul, which gives it a refreshing climate and closer to nature.

- The location of Kucukcekmece district between two of the most important highways in Istanbul gives it a very high importance and value, as it is in the middle of the E5 and TEM road, which increases the importance of owning and investing in it as they are the vein and artery of the city.

- Entertainment centers and huge malls in the region support its residents with the basics of stability, luxury and luxury, as there are many distinctive and huge malls throughout the region, as well as the presence of weekly bazaars in many of its corners.



Arena Park Mall in Kucukcekmece


The presence of the Arena Mall in the Kucukcekmece district adds to it a lot of distinction and aesthetics, this mall, which includes more than 100 shops for each of the famous local and international brands, has a unique design similar to the Grand Palace, and also includes a space of entertainment and wonderful games to visit, and you can visit it in the area Kucukcekmece and enjoy:


- Bowling alleys

- Local and foreign Turkish restaurants.

- International cafes and cafes such as "Starbucks".

- Cinemas and other entertainment facilities..


You will definitely like the concept of the distinctive mall, which is limited to outdoor shopping, as it is one of the most beautiful and famous malls open in Kucukcekmece and Istanbul in general.



Kucukcekmece municipality in Istanbul:


Today or tomorrow we are by your side ... This is the slogan of the municipality of Kucukcekmece, that municipality that, since its inception and independence in 1981, has established and continues to this day to serve the Kucukcekmece region with its huge area (37.73 km2) in a manner befitting it, so talking about Istanbul's huge projects we find that a large share Mosques, schools, and architectural expansion projects are being worked on here, and when it comes to municipal work in the region, we can mention:



Cultural and educational centers


- fun centers (swimming pools - green parks - sports fields)

- Knowledge houses (centers for free education and skills development for children)

- Free educational courses for archery, horseback riding, swimming and various sports

- Architectural expansion projects and the establishment of governmental housing projects ... and other works that reflect their negative effects on the residents of the area.



Infrastructure and real estate projects


Kucukcekmece today embraces the largest real estate projects, both residential and commercial, as it is on a date with many huge achievements that would improve the entire region and increase its investment value, and when thinking about the mega projects that are being built on its land a question arises, why all this interest and why it is Today is a region attracting the interest of major real estate developers?


- The location of the region is relatively close to the new Istanbul airport and the close proximity to the Istanbul Water Canal project, which explains the high interest in owning and establishing real estate projects in Kucukcekmece.

- Not to mention the ideal infrastructure for the region, which includes the most important railway projects, transportation and other factors that attract investment.



Health facilities in Kucukcekmece:


In this region, you can access many health facilities and services, and in this context comes the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Hospital, which is classified among the best and most popular hospitals in the region. Advanced services and being embraced by a professional team of doctors, and it is a free government hospital.



The importance of buying real estate in Kucukcekmece


There are many reasons that make the acquisition of real estate in Kucukcekmece a matter of great importance, on both the investment and residential levels, and we can also describe it as the winning card in the real estate field, as all of the above advantages enable it to top the list of the best areas for ownership and real estate investment in Turkey.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
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