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cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey

cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey

There is no doubt that the city of Istanbul is one of the most famous cities in Turkey and many of people try to get cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey. It is even known as the economic capital of Turkey. This is due, of course, to the large number of projects in it, which cover all commercial, industrial, agricultural and real estate fields as well, as the real estate sector in Istanbul has been able to achieve Great successes in a short period of time and attracting large numbers of foreign investors to buy a property in Istanbul and enter the real estate investment world in Istanbul. 
And if you are looking for homes for sale in Istanbul, you must know the best areas in which to buy an apartment.. 

where can we search for suitable cheap houses for sale in istanbul turkey

-Basaksehir area: 

The Basaksehir area is famous without it as one of the most prestigious areas that attract businessmen and merchants, especially from the Arab community. Therefore, it receives great attention and investors from all over the world flock to it to buy real estate and establish new projects. 
As for the forms of real estate in Başakşehir, all forms of apartments and houses from ordinary apartments to smart homes to residential complexes, luxury villas and large palaces have won, and thus they meet the needs of all residents of all social classes. 
As for real estate prices in Istanbul within Basaksehir, they vary according to many factors such as the view, the area and the quality of construction. In general, real estate prices in this area have risen as a result of the great interest in it by the Turkish government and the new services that are available in it, as schools are spread among them. And universities and institutes, in addition to recreational facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and others. 

-Beylikduzu area: 

If you are thinking of living in Istanbul houses, Beylikdüzü is a good choice thanks to the great development it has achieved in a short period of time to become one of the most important places to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul
Beylikduzu has a developed transportation network that connects it to all areas of Istanbul, and its forms vary, as there are trams, buses, taxis and metrobus. 
Also, real estate prices in Beylikduzu are suitable for everyone, according to the specifications of the apartment. You can buy apartments on the sea in Istanbul that have a charming view, and their price will certainly be high, and you can also find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul within this area according to its internal specifications. 

- Buyukcekmece: 

With its charming view of the lake, Buyukcekmece is one of the best areas to buy real estate in Istanbul, thanks to the many advantages that the area enjoys. 
Where there are large numbers of malls and huge shopping centers and contains many tourist places, it also contains an important number of restaurants that offer the most delicious Turkish and international cuisine. 
The area includes a number of tourist resorts, which are very popular with tourists and visitors, especially in the spring and summer. 
As for transportation in Buyukcekmece, it contains various means such as buses and metrobus, and the passage of the E5 highway in it has greatly contributed to increasing its investment importance and attracting more investors to establish various forms of residential complexes, villas, and others. 

-Bakirkoy area: 

Bakirkoy is located in European Istanbul and is considered one of the best areas to find apartments for sale in Istanbul. Bakirkoy includes many and diverse neighborhoods and has a distinctive view. Perhaps the most prominent tourist place in Bakirkoy is the aquarium located in Florya - Bakirkoy, which is the largest park Aquatic animals in the Arab countries and includes many and varied forms of marine animals and fish. 
The area also includes a number of malls and shopping centers in addition to the botanical gardens, which are teeming with many types of flowers and trees. 
And there are residential complexes in Bakirkoy with the latest equipment, which provide a large number of services, and therefore it is considered excellent for buying a property in Istanbul.


What are the advantages of buying houses for sale in Istanbul :


There are many features that make you choose to search for houses for sale in Istanbul :

-houses prices in Istanbul are considered much lower than other European cities .

-There are many choices that suit everyone . 

-real estate market in Istanbul is known for being so active .

-Therd are many investment projects that attract foreigners for real estate investment in Istanbul such as Istanbul water canal .


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