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Buying property in Istanbul near the metro lines

Buying property in Istanbul near the metro lines

First: Advantages of buying property in Istanbul near the metro:

The elements that affect the investment value when buying property in Istanbul are many and varied, especially in light of the technical development witnessed by the real estate construction sector in Turkey, and the wide variety of options available to investors who want to buy property in Istanbul between the availability of For the various forms of modern technologies on the one hand, and the diversity of forms of real estate in Istanbul, between cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul, Istanbul luxury real estate , apartments within luxury residential complexes and villas in Istanbul.
And it can be said that one of the most important factors that control the investment value when buying property in Istanbul and the extent of the desire and appetite of investors for real estate in Istanbul because it is one of the major Turkish cities is the availability of current transportation and transportation projects for the future in the project that investors may want to invest in .
The role and importance of transportation does not depend only on the ease of access to the places of interest to the person who wants to buy a property in Istanbul, but in addition to that, it plays a vital role in the gradual and steady rise in the investment value of this property in Istanbul, as it is not hidden that this factor It is considered one of the most important factors that investors of different nationalities and their goals of buying a property in Istanbul want to achieve, as it is among the highest levels, as investing in a vital area is the most important factor contributing to raising the investment value of real estate in Istanbul. Expectations and statistics predict an increase in the private investment value of real estate in Turkey and its promising investment areas, which are expected to enjoy a vibrant future in the near future.

Secondly: How to find a property in Istanbul near the metro:

The European section of Istanbul includes a remarkable number of main metro lines in the city, the first of which begins in the Yenikapi area in the Fatih region and extends until it ends at Ataturk Airport, located in the Bakirkoy area and branching off from the metro line. This sub-line goes towards the Bagcilar area and comes To supplement it with an additional line that reaches from the Basaksehir area, and to the list of the main metro lines in Istanbul, the Haji Osman line, which also extends from Yenikapi station to the Sariyer and it passes through Taksim station, Sisli station, Levit area and several areas. Others are in the city of Istanbul, and therefore it is possible to find or buy a property in Istanbul near the metro in the European part of it by searching for properties that are spread along these main metro lines. Fortunately, there are many options available thanks to the spread of metro lines and their large number of stations.

Third: How to buy property in Istanbul near the metro in the Asian section of the city:

Within the Asian part of Istanbul, there are two main metro lines, the first of which starts in the Kadikoy area and extends to end in the Pendak area, while the second line starts from the Uskudar area and reaches the Umraniye area and passes on its way with many stations, the most prominent of which is the station Çakmak and therefore it can be said that starting the search process within the areas in which these metro lines pass or start and end at that will be enough to greatly facilitate the process of buying property in Istanbul near the metro for you.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
- Legal advice .
- Property Management.
- After-sales services .
- Legal services and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
- Buying and selling real estate in Turkey.
- For more details, you can contact us via the communication platforms or via the WhatsApp attached on the site.


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