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Kagithane district in Istanbul ... a prominent urban development

Kagithane district in Istanbul ... a prominent urban development

The city of Istanbul is known for its exquisite beauty, striking architecture and deep charm, where the originality of the past meets with a civilization and the development of the future to form an icon of beauty that cannot be found in any other city on the face of the globe. 
And what distinguishes the city of Istanbul is the great diversity in its neighborhoods, lifestyles, streets, and even its residents, and this has greatly contributed to the success of investment in Istanbul in all sectors to some extent, especially in the real estate sector, which managed to achieve great profits and break records. this made real estate investment in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular one of the best types of investments. 
As we have already mentioned, the many options in Istanbul may leave you bewildered, but there is no need to worry, as we will talk today about one of the best areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul, which is the Kagithane area, and we will separate more about its features, so stay with us .. 

First: Cagithane site in Istanbul:

Kagithane is located within the European section of the beautiful city of Istanbul, and it is bordered on the northern section by the Sarayer district, and on the southern and eastern part by the Sisli district, while it is bordered on the western part by the Eyup Sultan district, and also the Beşiktaş region is located in the northeastern part and Beyoglu in the section Southwest. 
Kagithane extends over an area of ​​23 square kilometers and includes a large number of neighborhoods estimated at 19 neighborhoods belonging to about 8 departments. 
According to the statistics, the population of Kagithane has reached about 400 thousand people and is still increasing as the region witnessed many new developments and updates. 

Second: A historical overview of Kagithane: 

kagithane was named by that name in relation to the river that was created on its banks, which was also called kagithane, and the origin of this region dates back to the Byzantine era, where the Byzantines colonized it for a period of time before it fell into the hands of the Ottomans, who gave it great attention and won They admired it thanks to its beautiful green areas, and based on that, a large number of palaces were constructed in it, the first of which was Sadabad Palace, which was ordered by Minister Ibrahim Pasha, so that a number of kings and princes would build similar palaces that reached 170 in just 8 years. 
Kagithane was known for its tulips, in which palaces, castles and gardens were all decorated with different colors, and the region witnessed many changes during the years, the most prominent of which was the economic renaissance in the Middle Ages, which moved through it to become an important industrial center in Turkey. Establishing a large number of factories and factories that continue to this day offering the best goods. 
In our current era, the region continues to surprise everyone with the development and modernity that affected all sectors, including the real estate sector as well, as investors from all over the world went to it to establish huge and modern investment real estate projects. 

Third: The most important services in Kagithane: 

Kagithane is located within a strategic location in Istanbul, as it is close to the city center and is characterized by a dense transportation network that connects it with the rest of Istanbul without forgetting its proximity to Istanbul's third airport, the third bridge and the three-story water tunnel, all of this increased The importance of the region and its investment value, to become one of the most important areas for buying a property in Istanbul
The Turkish government's interest in Kagithane has increased greatly, and many service centers have been established in it, including schools, health centers, and hospitals, in addition to parks, hotels and offices, without forgetting the restaurants and cultural centers in them. 

Fourth: Real estate investment in kagithane in Istanbul: 

According to real estate experts, Kagithane has become one of the best areas for investment in Istanbul, and that is due to the meeting of many reasons, the first of which was the great proximity to the new Istanbul airport in addition to the dense transportation network in the area, which is one of its most important features, without forgetting the tunnel The kagithane-pivalepasa that was opened in it, and the new subway, these factors attracted people to buy real estate within this area and this was what had a major role in raising real estate prices within it, as prices increased within three years by about 55%. 
And the price per square meter for rent has increased until it exceeded 55%, while the price per square meter for rent increased by 45%. 
Many advanced projects have been established in the region, especially residential complexes that provide many services to become more like a small village, and the forms of real estate in it vary due to the diversity of the forms of the population, where a large number of workers and merchants reside in it, so it was necessary to spread hotel apartments and Studio apartments are in addition to the regular style apartments. 
In the end, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul, Kagithane is an ideal option for you, do not hesitate!



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