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The Istanbul Financial Center is the turning point of Turkey into a financial group on a global level

The Istanbul Financial Center is the turning point of Turkey into a financial group on a global level

Turkey reveals the date of the opening of the Istanbul Financial Center!

Turkey revealed the date of the opening of the Istanbul Financial Center, which is expected to make Istanbul the “Turkish city” a financial group at the global level. This was stated by the head of the Turkish Presidency's Finance Office, Göksel Ashan, in statements he made to the Anadolu Agency.

The Turkish official said that his country is seeking to open the Istanbul Financial Center in early 2022, indicating that the opening of this project was one of the most prominent goals of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan since he was the mayor of the city in the nineties of the last century.

He added that Istanbul is one of the global cities that deserve to be the center of money in the world, pointing out that the funding offices in the Turkish presidency are working diligently to introduce the Istanbul Financial Center all over the world, explaining that the major financial and banking institutions in Turkey will be inside Istanbul Financial Center.

The Turkish official stressed that the Istanbul Financial Center receives great attention, especially from the Middle East, indicating that "they want to establish the center, but we will oversee the construction process, and then we invite them to it."

It should be noted that money centers are concerned with opening doors to potential foreign investments in the market in which they are located, providing facilities for obtaining licenses and starting to pump investments and information on investment sectors, and investments are protected by a set of laws that regulate them.

Also, the establishment of the Istanbul Financial Center will be an important event that affects all investment sectors in Istanbul, enhancing Istanbul's commercial and economic position, attracting foreign capital.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish city of Istanbul is moving at a steady pace with the aim of transforming into the capital of Islamic finance in the world, supported by a package of legislation, urban and technical structures to advance the banking and finance industry in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law, and through the Istanbul Financial Center, Turkey will compete with the largest countries around the world and will attract thousands of investors Invest in Istanbul


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