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The best investment projects in Istanbul Tourist Center

The best investment projects in Istanbul Tourist Center

Real estate investment is one of the most successful investments in Turkey, after it has been able to build dozens of huge real estate investment projects to attract businessmen to gain billions of dollars into its economy, especially since Turkey realizes the importance of real estate as a source of income and foreign currency, as it realizes the advantages of real estate investment, Although Turkey is one of the latest emerging markets in real estate investment, but according to Bloomberg magazine, Turkey is the 7th most powerful emerging economy in the world because of its geographical location, infrastructure, and an attractive environment for investment, in addition to being a tourist country in the first place, Istanbul, Antalya and Mugla are placed in the top three cities among the rest of the Turkish cities with an investment return that is the highest and most competitive in the real estate market, whether at the local level or even at the European and global level.

The Istanbul Tourist Center area is one of the highest investment value areas, and a first destination for all investors looking for investment properties in Istanbul, and the Turkish state was able to build dozens of residential and investment projects in order to be able to meet the needs of investors and satisfy all tastes. It also did not neglect establishing investment real estate projects, which varied between hotel projects, office and administrative projects with the Home Office system, in order to meet those looking for investments with a fixed financial return, in this article we will discuss investment properties and the advantages of buying it, as well as the difference between home office apartments and hotel apartments and the advantages of investing in both.

The importance of investment real estate in Istanbul tourist center:

Real estate investment has many advantages, including:

- Obtaining a fixed, continuous and guaranteed monthly financial return, whether by renting them out as offices or companies, or renting them out as hotel apartments for tourists.

- Increasing the value of the property in the long term, especially since this type of real estate has high incomes, unlike the residential complexes that are much less, and therefore the investor can sell its property after several years to increase his capital, and this type of investment with long-term investments is known as an additional saving for retirement.

- Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning an investment apartment or a hotel apartment with a value of 400 thousand US dollars.

1- Pro 308:

Project "308" is located in Kagithane, one of the most developed and growing areas in European Istanbul, which enjoys a central location and investment elements, The project is one of the series of projects of Nef Global, one of the largest construction companies whose projects extend not only in Istanbul but also Outside the borders of Turkey, it owns a number of residential projects in England, the United States, Kazakhstan, Germany, Qatar and Iraq.

The project extends over an area of 15,000 square meters, and consists of 4 blocks ranging in height from 5 to 6 floors. The project includes 174 apartments that come in different types starting from 1+1 up to 2.5+1, the project is an excellent investment for anyone looking for investment apartments near the city center of Istanbul, for more details click here.

2- Pro 341:

This project is one of the best emerging investment projects, as it is located in Kandilli area in Uskudar district in the Asian part of Istanbul, the most distinctive feature of the project is its unique view at the Bosphorus Strait. 

The project extends over an area of ​​40,000 square meters, and consists of 29 residential blocks, it includes 407 apartments with various types starting from two rooms and a salon up to 5 rooms and a salon, the project is a family par excellence, it grants different spaces to satisfy all tastes and suits all segments of society.

The project provides many social services for its residents, including a closed and open swimming pool, running tracks, car parking, sauna, and Turkish bath, in addition to restaurants, cafes, and cinemas, all these services with the possibility of installments up to 36 months, for more details click here.

3- Pro 327:

The project is located in Levent area in Eyup Sultan district, on the European side of Istanbul, the area that has been able to preserve its cultural values ​​come from its bay. 

The "327" project is an architectural masterpiece built by an engineering team striving for architectural perfection, as the project extends over an area of ​​3700 square meters, and includes 108 apartments that come in two types, two bedrooms and a salon, and three bedrooms and a salon.

The project is an ideal place for an ideal residence in Istanbul, stable housing, and perfect investment for any investor aspires, because it is in the center of Istanbul, which means that all the facilities you may need are just steps away from you, whether it is the tramway or the shopping centers, famous educational centers and universities, for more details click here.

4- Pro 347:

This project is located in the Sultan Ghazi district on the European side of Istanbul, which is characterized by quietness of its neighborhoods, and it enjoys with many vast green areas, which is characterized by its location far from the Marmara Sea, and therefore it is considered one of the safest areas against earthquakes.

The project extends over an area of ​​1,500 square meters, and consists of one tower, with a height of 11 floors, and includes 48 apartments that come in two types: two bedrooms and a salon and 3 bedrooms and a salon, it is a family project for families looking for apartments for investment and housing at the same time and also is ready to move, in addition to its location near the Istanbul Tourist Center, and the project is characterized by its simple and elegant design, for more Details click here.

5- Pro 317:

The project is located in the Gazi Osman Pasha district, one of the most vital areas on the European side of Istanbul, which is rich in the presence of many important administrative centers and a number of internationally accredited universities.

The project extends over an area of ​​47,000 square meters and consists of 10 towers with unique architecture, it includes about 796 apartments with spacious areas, and various options starting from two rooms and a salon and three rooms and a salon. 

The blocks are characterized by wide glass facades, luxurious wooden floors, with beautiful French balconies overlooking of Vialand and other natural scenes and green spaces.

The project provides a large number of social services to its residents to provide them with the maximum degree of happiness, as it is equipped with a large number of recreational facilities such as green spaces, water bodies, and family’s areas, as well as recreational facilities that include many areas for relaxation such as the swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, Steam room, the details that make your life a wonderful story with all its details, for more details click here.

6- Pro 340:

This project is intended for fans of the green area of ​​Uskudar and one of the oldest Asian neighborhoods in Istanbul. The project extends over an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and consists of 8 towers with a height of 15 floors each, and includes 560 apartments with various types starting from one room and a salon up to 3 rooms and a salon, which makes it an investment project for those are looking for investment, the project also offers you a unique experience of living within its fences because of the green areas that separating its eight towers.

The project grants you the highest standards of luxury living, with high ceilings, spacious terraces, a nature reserve, and a market that offers organic products for a healthy life, for more details click here.

7- Pro 309:

The project is located in Nisantasi, one of the oldest and most prestigious areas in Istanbul, and the tourist destination for thousands of tourists annually, which is characterized by its ideal location on the outskirts of the Bosphorus strait and the beauty of its organized roads and its urban planning, and it is the stronghold of the most beautiful and finest residential complexes ever, where you can find luxury apartments with views of the Bosphorus Strait.

The project is one of the projects of the Ritz Carlton chain hotels around the world, so you are ready to live and invest in the most luxurious international hotels and to enjoy its unlimited services.

The project extends over an area of ​​18,000 square meters, and consists of one black residential tower, 

It is a masterpiece that reflects the philosophy of architectural design, and grants you apartments that are less description of it is sophistication, with their privileges that Istanbul has not and will not witness to before, the project includes 121 apartments, coming in 1+1 up to 4 rooms and a salon, it also provides penthouse apartments that reach up to 8 rooms and a salon, as for the project's services, they are countless, whether swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, steam room, cinema, room services, gym and other services that will raise the quality of your life, for more details click here.


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