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Steps to buying an apartment in Turkey

Steps to buying an apartment in Turkey

Buying real estate in Turkey has become one of the most preferred investment methods for foreign investors, due to the advantages and components of Turkey's real estate. 

Foreign investors and buying a property in Turkey: 
The Turkish government has worked to strengthen and support everything that works to attract more foreign investors to buy property in Turkey, due to its knowledge of the great importance that foreign capital provides in supporting the Turkish economy, and therefore it has canceled the reciprocity law, which makes it permissible for investors. Foreigners buy a property in Turkey, whatever this property is in various Turkish cities and regions, but some restrictions have been placed on foreigners' ownership of real estate in Turkey, such as not allowing the purchase of a property located near military points and strategic sites such as oil and energy stations, as well as airports and Sea ports have also been set aside for the space that foreign investors can own, and it is estimated at a maximum of thirty hectares, which can be distributed over more than one property, whether it is apartments in Turkey or other commercial real estate. 

How to buy an apartment in Turkey by foreign investors:
In addition to making amendments to the laws related to owning real estate in Turkey, the Turkish government has worked to offer more temptations to foreigners owning real estate in Turkey by working to facilitate the process of buying a property in Turkey as much as possible so that it is as similar as possible to the procedures that the Turks need and Reducing the additional procedures for foreigners to buy a property in Turkey. 
The process of payment and signing of the title deed of the property by all parties usually takes two or three days, but in the event that the buyer is a foreigner, this period may extend a little to five days, and this delay is due to the need to complete the process of transferring money from foreign accounts. 

Also, the lack of experience of foreign investors in the real estate market in Turkey may put them at risk of being exposed to fraud or fraud, so I have found the services of companies and intermediary agencies, although it is not common for Turkish citizens who complete the next steps to buy a property in Turkey on their own being the children of the country. And they have prior experience, as for foreigners, they usually need some help in completing the following steps to buy the property, so the real estate agent's job is to help the buyer complete the steps of the purchase process after obtaining the title deed of the property. 

Steps to buy an apartment in Turkey: 
After completing the search process and finding a property that meets the conditions you are looking for, either on your own or with the help of a real estate agent and making sure that this property is free from any kind of problems, you will be ready to start the legal procedures for buying a property in Turkey, which includes a set of steps that must be followed in order to It shortens the time and does not experience any delays or problems. This process begins with your obtaining a tax number, which is a necessary condition for completing any legal or official transaction. Every foreigner entering Turkish territory is required to obtain a tax number of his own and the process of obtaining the number Taxation in Turkey is easy and does not take more than thirty minutes, as all you have to do is go to the tax department that deals with this matter and apply for a tax number. 

After obtaining the tax number, you will have to open a bank account with one of the licensed banks in Turkey that has agreements with the banks in your country of origin, that is, specifically with the bank you deal with, in order to be able to transfer the necessary funds to buy property in Turkey, and this is followed by a signature The contract is between the seller and the buyer at the company’s office, and many investors prefer to complete this process with the presence of a legal lawyer specializing in these matters. 

And after signing the initial contract, you will get the title deed sheet for the property, which will be in the name of the owner of the property who signed the contract or his official representative, and the papers that you get must include a copy of the project building permit with two personal photos of the buyer and a picture Translated by a sworn translator and officially certified by the notary or notary, for the buyer's Turkish passport and a copy of the property seller's identity card, and you must pay an advance payment of the property price as a deposit to reserve the property in the name and stop offering it to other buyers. 

After completing this entire process, the rest of the legal procedures will begin to complete the sale process, which usually takes a period of time ranging from thirty to sixty days to register the apartment in your name and the reason for the need to wait this time is to send the official documents that you have submitted to the security services of the army Al-Turki, in order to audit and verify its authenticity, in order to be able to obtain security approval and thus obtain confirmation that you are eligible to own real estate in Turkey as you are a foreign investor.



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