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Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is your best way to be Turkish citizen

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment is your best way to be Turkish citizen

The goals of buying real estate in Turkey are many and varied, as is the case with real estate in Turkey, and we find that investors, with their differences, have multiple goals and aspirations from the process of buying property in Turkey, but it can be said that the most important goal of owning real estate in Turkey by foreign investors in particular is to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment in Turkey, the process of buying property in Turkey is the surest and fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship. 

First :Turkish citizenship and real estate ownership in Turkey by foreign investors:

Previously, it was not allowed to own real estate in Turkey by foreign investors, or at least by the bulk of them, as the work was done through the principle of reciprocity, that is, foreigners were not allowed to buy property in Turkey unless it was the mother country to which he belongs. It allows Turkish citizens, in turn, to do so, which was the victim of investors who had to bear the tension of relations between countries, but after the Turkish government began to notice the great importance that Turkey’s real estate brings and the openness to global markets through the flow of foreign capital that these investors bring with them and This process contributes not only to making the real estate of Turkey and the country under the spotlight in front of more individuals and countries, but also works to supply the Turkish economy significantly, which contributes to enhancing its strength and position within the list of the most important and largest economies in the world. Many amendments have been made to the laws of owning real estate in Turkey, especially those related to foreign investors, the most important of which is the abolition of the reciprocity law, which has opened the doors of the Real estate market in Turkey is in front of various foreign and Arab nationalities as well, except for some nationalities that still have some restrictions on them, such as Syrian nationality and others, but it has become available to a very larger number of foreign investors the opportunity to invest in real estate in Istanbul and Turkey as a whole, which contributed to opening The field for more promising investment opportunities, even for Turkish investors. 

Second : Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey: 

It can be said that there are many methods available that provide the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by foreigners, and these methods differ among themselves in terms of time, requirements and others, and each person chooses the method that suits his needs and capabilities, but in the opinion of the largest section From those who have previously tried to obtain Turkish citizenship, the process of buying property in Turkey is the most secure and easy way to obtain citizenship, and it is often the fastest way, especially for foreign investors who can through this process Hitting two birds with one stone, as buying a property in Turkey will open many doors for them to achieve financial profits through the promising investment opportunities it provides, and at the same time, it will guarantee him the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship and enjoying all the advantages and benefits that accompany obtaining such This strong nationality, especially since the Turkish passport is considered one of the most important and powerful passports around the world, which will be in their interest and help them facilitate other investment operations that they may manage in various points of interest. for a world. 

Third : How to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning real estate in Turkey:

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by Istanbul property investment is easy and has few conditions compared to other foreign countries. All it takes is that you buy a property in Turkey, provided that the price of this property in Turkey is not less than an amount Predetermined, which in this case is an amount of two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or its equivalent value in the Turkish lira. The foreign investor who buys a property in Turkey in order to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship must submit a pledge not to Selling this property that he used to obtain it for a period of time estimated at three years from the date of purchasing this property in Turkey.



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