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Why should you buy property in Istanbul?

Why should you buy property in Istanbul?

Many people want to settle and buy real estate in a safe country that brings them well-being and happiness, and that is why their eyes often turn to Turkey's real estate, which has its voice within the real estate sector as a result of the many benefits that can be gained when buying property in Turkey
And if you are one of these people, you will not find a better place than Istanbul to buy real estate, and if you ask why, today we will answer all your questions. 

Advantages of buying a property in Istanbul: 

If the city of Istanbul is your destination for real estate ownership, you should know that there are a set of advantages that you will get, and through the following paragraphs, you can learn about them.

-Great diversity in the real estate market in Istanbul: 

One of the most important reasons for buying an apartment in Istanbul is the great diversity of existing real estate forms that suit all tastes, and this is not surprising given the city’s investment importance, which attracts large numbers of Arab and foreign investors and pushes them to establish modern and innovative real estate projects. There are high-end residential complexes and beautiful villas in Istanbul, in addition to farms, lands and other Istanbul luxury homes . There are also cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul that are suitable for students and workers who come to Istanbul with the intention of studying and working. 

-The distinctive geographical location of the city: 

The city of Istanbul is distinguished by having an exceptional location as it spans two continents, namely Asia and Europe, and the Bosphorus Strait separates between its Asian and European sections. And their desire to settle in to enjoy all this unique beauty. 
The climate of Istanbul and the charming nature that it enjoys is one of the most important attractions, without forgetting its view of a number of seas, which gives it a pleasant climate in summer and winter. 

-Istanbul property prices are very encouraging: 

Despite the great development that the city is witnessing, Istanbul property prices are still reasonable and cheaper than the neighboring European cities, despite their high specifications, and this is certainly a strong reason to buy real estate in Istanbul, as you will be able to live in the best cities in the world without paying In return for that large sums of money, and this is not achieved in any neighboring European city. 
It should be noted, however, that real estate prices in Istanbul are witnessing a rise and prosperity during the current years, and this is due to its great popularity within the real estate sector, which caused a significant increase in demand for real estate in Istanbul, and this was reflected positively on prices. 


Buy property in Istanbul

-Possibility of obtaining real estate residency: 

Buying property in Istanbul means that you will directly obtain a residence permit in Turkey, and this applies to all real estate, whatever its price. Of course, this residence can be granted to my family and there is a possibility to renew it. 

-The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship: 

By buying an apartment in Istanbul, you can apply for Turkish citizenship by investment, of course, after fulfilling a set of conditions, the most important of which is that the price of the property exceeds 250 thousand US dollars and that it be purchased by a person with Turkish citizenship and not sell it for a period At least three years , and there is no doubt that there are a large number of real estate in Istanbul that meet these conditions , as Istanbul 's luxury homes are spread everywhere , through which you can enjoy the advantages of Turkish citizenship and hold a Turkish passport . 

-Excellent services and infrastructure in the city: 

The city of Istanbul is of great interest by the Turkish government, which is constantly working to develop its services and infrastructure, as the city is characterized by having a sophisticated and diverse transportation network, land, sea and air, in addition to the spread of schools, hospitals and universities within the city, which provide many services to citizens. There are also parks, malls, markets and other distinctive recreational places.


Real estate investment in Istanbul


Where can you buy a property in Istanbul?

After you have seen the most important reasons that motivate the foreigner or investor to search for real estate for sale in Istanbul, you must take a look at the most important areas suitable for this goal.

Below we will refer to the most important areas in Istanbul, which are distributed in both its European and Asian sides.

1 - Real estate in Basaksehir:

This area is one of the most important options that a foreigner chooses, as it is one of the most modern and developed areas that are characterized by luxurious residential complexes equipped with all amenities and luxury.

It is one of the modern areas as it was established in 2018. Despite that, it is one of the most popular options. Basaksehir is characterized by a developed infrastructure and the most important service and recreational facilities such as: schools - universities - malls.

What you do not know about that area is that it is one of the closest areas to Istanbul's new airport and the new Istanbul Water Canal, and this is what gave it a high investment importance.


2 - Ownership in Beylikduzu:

Are you one of those who are looking for cheap real estate and apartments for sale in Istanbul? We advise you to choose Beylikduzu, where the prices are moderate and somewhat appropriate compared to the prices in the nearby areas, but you should know that this will not last for long, as it is expected that prices there will register a significant increase in the coming period due to the increased demand for it on the one hand and the development of its infrastructure on the other hand. And its proximity to the most important strategic projects.

If you think that it is not one of the appropriate options because of its distance from the city center, then you are in a big mistake, because after the Metrobus line passes through it, it is no longer a problem at all, and in all cases, those who live in it will not need to leave in order to secure their needs because of the availability of all the important service facilities in it.


3 – Apartments for sale in Uskudar:

One of the best options in the Asian section of Istanbul is (Uskudar), which features a double sea view, the first on the Marmara Sea and the second on the Bosphorus.

It should be noted that this region is no less important than any of the European side regions because of the Turkish government’s interest in it and in developing its infrastructure, since it is a tourist destination that tourists do not hesitate to visit constantly, as it contains the most important historical and archaeological monuments (The Maiden's Tower - Beylerbeyi Palace - Camlıca Mosque).


Real estate investment in Istanbul:

One of the first reasons that support a foreigner’s decision to buy a property in Istanbul is to invest in a desire to develop and preserve money, and as you can see, all the data and factors indicate the importance of Istanbul to other cities in the world.

It should be noted that real estate prices are expected to rise in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular during the coming period, and due to the huge urban renaissance that the city is witnessing, in some areas it has increased by one hundred percent.

For example, the prices of real estate and apartments in Basaksehir have risen over the last three years by more than 45%, and according to expectations, they will rise further after the completion of the construction of some projects close to it (such as the Istanbul Water Canal).

If you want to build a profitable real estate investment in Istanbul, we advise you to choose areas with rapid urban growth and close to strategic projects because their prices are constantly increasing in large proportions.

There is an important piece of information that you should take into consideration, which is that Istanbul includes dozens of distinctive investment and residential projects, meaning that it is easy to find the right property for you easily according to your budget and goals that you seek to achieve.


At Ramzy Real Estate Company, we are glad to accompany you on the journey of buying property in Turkey and to provide you with a range of services to make the process smooth and easy , as we are always keen to present a variety of options for residential and investment properties in addition to helping you obtain Turkish citizenship for those looking for it.
Our services:
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